Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pull the Curtain Back

To a lot of people, it is a belief that this world is not just made of this physical/material plane that we see. Majority of us believe that there is a hidden world, hidden away from mortals by a curtain invisible to most. This world (or worlds- depending on who you talk to) sometimes overlap in this reality in certain spots and on certain times. There's the world of the spirits which is the world of ghosts of the dead and there is also the world of the "Shining Ones" and the elementals. All of these are hidden behind the nigh-impenetrable barrier called the Veil.

Some people are gifted with natural abilities to pierce this Veil. Some just trained hard to look to the Other Side. Vision is not the only sense that can be enhanced to look beyond this reality. There are people with the ability to hear, smell, taste and feel these entities from beyond. We Filipinos are rather gifted with the ability to feel these beings from beyond since I think we are just so connected with the Natural/spirit world. We have a lot of Filipino "Espiritista", "Albularyos" and "Mangkukulam" each claimed to have connections to the Other world.

I think the ability to pierce this Veil is enhanced by our awareness that these worlds outside our own exist. With our natural affinity to sense these worlds beyond, training our senses to feel these beings would really help people who are into this field to effectively communicate with them. With the ability to communicate with these beings, a psychic/medium can learn a lot of things from beings who are not bound by the laws of time and space. They can give us information about things that we won't normally know. However, we must be very careful as some of these entities are also capable of lying.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Arcana: Davao

It has been a while that I am practicing alone here in Davao. So many things to share to people interested in the study of Metaphysics and Esoteric. Last September 21, 2010, together with some of my friends from work we created Arcana here in Davao. It is an organization that yearns to train and educate people who are interested to walk the path of the Mysteries. We live by the rules of Knowledge, Magick, Camaraderie and Truth above all. We are still looking for members here in Davao though since a lot of practitioners here are solitaries...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Time of Disbelief...the Waning Goddess in the Philippines

What makes a person Wiccan...?

Is it a plastic covered 500+ peso book from National Bookstore penned by a shady author of ill-refute? Or probably a 1000-peso silver Pentagram from a stall in SM City? Or probably bottles upon bottles of dried herbs for potions and concoctions.... I say all of these might be a slice of the pie, but this doesn't make you a Wiccan.

The last time I was in a place surrounded by a lot of Wiccans was in Manila. Where there was some of the most "devout" brothers and sisters of Faith congregate and held festivals to honor the Gods in their grandeur. I have also experienced in Cebu a gathering to discuss spirituality and a trip in the outskirts of the city just to gaze at the majesty of the Moon while sitting around a bonfire expressing our thanks to the Goddess. I was awed by the response of fellow Wiccans in my hometown once they have heard of a plan to have a Coven in our small but Catholic dominated city.

But this was a time in the past, as the worship of the Wiccan Goddess here in the Philippines is waning. How can I say this, when there are a lot of kids and teenagers alike claiming to be a Brethen to the Old Ways? It's simple, they are drawn to the Craft by the mystical allure of magick. In Davao where I am at right now, I have known some Wiccans in the city and for the past year, we have gathered, shared some insights and celebrated some rituals during Esbats and the Sabbats. However, the pull of power diverted their attention to the more "visual" power that other practices can give, in a span of a month or two, they have changed their religion as easy as they change their clothes.

A lot if not majority of the new Wiccans in the country are in the Path just because of the power that they can get out of it. Instead of asking me about a certain Goddess or God to honor and dedicate themselves, the normal first question that I get is "How can I make my crush fall in love with me?" When you tell them that they need to "Know themselves first." and ask for a sign from the Goddess that calls them- they would randomly pick a name from any mythology book they could find (the more unique, the better) and claim that they are a follower of the Deity. And when you ask them to know more about that Deity, they would often scoff and then vanish probably on the 4th meeting. That's a better reaction that you will get though- try to tell them that they are not allowed to cast spells for a year and a day and they'll be gone faster than a free sandwich in the pantry during break time.

