Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Starting Again

Im here in Davao for almost two months now. The place is great and right now I am looking forward to start a new group, not an entirely new one but just a branch of the Iloilo group. I have been looking for Wiccans, Pagans, Psychics and other Metaphysical Path students that I can work with. I have scoured all the online sites that could lead me to the practitioners here in Davao or even just the interested folks that are dedicated in studying these things. I hope i can find people that share the same interest with me.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Simple Samhain...

October 31st, the highest Sabbat of Witches and Pagans alike. The All Hallows eve or called Samhain is the celebration of the final harvest. It is the final transition of the world, from a fruitful and bountiful Autumn to a cold and frozen Winter. For Witches, this is the time where the realm of the spirits overlaps our reality, especially in some places that the Veil between the Worlds is relatively thin, the spirits of the dead and faeries alike are free to meet up with the mortals on this very special eve.

Magick is known to be very powerful on this sacred eve, that is why rituals and spells are done this night. A lot of Filipino pagans would either head to the mountains or beaches to celebrate the Hallows Eve.

The burden of transferring to another place is the fact that you wont be able to move everything from your old home to the new location. This is the problem that I faced since I moved to Davao. Most of my books,my tools, my robes are not with me. It's also hard to celebrate the Sabbat without a circle since this feast is usually celebrated outside the house and under the light of the silver moon. Since we are witches, we then would improvise things and since I have a lot of things that I cannot do and gather here in Davao, I celebrated the Sabbat alone in my room, skyclad.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bane, what's with the name???

Since I was young, sad to say I really don't like my name. It sounds simple and common that I am expecting to see an NBI Clearance a month after I applied for it since there are just too many hits. When I assumed my Craft name, I was happy since in this way, I was able to get away from the name that my grandmother gave me.

Michael means "He who is like God" from the rhetorical question "Who is like God?" implying that there is no one like God. This name came from the bible of course, from the Archangel Michael leader of the Heavenly army and Patron of the Warriors.

Now why Cael?

This is just a shortened version of the name my Grandmum called me which is Mikha'el... she uses the German pronunciation of the word.

Since my name is so common as it is a derivation of a lot of names in the world- Mike, Mikhal, Mikhail, Miguel, etc. I want it to be different...thus Cael...which in Irish means slender...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Faeries Crossing

Weird dreams have been plaguing my mind lately, some are meant to be forgotten but others stick to your mind that you could still recall them moments after you wake up. Others are retained even to the entire duration of the day. Lately, I was informed by friends that there are people who are pulled to the dreamscape often and were presented by dreams too weird that we can't give explanation to them and accept them as what they are.

I had one of these weird dream episodes last night. The first dream that I had, the scene was in some island near the sea, where I was with a guy friend (who among them, I don't know) and there was an elemental hunting us, the dream was not clear but I remembered riding a boat and jumping into the water and swimming to the safety of the shore.

The next dream that I have was with a girl friend (I knew that I know her, but I can't remember again who) and we were walking along a forest path. There we saw faeries four or five of them. I told her that silver can protect her from them (and I know that Iron can, but silver...I don't know) she told me she has a silver ring given to her by her mom or boyfriend (again, I can't recall). I told her it was not silver then she told me she has a silver necklace but then, I saw that it was a fake silver. The faeries saw us and then attacked us (they are elves-tamawo in our language which makes them human like- size, features and all) then there was an old man with a staff who appeared before us and warded them off. He burned one of them who looks like the leader (all of them are women) and she was incinerated and the others scattered. The old man took a silver necklace from the faerie (ironic because I told the girl silver would protect her) and gave it to the girl. He told us to go on our way and I looked at the Path and saw weird symbols, gylph that are colored purple (light reddish, purple) and the old man was doing something to it (retracing or erasing it...I can't distinguish but I think he was retracing it to keep them in) he asked me if I know the person who laid the glyphs, I said I don't know and he said that the symbols are very old. I had this realization that the place was Davao...and i really don't know why... maybe because I am in this place now.