A few years back, I met a lot of practitioners. Each claiming to be a part of the grand design, a mystical tradition and a potent bloodline. Sad to think though that these people would vanish as the years go by. Probably they are still thinking that Wicca is a thaumaturgy-based practice thus "low magick" compared to the more strict and codified theurgy or "high magick" of Kabbalah, Enochian Magick and other Ceremonial Magick path. Wicca in its primary sense is a religion, a our faith to the Gods give us the ability to influence reality via our manipulation and sending of energies. These effects are done with harnessing the ambient and neutral mystical forces of the elements, the moon and other celestial bodies, the elements and the Gods Themselves. The Craft of the Wise can be codified and utilized in a myriad of ways too, it is just as powerful as any Mystical systems, can be as complicated and elaborate as any ceremonial Paths. The key in achieving this primarily rely on your connection with your Gods, that is why I teach my students to embrace the will of the Gods first, connect with the Divine and everything will just follow.

It is sad to see promising Witches move away from the Path of the Wise. It might be possible that their higher selves are calling them elsewhere, that is understandable knowing the nature of seekers. However, the event that makes me feel bad are those potentials who stop and rebuke the Path all together. They will just be there, test the waters and then evaporate altogether after their "Thirst for Knowledge" is placated.

I know there is a grander design in all of these events. Probably the Gods are just waiting for an auspicious time to call Their Children into the Fold once more. If that will happen anytime soon, I will be here waiting as always ready to impart my minuscule knowledge in the Craft to help them start their journey in the Path of the Wise. I hope this will happen soon enough.

by: Felyx Wolfsbane Serpentmoon, AP
Pontifex of Hecate and Ianus
Mystae- Tenebraean Tradition of Wicca

Pic: from Mage: the Ascension, Tradition Book: Verbena'

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Devotion to Her who is All

The Goddess they said is ALL. Nothing yet everything. Faceless yet with many Faces.

The Goddess religion, Wicca is one of the fastest growing religion in the world. Even here in the Philippines, a "Christian" country, Wicca is slowly showing the Filipinos the Path of the Old Ones- the Path of the Wise. This could be attributed to the animistic nature of the Filipinos whose pre-Hispanic beliefs are shamanic in nature. Here plays the Babaylan practices of the Filipinos whose beliefs in the existence of spirits residing in everything can also be found in the basic beliefs of the Craft.

My devotion to the Goddess Hekate is a lifetime commitment. It is probably even a devotion that spans multiple lifetimes, a lot of them I don't even know. Devotion to a deity, a Divine persona is very evident in all civilization since time immemorial. Even early humans has a divinity that they believe in. The sun was at one time viewed as God in some culture, even until today it is still viewed as a personification of the God in paganism. Believing in the Divine is the way early humans tried to explain those unexplainable things in Nature. Those things that they cannot explain is done by a God or even is God.

In my 15 years of practice, I have met friends, witches, pagans who walked with me in the Path of the Goddess, but sadly left the Path for a different one. Not that I would question how the Divine would sway them or how they would view the face of their Gods, I would still wonder why they would not stay in the Path.

Religion is truly a choice and worship is indeed between you and your God or Goddess. It is a personal connection between you and your God/dess which no one could really understand or fathom. It is also an expression of your beliefs and connection to the Divine aspect you wish to follow and revere. The expression of religion may be different but it is still operating on the basic practice of expressing your appreciation and belief in the God/dess that answer your prayers. May it be in the trappings of a Catholic Mass, a Wiccan Ritual or a Egyptian worship- everything is the same- it is reverence to Yahweh, to the Goddess and to Isis or Ra.

Devotion is really a choice. It stems from the work "devote" meaning to give your time and probably life to someone. Devotion to the Goddess and the God should be the center of the life of a Wiccan. Wicca should not only be a practice of magick, nor it is a "quick fix" like a lot of Wiccan authors imply. It is not even a "stepping stone" to other practices and religion. It is a unique and a legitimate religion and practice where the "Divine Duo" is the center of the Craft. It is not Magick who is the center of Wicca, it is the Gods who are the center of it- and as a Christian Song stated- "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and everything shall be added unto you..."

I understand the reasons why Wiccans transition to other Paths or beliefs. It might be possible that they are not comfortable with the practice of Wicca, they are not contended with the things they see or they feel that they do not belong. However, I still believe that your connection to the Gods is just a matter of devotion. It is as grand as a Ritual with perfect Ritual regalia and a fully marked Circle with perfect correspondences, to as simple as whispering a blessing over a plate of food. It can be seen too in the lifestyle of the Witch. We just need to remember that the Gods must be revered and worshiped. They are beings that we need to connect on a daily basis. Remember that they are not shrinks that we visit whenever we just have a need.

Devotion is a process, a very slow one and it really takes a very long time to connect to one Goddess or God. It takes years, a lifetime or a several lifetimes to get a favor of a God. Some of us feels that when a God or a Goddess will not answer our petitions, we change them- which is erroneous. How would someone open a door for you, if in the first he or she does not know you?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lughnasadh by the Sea

Its August 1, Lammas or Lughnasadh- one of the four major Sabbat celebrations for Pagan everywhere. It is the time for Thanking the Gods for our "Craft" and since it is also the time of the first harvest- we need to harvest the magick that we planted for the entire year.

Here in Davao, I have met some Witches and even though we have different Paths we meet together celebrating Sabbats and Esbats. We went to Toril, a place here in Davao by the beach called "Blacksand". Here, we started to prepare for the Sabbat.

We gave our thanks and respect to the Gods, Craft spells and celebrated our bond.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Litha and my 15th Year Anniversary

Litha or the Midsummer, a Sabbat which happens during the Summer Solstice- June 20-22. This is the time when the God reached the peak of His manhood. The sun reached its peak and the power of the God is at its highest. This is the time when the Sun is at its strongest and the day is at its longest.

Fifteen Years ago in Iloilo, an aspiring Wiccan dedicated himself to the Gods. It was just like yesterday when I started to "formally" walk the Path of the Gods. I have collected knowledge and skills along the way and I have followed the Gods in every way I can, without doubting and stopping my practice.

Today, June 21st 2010 I am celebrating my 15th year as a Witch. During this time, I rededicated my devotion to the Craft and to my Matron Goddess- Hekate and my Patron God Janus. I promised to continue my work to honour the Old Ways, collect Secret Knowledge and to devote my life in the Practice of the Craft.

Litha and my 15th Year Anniversary

Litha or the Midsummer, a Sabbat which happens during the Summer Solstice- June 20-22. This is the time when the God reached the peak of His manhood. The sun reached its peak and the power of the God is at its highest. This is the time when the Sun is at its strongest and the day is at its longest.

Fifteen Years ago in Iloilo, an aspiring Wiccan dedicated himself to the Gods. It was just like yesterday when I started to "formally" walk the Path of the Gods. I have collected knowledge and skills along the way and I have followed the Gods in every way I can, without doubting and stopping my practice.

Today, June 21st 2010 I am celebrating my 15th year as a Witch. During this time, I rededicated my devotion to the Craft and to my Matron Goddess- Hekate and my Patron God Janus. I promised to continue my work to honour the Old Ways, collect Secret Knowledge and to devote my life in the Practice of the Craft.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How to be a Wiccan in the Philippines

Wicca, a religion that originated in Europe is now being practiced here in the Philippines- a predominantly Catholic and Christian country. As a revival of a pre-Christian nature religion, Wicca is closely tied to nature and has practices and beliefs like our pre-Spanish animistic Babaylan practices. But how does one practices Wicca here in the Philippines? That is the topic that we will discuss here.

1. The Sabbats- The Wiccan Sabbats or Holy Days are tied up to the seasonal cycle in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring, Autumn and Winter are all seasons that we do not have here, however we must remember that wherever we are in this world, we are still affected by the natural cycles. We still can feel the changes in nature as the season arrives, so even though we do not experience these seasons first hand, we still are affected by the ebbs of power that moves the Wheel of the Year.

2. The Gods- The Gods that we normally believe and worship are beings from different European and or Asian pantheon. Though we have Deities here in the country, it is difficult to look for materials that record the Filipino Gods' information- Feasts, Sacred Days etc because the pantheon that our Ancestors worship vary from island to Island. When it comes to the foreign Gods, there are a lot of materials written by ancient scholars about the worship of their Gods, while here in the Philippines it is mostly practiced in islands and localities and are the worship is mainly transfered by word of mouth. However, I believe that no matter what name we Worship the God and Goddess or whatever image we picture them in our minds, these are just aspects of the same Divine Mother and Father we are worshiping so it is not much of an issue.