We continued to walk in the path and the girl wore the necklace. We passed by a house that was just ordinary, single story, wood and cement, bamboo fences- but there was a guy there that was standing by the bamboo tree and suddenly he sniffed the air and went after us. I told the girl to remove the necklace given by the old man and then reality shifted and we were in the real world. i don't know how I could go back and forth in the Other world but I can still see the guy standing near us sniffing but he was unable to see us. The girl then wrapped around the necklace on her left hand and it coiled and burrow through her palm. We walked out the road (it is in the real world now, not the forested path anymore) and we saw jeepneys passing on the main road.

I really don't know what these dreams are but it gives me a strange feeling that there is something going on in the Other realm. I do not know if it is a war or a battle against other Faeries or them against us since a lot of them have been crossing over by using the break in the Barrier and we don't know where these passageways are. Maybe sooner or later the Other Realm will overlap on the Real World...who knows.

**Picture taken from wetcanvas.com- a watercolor painting called Elves Chasm, depicting the elves chasm in the Grand canyon National Park...a Passageway maybe?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Depressed and Longing...

Is this what you call homesick? I was working earlier and suddenly I felt depressed. I really don't know what happened. I know I have mood swings and everything, however the thing I felt earlier was weird. I felt pity for myself for the things that I am currently doing. Now don't get me wrong I really enjoy what I am doing. I even love the place I am in now that is why I am wondering what's happening to me.
I know that I haven't written that much in my blog. Im quite busy and I am always tired after work and all I do is sleep when I get home. I was in Jack's Ridge last Saturday night, the place is very good and it reminded me of Tops in Cebu. I was with Maris and her family and they really accommodate in their house.

Right now I just finished eating and I am listening to a wonderful song entitled "Lady of Shalott" by Loreena Mckennit and while listening it reminded me about the life in Arthurian times and how unfortunate the Lady of Shalott, cursed and locked in her tower.... but she dared and she went out of the tower and followed her love Sir Lancelot. This action lead her to her death...

I will definitely settle here in Davao, am just waiting for the right things to reveal itself to me. I hope I could still endure these feelings I am feeling sometimes....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Sutherland Experience...

Going back in a call center is a refreshing experience. It's been a couple of years since I left People Support in Cebu and I have been in the academe ever since. Sutherland Global Services is a new experience since I will not work there as an agent but a Communications Analyst. Technically, the work that I will have will focus more in supporting the agents in their jobs.

I started working Sept. 21, my orientation was from 11PM to 7AM. It was kinda hard at first since I am not used to working at night, I am sleepy come 3AM. However, my body adjusted to the job and right now I am functioning well.

I am glad to be here in Sutherland, even though it is in Davao.

Friday, September 18, 2009

First Davao Day

I arrived in Davao 9:15 AM via Cebu Pacific where I paid an extra 1000 for my baggage. I was fetched by Michael, Gyudon's hubby. I was brought to the office and then transfered to my dorm. Luckily my dorm has a Wifi connection so I can stay here and log in.

I was invited by Mike for lunch in their restaurant, Takaduma. I was offered gyudon, which is very delicious. The food was very affordable and delicious, since it is really authentic Japanese cooking.

I went next to the the malls near our place. Gaisano Mall, or the G. Mall. It is a big mall where there are four floors. I also visited my friend's dorm, which was a hotel-like house. Too bad it is far and without cable and wifi...hehehehehe...

This is my first day in Davao...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hello Davao...

This is it.... September 18th. Finally the day to fly to Davao is here. I am very excited to go to Davao. It is my first time to travel south.

I heard a lot of good things about Davao: a very big city, with a lot of good sites to explore, great and inexpensive food, very good peace and order, and beautiful people. I was just so lucky to get a job there and I am planning to stay. I am just hoping that everything would go fine... Hello Davao...Iloilo you will be missed!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Last Few Days...

Iloilo has been a wonderful city and I am enjoying my last few days here in the city of love. Things have been memorable in Iloilo. Meeting people and enjoying their company leaves a very nice experience in my mind. Some people worthy of remembering and others not worth mentioning.

My last weekend here in Iloilo was worth mentioning. I spent time with my class, my bestfriends, my students and other people who could actually make me stay in Iloilo however they do not. They know about my wanderlust soul and my insatiable hunger for travelling.

Friday is coming and the Davao trip is fast approaching. I feel scared as well as excited. Scared since this is a new place to explore and I'm excited for the very same reason... I hope that this will be a great experience and a great adventure as well.... Cyah!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An Ode to Iloilo City

I'm leaving Iloilo City again. I have been in Iloilo all my life and I have stayed in Cebu and Bacolod for quite some time as well. Being in Iloilo is quite OK, I mean I have my parent's house here, food is quite cheap and you can be anywhere in the city within 15 minutes.