3. The Tools- Vervain, Asafoetida, rue, Dittany of Crete, Lavender and other herbs are used for spells as written on Wiccan Books sold in bookstores around the country. Normally these herbs are found only in the US or in Europe and it is very difficult to get hold of the plant here in the country. These plants thrive in temperate climate and since the Philippines is a tropical country, we are lucky to find a plant of the same genera here. In my practice as a witch, I would normally rewrite spells and dissect rituals to match the materials and tools that we have here. For a Witch that stays here in the country, there are some occult shoppes that sells imported herbs for a high price. Or, we could just go to the groceries and grab jars of McCormick to use for spells. The best thing to do though is to look around us, for there are herbs and plants that are even more effective than what is written on books.

4. The Rituals- A Wiccan Coven in the US could just celebrate or do their rituals in parks near their vicinity. Since they are an accepted group in their country, they are protected by their laws under Freedom of Religion and are allowed to practically worship everywhere. In my experience as a Wiccan here in the country, we would normally travel hours outside the city to celebrate Sabbats and Esbats. We would go to some secluded beach or mountain just for us to Worship the Lady and the Lord under the guise of an outing. It is very difficult to do rituals in open especially if there are a lot of people passing since they would just label us "Kulto (cult)" without even trying to know what we are doing. To avoid this kind of hassle, you could do rituals in your own backyard or in your room and if you wish to really do the rituals outside, go to a secluded part of the beach or on the mountain top to worship.

5. The Religion- Since we are technically born and bred Catholics or Christians since birth, it is a struggle to practice a religion that is "condemned" by the Christian faith. No matter how we distance ourselves from the Christian/Catholic belief we cannot just shove it away. Majority of the people around us are Christians and they are not entirely open to a son/daughter-brother/sister who worships the Moon and the Sun. Now how do we explain it to them that we are Wiccans and we worship Old Gods- well for in my opinion- you don't. Now some may react violently to the things that I wrote here, but we need to remember that even though we need to be very proud of our Practice and Faith, Wicca is also the Path of the Wise. We must be wise enough to discern people that we share our beliefs with. If you are an open Wiccan, you must be able to explain and defend the Craft, should you be asked about it. The more people knows about it, the more we need to explain, so I think it is better to keep it- To Will, to Know, to Dare and to Keep Silent. Just respect their Faith and in time they will also respect yours. Again Wicca is not a religion for people who are angry with Jesus and God the Father. This is not a religion that will serve as a sanctuary to those who hate Christianity and is disgusted by its practices. It is a different religion with different belief structure and structure. So if you decided to be a Wiccan just because "Papa Jesus" did not give you your crush, better stop now.

There are still a lot of things that needs to be discussed here but I think these five are the most important topics to talk about. However, here are some tips I can give you to make the Path easier to tread in this Christian country.

- be Proud that you are Wiccan, but do not attract attention. If you want to wear a symbol of your faith, make sure that it will not attract attention. It is okay to wear a Pentacle, or any pagan symbol but it is not okay to wear a Pentacle the size of a saucer.

- Share the faith only if you are asked to and not broadcast it to anyone you just met. If people are asking why are you wearing that symbol (ex. a Pentacle) tell them that it is a symbol of your faith, and when they ask answer.

- Wicca is not synonymous to wearing Black. We are common people- tax payers, workers and the likes. If you are a Wiccan, it is not required to wear Black however, if that is your "Fashion Statement" you are entitled to do it just try not to over do it and tell people that you are a Witch that is why you wear Black.

- Lastly, study and read books about the Craft. The more knowledge you have about it, the more respect you can get. Then the people around you will acknowledge that you are really serious about your Path and it is not just a "phase" in your life.

Live and Learn, Know More and Seek. Vivere, Scitor, Discere!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

5 Reasons why Teens want to become Wiccan...

In our society today, there are a lot of teenagers (13-16) who claim that they follow an ancient Path of the Goddess. These teens sports around their black outfit, dark make-up and a plate sized Pentacle telling people that they Witches and a high priest/priestess at that-after reading a book on Witchcraft.

When I was younger, Wiccans are not that many in the country. There are a few people who follow Wicca as their religion since the internet is confined on internet cafes at 60 pesos per hour. I could still remember a phase in my life where the Gothic fashion enticed me, however, I did not relate the Gothic fashion into my Wiccan faith. For me, there is always a distinction between the worship of the Gods and the fashion statement.

Times really changed, with the advent of information technology and easy access to online materials more and more teenagers are lured by the call of the magick and the fad that the movies and TV series created.

Now lets list down five possible reasons why teenagers nowadays:

1. They are fascinated by magick- Teenagers experience a lot of problems; from love, school, their parents and peers etc. to make one's problem disappear is a lure that is really hard to resist. If one is able to do everything with a snap of his or her fingers, then it is something that these curious teenagers would like to try. Even though they do not have enough knowledge about the operation spells and magick they would be very glad to summon whatever god from the pits of Tartarus to get what they want.

2. Peer Influence- Teens nowadays are very sociable age group. They operate by packs and think using their own collective consciousness. When one dresses up with one style, everyone in the pack follows. That is the reason we have teenagers who develop their own pop culture- fashion, hair style, tattoos and piercing as well as interests and "practices." If one in the "collective" expresses the interest in practicing magick, almost everyone will follow without even knowing the consequences of their actions.

3. The IN Thing- Over the internet, the television and the movies, Witches and other magickal practitioners are always depicted as people who has control over the elements and the forces of both creation and destruction. Most of the time though they are portrayed as crazy (Nancy from the Craft) or just outright evil ((Morgan Le Fey). For teenagers, being a popular is also a concern especially during high school, when only the pretty and the popular "exist". These teenagers probably thought that being a Wiccan would make them fit into the crowd.
4. Power- With magick comes power. The power to control people, the elements and the best thing of all, destiny is perhaps the greatest lure of all. Many of the "Wiccans" that I knew before are into the power. To get even with their enemies and punish their foes. With the knowledge they learned, they can fend for themselves against those people who offended them. The control people with Power is a very tempting to ignore.

5. an Act of Rebellion- Though not always the case, some of the teenagers who are into Wicca are doing it as an act to rebel to the system, parents and religion. While exploring different spiritual paths is always a very rewarding experience, to do this out of rebellion doesn't really make it fulfilling.

While not all teenagers are into Wicca for the reasons mentioned above (because there are always sincere Seekers), majority of these teens who "practices" the Craft would tire out of it after a few months or years at the most. The reason for this is they have explored the practical side of the religion, the spells and the rituals rather than the spiritual side of it. Some of them are also unguided and would continue with their practice without a mentor or a teacher to assist them therefore "dabbling" into the Sacred Arts.

Without the foundation of belief, the philosophy that governs the practice, and the reverence and worship of the Goddess and the God all "Wiccan" practices that they do would eventually vanish. When the need is not that great or the magick does not work anymore.

Seek first the Path, tread on its crossroads and brave through it in Darkness and in Light. In the end of the journey, you will see the Goddess and the God welcoming you in the Mysteries...

Art by: Jillian Atienza, Concept by R.F Rubin- Mysterium Philippines

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Rites of Her Sacred Fire...

Hekate is the Goddess that fascinated me since I was younger. Not just that She made Her presence known but there was this one time that I actually "heard" Her tall me something. This 27th of May on the night of the Full Moon, Witches and pagans around the world who revere and honor Hekate will light the Sacred Fire in honour of the Great Goddess.

During this night, we will light the fires to declare our Devotion to the Goddess. I will make sure that this will be a "big event" even though I will salute Her myself. For the Goddess, I know that my prayers and supplication will reach Her.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lustful Month of May

Beltane, one of the major Sabbat in the Wheel of the Year. This is a fertility and fire festival where the lines of power are renewed with the powers of fertility. During ancient times, the priest and priestess will celebrate the Great Rite in magickal power centers to charge the lines of power with fertility.