Uloilo is quite boring nowadays. I came back from Cebu two years ago and I have worked here in the city since then. However, right now since alot of my friends moved to Manila the city is becoming boring and boring.

I will fly to Davao for a job on the 18th of September. I hope the
city is as exciting as people told me it will be. Still, Iloilo ang banwa ko...

An Ode to Iloilo City

I'm leaving Iloilo City again. I have been in Iloilo all my life and I have stayed in Cebu and Bacolod for quite some time as well. Being in Iloilo is quite OK, I mean I have my parent's house here, food is quite cheap and you can be anywhere in the city within 15 minutes.

Uloilo is quite boring nowadays. I came back from Cebu two years ago and I have worked here in the city since then. However, right now since alot of my friends moved to Manila the city is becoming boring and boring.

I will fly to Davao for a job on the 18th of September. I hope the
city is as exciting as people told me it will be. Still, Iloilo ang banwa ko...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hekate's Supper

Hekate, one of the most ancient and powerful Goddess in Classical Mythology. She is the three-headed Goddess of the Crossroads and Transitions. Hekate have been my Matron Goddess since before, as the Lady of my life She revealed Herself to me in a lot of ways.

Hekate has many aspects- the Terrible One, The Three-Form, The Lady of the Pathways, the Lady of the Night, Mistress of Magick, Queen of Witches, etc.

Hekate's sacred day is the Dark of the Moon, the end of the Month and August 13. As a Childe of Hekate, I prepared the Supper for the Lady. I prepared round cakes, honey, garlic, egg, cheese, and the apple added to symbolize the Goddess. I left this Supper at the crossroad where three roads meet, gave thanks and say my supplication to my Goddess.

This is a personal Supplication I want to share to all who walks the same Path as I am...

Gradiano Hekate, Nocticula. La signora della notte, Ill Camminatore dei percosi, mistress del saggio. Li imploriamo in supplication humble, camminata con noi nella strada trasversale. Conducali nella strada di magia. Autorizzili nella nerezza e diaci la resistenza...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Boring... again!

Life is really boring, sometimes that it makes you think about spending your life elsewhere, away from this reality and world. Boring could be defined as the absence of something good to do. Something exciting and challenging to do, luckily I have friends that support me in times of these boring visitations.

The school is quite boring now, since a lot of students are gone. A lot of batches are done and the other classroom is empty, echoes now are present in the hallway. The classes that I handle right now are okay, aside from the few normal "pain in the ass" students, overall it is fun.

Sometimes, I think about running elsewhere again, dreaming of working and staying in Manila with friends or maybe fly to Thailand or Malaysia with former classmates. Iloilo is becoming boring and boring- no new exciting activities and relationships. Meeting friends too often also makes the relationship sour.

I'm planning to stay in Bacolod, or Cebu or Manila and Baguio with some of my friends, more and more friends moved to either Cebu or Manila, and here I am staying in the backwater town of batchoy.

I will just watch things unfold, Fate is planning something for me, something exciting and new.... and this I gotta see... Ciao!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Journey to the Veil... In Memory of Winton Lou Ynion 1981-2009

Doing the catwalk just outside of the I-Pula room, with a pink fan and a shrill voice he would walk like a beauty queen...back and forth. I watched in amazement as this young guy solicit laughs from his classmates and would bow to the applause of the crowd.

Nong Winton as we called him before was a year my senior in UP High School. He was a bubbly character that would really call attention whenever he will pass by our room. That's the Manong Winton I knew and I remembered.

Its been a long time that I haven't heard a thing about Winton, the last time I saw something written about him is a streamer outside a university here in Iloilo City congratulating him about an achievement he did.

I heard from a friend that he won the Palanca Award. His writing prowess was known throughout the country as he collected citations and awards for his writing abilities.

It is now twelve years since I graduated UP High School, fifteen years since I last saw him. I heard on the radio that there was an Ilonggo living in Quezon City that was stabbed inside his apartment. It never occurred to me that it was Winton. I just heard the news that night when a friend from UP High informed me that it was indeed Winton who was stabbed and tied and killed inside the security of his house.