In the Old Days, fires are lit and the great rite is done. During this celebration, able men and women look for their partners to spend the night with. This night is also full of revelry as dances, drums and songs are evident in all Beltane celebrations.

This is also the time where the maypoles are erected. As a symbol of fertility, the maypole is traditionally carried by men to the venue where the hole is located. The women would then guard the hole and attempt to protect the maypole from entering the hole. After a few moments, when the maypole was successfully entered to the hole, they will secure the maypole in place and the participants will grab a ribbon and dance around the maypole for fertility.

This time, the Virgin Goddess and the Horned One will make love and when they do, fertility will explode in an orgasmic show of life. During this month too, where we can observe the explosion of life and the blossoming of flowers around us.

This is also the time of the faeries since the flowers are blossoming and it is said that the faeries could be seen dancing in the faerie rings under the light of the moon.

In the Philippines, this is the start of Flores de Mayo, where kids venerate the "Virgin Mary" by honoring her with chants and a shower of fragrant flowers. Ladies in the municipalities and cities compete to the title of the Reyna Elena, where only the most beautiful woman can get. It is like the battle between the Spring Queen and the Winter Queen in the olden times.

I would celebrate this by honoring the Goddesses and Gods of Nature by offering them flowers and wine plus nuts and food. I hope I have someone to celebrate this Blessed night though.

Dayang Dayang

I am beginning to enjoy my Davao stay, well I have travelling to thank since it removed some of the boredom I felt a few weeks ago. I have enjoyed my trip and with some co-workers, it was one of the best trips in Davao.

We left for Talikod Island (where the resort is located), Saturday April 17 at around 1PM, We rode one "lantsa", a ferry boat and travelled for about two hours going to Dayang Beach resort. It was remarkable- blue waters, white sand beach and small but private resort. We occupied one duplex unit in the resort. The resort is very nice- electricity, 2 electric fans per room, a sala and a mattress for a bed.

For 50 pesos, we had the caretaker cook our viands and for 30pesos per kilo, the rice. We had a very good time during the remainder of the day as we swim, and relax while listening to the waves. I took a lot of pictures during that trip and the pictures I took reflected the magnificent scenery of the place.

That night, the members of the team had the Miss Bora-cat Dolls in which the girls talents and beauty were judged. It was really fun and the booze really got me. Early that morning, I went to the beach to capture nature's beauty with the soft morning light. Around 1PM we traveled 13 kilometers on a motorbike to Isla Reta, a resort located on the other side of the island. It was a perilous journey for 20 minutes where we tread on cratered dirt road. After we arrived in Isla Reta, we waited in the pumpboat that would take us back to Davao. around 3PM, we traveled for two hours on wavy seas to the port of Davao.

Till another day...

Check the pics on my Multiply and Facebook Albums...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thinking about Things...

Thinking of what is happening here in Davao... in our company and our account, makes me think really hard... The city is becoming more and more interesting because I have some people that I can go with everywhere. My plan is to go to towns outside Davao City. Just to travel and take pictures.

I hope I get to meet other people here in Davao that are really interesting. Especially those people who has the same interest with me.


Monday, April 5, 2010

From Samal with Love

After 6 months of staying here in Davao, I finally got to go to Samal Island. It is a tourist destination here in the area with white sand beaches and fancy resorts. It is an hour ride from the city via ferry.

Last Easter Sunday, I finally decided to head there. Without any plan or anything, I just went to R. Magsaysay wharf and purchased a ticket. The ticket to Kaputian is 50 pesos one way, and the "lantsa" that we rode left after an hour or more. There are specific time that the boat will leave for the island.

At around 1PM, we arrived at Kaputian wharf. The place sad to say did not really met my expectations since I have been to a lot of really beautiful beaches- Boracay, Guimaras, Bantayan island and some others I cannot remember. The sand in Kaputian is not really "maputi" and the place is also dirty with plastic bags scattered around the beach.

The resort that we went was cute though. It has a lot of cottages (huts) and the place is really affordable. The water is also great, however the problem was the depth. It is really very deep even if it is just a few meters from the shore.

There were also some people selling souvenirs inside the resort and at a very affordable price. it's cute and really inexpensive.

Around 3PM, the vendor told us that if we wanna go home we need to register and buy tickets because the ferry boats are quite limited and would leave for Davao at a scheduled time. We failed to get aboard the boat that leaves at 3:30 but we managed to get on the 4PM special trip.

The 4PM special trip went to Sta. Ana wharf in Talikod Island and we dropped by Isla Reta. This is nice since we have the chance to see other resorts, the thing is, the trip took a lot of time though,

The trip was fulfilling since I took a lot of pictures and I was also with some friends. A very memorable trip indeed.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Day... Bad News!!!

It's been a bad day. I am tired and I cannot sleep because of the news that I received. One of my friends from my former work was KILLED... Killed not out of hate or revenge, he was killed out of nothing... Sometimes I really appreciate criminals being found dead on street sides. I cannot really take this out of my system because he was a friend for almost 3 years. To learn that he died out of another man's or men's tripping is too much to accept.

Another bad news??? One of my trainees in PCCI before was just diagnosed with a Stage 1 Leukemia Tuesday. I was really surprised because this trainee is very close to me. She is also a single mom who does not have anyone to support her. Get well soon April...

I am really bugged by these news. making me think that life is too fragile and fleeting that anytime it'll just leave you... I need to find ways to avoid this, at all cost.

In Memoriam:

Wildy T. Tidula
June 9, 1984- March 20, 2010

We will Miss you Tids...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Haunted Places in Davao

I have not heard of any haunted houses or places here in Davao. One of my officemates told me that the there was a haunted house in Matina, I want to do some investigation to really prove that the place is haunted or it is just some gossips.

I was told by some of my officemates that there are ghosts in our office, though I have felt some presence I haven't seen them in action. I will start my documentation of haunted or "mari-it" places here in Davao.

I looked online and I got an address- Juna Subdivision on Champaca Street. This I will check!

Ostara's Blessings

After my Sunday Shift, I went to San Pedro to have dinner in one of the food courts located on that place. I discovered that there is a night market on San Pedro beside the Davao City Hall. I bought some pants on one of the stalls and tasted some Kwek-kwek in one of the "cleaner" food carts there. I also bought some of the offerings for the ritual there.

I went home and prepare for Ostara. I put the straw
mat on the floor and did the ritual. I asked for healing and prosperity as well as protection and fertility.

The Davao Night Market:

The Feast of Ostara:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

When your Watchtower of the West is the Atlantic and mine is Mount Madia-as

The Cardinal Points of the Wiccan Circle, one of the most important part of casting a circle for magickal purposes either for protection or containment. This has been very puzzling to me since in the traditional sense, the summoning of the Guardians of the Watchtowers calls upon the elemental guardians of the directions.

As you’ve noticed the traditional elements that correspond to the directions are; Earth for North, Air for East, Fire for South and Water of the West. However, I am very confused about this since when I looked around our city the East is not the rice plains or the South are the mountains; we have the beach in the East, a volcano in the West, the North are the rice fields and the South and mountains in the South West. Does this mean that I need to call the elements in their “traditional” directions or will I work with my surroundings and the energies that they are emitting?

Wicca is and will be a Nature religion, and the Craft always coincides with the energies that the place is giving. The traditional Wiccan elemental directions were created due to the positioning of the elements in relation to their specific directions in the place where the Craft originated (Wicca for that matter). This does not always apply; see for example the elemental direction created by the Chinese, in which they have five elements- Earth, Wood, Metal, Water and Fire and its corresponding place in the directions. If you will observe, the elements correspond to the placement of an elemental source (mountain, seas, forest, etc.) in China.

Still I would suggest that as Wiccans we need to be a very keen observer of our surroundings and not just a follower of the books. The Goddess speaks to us in a language that we only understand, and sometimes She speaks to each one of us in different voices unique to each individual. Do not limit yourself, always believe your instincts. Remember that the Wiccan Path was created for the practitioners in the West, that is why some of the herbs and plants in recipes in the books are alien to us… (foxglove, henbane, belladonna, lavender anyone?). The Goddess always provide, ask Her what you need and look around, the herb that you need for casting your luck spell might just be around the corner. Be aware of the plants properties and energies. Trust the Goddess and believe.