This bothered me very much since the crime happened inside the house and in a brutal way. If this is a robbery as the police said, then what is the reason why he was treated that way- butchered! There were also speculations that this was the serial killer who kills "gay men", if that is the case then the police should do something to solve this crime-fast.

I'm never really very close to Winton, all I remembered was the greeting "HI, Manong Winton!!!" that I used to say to him in highschool. I never knew his family, his friends, college classmates, boyfriends, lovers, exes or even the name of his pet if he has one. I don't have anything to say now that he is gone. I can't say that he was a good son, a good friend, a faithful partner just like his close friends would say. All I can say to the world about him is - JUSTICE for WINTON LOU YNION!!!

Rest in Peace Manong Winton... May the Gods carry you to the world beyond the Veil safely... Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again!!!

The Rainbow Colored Parrot Squawked no More
by:Myke Parcia Pinto

Laced fan in your hand, swishing
You Slap your face with your breath
Giggling your signature laugh
while posing like a teapot

Walking back and forth, swaying
under the shadow of the kalachuchi tree
striding like a cat on the wall
head tall like the beauty queens on TV

Hair parted in the middle, gelled
wearing an oversized polo with the UP badge
you were a teacher's favorite
these are my memories of you

You are a parrot, a talker
showing your multicolored feathers proudly
Vocal with your feelings
you wrote with your soul

The Free Spirit, tied
mercilessly butchered and its breath taken
and After two decades and eight
The rainbow parrot
squawked no more

Monday, August 17, 2009

Losing important things!

August is a bad month... I lost my P990i and I really loved that phone. I got that from working my ass out, however it was the first Saturday of August my phone was stolen from me by a student. One of the people I actually trusted. The thing that I really don't like about it is the fact that all my contacts and business correspondences.

Today, I lost something valuable again to me... its my allowance for the entire 15 days... hayz, this is really a string of bad luck. The thing that I am doing now is to think that these things happen again for a reason...it is possible that the person who found it needed it more than I do!

Being in a state like this feels awful. The helplessness and the frustration that you feel, the sadness and self pity... however in everything that is happening, there is always a reason and normally it is a good one.... lets wait and see then.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Lughnasadh: The First Harvest

The clouds cover the ripening moon like a curtain on a clear glass window. Habagat, stirred the clouds like a mixture of dough ready to be shaped into anything. The rain fell like heavy teardrops, readily embraced by the eager land...and in the cover of the howling winds, we called the name of the ancient ones, long forgotten...

Celebrating the Sabbat of the first harvest, we give thanks for the fruits of the earth and the bounty that the Goddess has given us. In this celebration we give thanks to the gods, especially those who governs harvest and agriculture. During the eve of Lughnasa, the Feast of Lammas is celebrated. One of the so-called greater Sabbats, it is the feast of the first harvest in which the start of the three harvest celebration is observed. The first bounty is collected.

The light of the candle swayed and fought the wind as it was push and pulled by the dancing wind. The cauldron was set in the center of the makeshift altar, and the dollies and the offerings are blessed. The dollies are made of corn, one of the primary symbols of fertility and prosperity. Under the smoke of the burning sage, we annointed the dolls with sandalwood. The candles were also dressed and prepared.

We also wrote our wishes in the virgin parchment paper and burned it in the Sabbat candle. This will aid us in making the wishes come true.... the Dollies are hanged in the kitchen or the dining room to ensure prosperity in the house, it will burned Lammas the next year...

Check the pics:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Poems for Patubas...

The Patubas anthologies is a collection of poems from Western Visayan poets and it is compiled into a book. This year, my Palanca awardee friend Marcel Milliam encouraged me to submit an entree for this book. I don't have copies of my poetry in my closet, and I have a few ones in my notebook. I posted the first three entries here and here's the last two...which I worte in about 30 minutes one dawn ( 3AM already) of July...


By mykeyohann

Kasisidmon kung magmata,

Para mag eskwela

May kwaderno nga dala

Pero blanko kag wala sang letra

Maligo kag mag-ilis,

Sang bestida nga manipis.

Dala kurit kag kiskis

Sang make-up sa iya kutis.

Madulum na ang kalye

Sang ikaw nagbyahe

Kay wala inugpamasahe

Ku-ot nalang ang plete.

Karon handa ka na,

Dulom na sa Plazoleta

Tindog na kag mag linya

ang Klase magasugod na.


By mykeyohann

Dali-a wala si nanay

Kadto na di sa balay

Dala coke kag tinapay

Ang text ni Inday

Ini naman si Toto

Daw nagapala-is nga ido

Dali-dali nag paligo

Ari, libre naman ang igo.

Linti kag bilatibay,

Ang yawyaw ni Nanay

Sang nakita naga sampawanay

Si toto kag si Inday

Kay man mga bata pa,

Di pa handa mangasawa

Ang solusyon sa problema

Si Clara nga paltera sa Tanza

Pero ining si Inday naga luha

Kay indi na makabata

Sa malip-ot kag kalit nga kasadya

Dalayon nga pag antos ang gaba ya

picture from TrekEarth

The Coming of the Rain...water

Its the second month of the second half of the year. Normally, this part of the year is very wet... Rain kisses the ground almost everyday, and typhoon visits the country just like a neighbor visiting for the latest gossip every morning, I am kinda bored again, same routinary activity bothers me nowadays.

The lessons are starting again, however the students are getting lazy again. The topics have been laid out to them, but again yoou cannot force someone to learn if they dont want it right?

Another thing about July is the flood. The city is indeed sinking because of the fact that the water level in the city of Iloilo is drastically rising covering the entire city from just a drizzle. In the late 80's to the early 90's, the city is still impervious to the flood water's embrace. We survived a lot of typhoons and rain for the entire week but the interior of our house would stay as dry as the palm of my hand. However, in the early 2000 the flood water entered our place and even our house and sadly that is still continuing right now.

With the taxes ( a lot ) being paid to the government, I hope they will do something about it. Citizens also need to be aware not to throw their garbage anywhere since these things clog the waterways and the drainage. In the end it will still be us who'll suffer the effects of our actions.

Just a Rant!

picture from:

The Pet Timez

A Teacher's voice...

I am a teacher, since I was younger til probably forever I will be one. Being a teacher takes a lot of effort. Every class has a different personality and every students have different characteristics. A teacher needs to be patient all the time and in this profession, you must really love the job in order for you to stay.

I have plans to be a teacher since I was young. I remember the time when my Grade one teacher, Ma'am Veloso would let me handle the class when she's out for a meeting. I would then go in front and start to teach my older classmates how to read and write. I was five years old that time and the youngest in the class.

When I was in the university, my adviser Mami Jeng encouraged me to get my educational units. She told me that I can teach by adding 18 Educational units to my basic Psych Units. I followed her suggestion and my life started as a teacher...

I handled classes in Bacolod, though it was not really a formal class I taught Nurses the English Language. I handled an IELTS class in Bacolod where I taught my students how to speak, read, write and listen properly. When I was in Cebu for my call center job, my passion for teaching didn't fade. Eventhough I didnt have any formal class before, I meet up friends every Saturday and I started to teach them Psychism and the Paranormal. I still am a teacher.

I went back to Iloilo City and the first job I got was an Assistant Instructor 1 in a computer learning center. There i decided to pursue my career in teaching. After a spur of the moment decision, I enrolled myself in the Graduate school as an MA Psych student. After I quit the computer school, I never stopped teaching. I taught Koreans and I still continued on teaching Psychism to my students (well Im doing this one since year 2000).

Now, I am still teaching in two centers. Not Koreans anymore, but Filipinos. I want to share to them my knowledge and skills. Eventhough a lot of people ask me why do I want to be a teacher, eventhough I know that its an overworked, underpaid job? I would just answer them calmly, I have dedicated myself in the expansion and evolution of knowledge--- I am a teacher, outside and within... with all the passion I could exhibit I would say.... I am a dakilang guro!

The latest PM batch ( my beautiful and handsome students!!!)... during breaktime with the Manong Fishball they are making rich....

The Beauty of Cabatuan...

I travel... a lot especially when my budget allows me to. I used to go to places that are normally visited by people, untouched paradise if you may say. The latest one that I have was a trip to Maasin, a municipality that is well known for their Bamboo products. I spent a night there in a place called Villa Benedicta, an inland resort with a big pool. I was with some friends and I really enjoyed the place.... Mag ingat sa Villa Benedicta???

Sunday morning. On my way back to the city, some of my friends and I side tripped to Cabatuan, Iloilo's gateway. Since the domestic airport has been relocated to this municipality, Cabatuan became a very attractive town. The streets are clean, they have wider roads and they have a rather unusual symbol in their plaza. A very big banana leaf.

Here are some pics...



Sunday, June 28, 2009

Litha and Midsummer

Litha is Midsummer. The time when the sun is at its strongest. In Witchcraft and other Pagan Traditions, it is the time when the God reaches manhood and its power is at the highest. As witches we normally celebrate it with a ritual that would start High Noon of June 21st until the Midsummer's Eve.

Last June 21st, I celebrated the Midsummer alone. In my room, I prepared the ritual which consists most of healing and protection. I also did a sickness banishing spell, to banish the most pressing concerns of our community which is health.

We celebrated also the 2nd year anniversary of the Paranormal Society of Iloilo (PSyI). I hope that we could still continue our activities and mission....

That's all...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pagan Pride!!!

I'm a Pagan and am dang proud of it! Lately there are "Witches" that have been doing some stuff that is worth noticing. When I say worth noticing, I mean to observe them because of the stupid things they really do- Spirit Conjuration, Weather manipulation and demonic summoning when they should be doing their researches on the uses of herbs and stones. These kids, usually within 16-19 years old do things that they saw on some books, TV or other spells they stumbled upon. They often do this as well without supervision and guidance.... and the very fact that in the first place this shouldn't be done at all.

Being a Witch takes time- careful study, a solid Faith, and the instinct to learn things. I have been studying the Craft since I was 13 years old. It took me a lot of sweat and blood to study the basics of the practice from the mythology, the belief, foundation of the spells, the reason behind the operation of things, correspondences, symbology, omens and portents etc...etc... I heard lately that there are some kids- teens who are practicing or doing spells after a week of study or a chapter of a witch book that they read. Doing spells without repercussions and wisdom could really give you some ill results, especially if it is unplanned, unpracticed and inexperienced.

Being a Pagan is something that you must be proud of. However its not an easy job. It takes years and years of practice and hardwork. There are no shortcuts... even if you are a prodigy or reallygifted by spirit or blood... you still need to do the entire thing slowly and very surely.


The Dance of the Hours
by Gaetano Previati

The Joy of the Rain...

Lately, rain is pouring almost everyday. Not that I am complaining but I really love the crisp fresh smell of the atmosphere when the changes in the air happens with the coming of the rain. The rhythm of the pattering of the raindrops on the roof as well as the beat that it crates as they hit the asphalt road.

I have been contemplating on the things that is happening in my life lately. I have a wonderful job, a lot of special friends who I love and loves me back. I also have enemies which makes my life harder ( and I forgive them! :) and I dont mind. I enjoy the things that I do, frankly speaking I am in love with the teaching job I have right now. However there are still things missing in my simple existence.

How can one be boring yet is not? How can one be sad, if you are happy.... the probability of being sad on the inside while laughing on the outside. The feeling of treading in two worlds while confined in one body... very hard.

I hope this will change soon... I just need to find the things I really wanna do and achieve. Or probably this search could wait until my siblings are done studying.... but I also hope I still have time.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Po-Po-Po-Poker Face: A Memoire!

It was a tiring day, I prepared to go home and rest for a while since Saturday was the last day of work. I have packed my bag, locked the office and began to walk with Karen, a staff in our office.

I texted my friends, even called some of them just to have someone to meet up, talk to and relax with. However that day, nobody seems to be in my reach. I contacted Mary Ann, and she told me that she was at her house doing the event that Portal Events and Productions has in schedule today- it was a Poker Tournament.

I went to their house in Villa, that's in Villa Darroca and I went to the pavilion where the event is taking place. There are participants already gathering in a Vegas inspired tournament complete with dealing tables, dim lights and poker chips. I met up some of my long "lost" friends that I have not seen for quite sometime and we bonded together.... I have also partaked some of their sponsors... heheheheh. Siopao and Fab for dinner not bad for a guy on diet isn't it? Anyway here's some pics!

The Poker Tournament sponsored by PEP happens every 2nd Saturday of the Month... leave a message for inquiries!