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When Lemon Peels turn Yellow then Black

Is there such a thing as coming of age in this time? I believe that young people’s sexual awareness during this very liberated times are very active especially when porn and other adult materials are easily accessible on the internet and almost everywhere. This is why teen sexual “revolution’ happens too fast and the result of this is a steady increase in the number of teenage mothers with no capacity and ability to raise their own kids.

Being sexually active is not really the problem. I think the problem is the understanding of the consequences that comes after the act. Remember that we are beings which urges and those urges when suppressed will not really cause a very good result. That is also the reason why we need to give teens things to do, distract them from the calling of their “libido” so they can redirect this amazing source of energy into something else. This would make the very creative and they would really accomplish a lot of things.

There are also times when a child would do a mistake and the parents would then condemn this teen to the cage of marriage. I do not think that parents should force their daughters to marriage just because she has a baby. They should not confront the problem with another problem. Parents should let their kids decide, because even though they are minors they should be asked what they want to do with their lives. After all it would be the daughters who will stay and live with the guy and her mother-in-law and not the parents.

As early as now we should inform our kids about sexuality and sexual responsibility. This is not the 70’s or the 80’s where the mere mention of sex would send shudders to the spines of parents. Do not under estimate your children because they are more intelligent than you think. They can understand and grasp the information you are telling them. Tell them about all of these as frankly as you can and as simple as you can. Do not tell them about storks that carry babies down the chimneys or of God sending babies on clouds… do not insult your kid’s intelligence.

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Of Power Failures and Facials

My Saturday was really messy and chaotic. I was planning to go to the gym this morning; however I was having this what I call a “lazy fit” where I am just too lazy to go somewhere. I opted to stay in my room and just write some stuff in my blog. It was about 1PM when I was getting ready for my scheduled facial appointment in HBC NCCC Mall, when suddenly everything turned dark and hot. There was power failure again and since my room is an oven especially during lunch time, I went into the restroom , took a bath and hurried to the mall.

The mall’s air conditioning is a welcoming feeling especially in a very hot day. That is why a lot of people go to the mall today not just because of the hot summer season but because of the rampant power failure as well. I went straight to HBC to have my facial. After 30 minutes or so, the facial was done and I feel clean.

The next place that I visited was Booksale. I was still looking for occult books and some pocketbooks, however as it is scarce and difficult to find. I saw one of the books that I took interest in, one of the old books from the Babylon 5 series that tells the story of the PsiCorps-anyways it’s not really that interesting however, a nice book for 15 pesos is not a bad deal.

I am writing this entry in the foodcourt of NCCC Mall, while watching the Wiccan Documentary called G1 Witchcraft. It is a documentary created by Bathara from the coven Tribu Majika Eclectica. I saw some familiar faces and heard some familiar answers like Wicca is a way of life. I hope that some of the Wiccans stay in that way of life their entire lifetime and the next. The documentary about the Craft though some of the people in the documentary gives a verbatim answer from books and from the internet. I really applaud the answers given by Marangan, one of my friends from the group.

Wicca or the Craft again is a personal religion, though there are pre-existing traditions and schools of magick it is still up to the witch or the Wiccan how he practices his Craft and how he communes to his Gods.

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Glee Forever

My friend Maris asked me to watch this series. This is called Glee, a series that shows the story of high school outcasts who found friends in the Glee Club. I could really relate to the story of the series because I too was a high school outcast. Not belonging to the "IN" group- not with the varsity players, the socialites, and the uber intellectuals.

The story of this series talks about high school students who are always the focus of pranks by the "popular" crowd. They would be humiliated by receiving splashes of frozen soda on the face, thrown into the dumpster, trapped into a portable restroom and others...just because they are either paraplegic, fat and black, gay and fashionable, Asian and stuttering and an over acting Jew scene stealer.

This series tells us that if you have the talent, show it. Do not be discouraged even if people would look down on you. They are just doing that because you have something that they don't have.

I am waiting for the second season of this Series. Glee rocks!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

As the Stars move, the Rice Stalks sway in the Breeze

"We all come from the Goddess and to Her we shall return,
sand and sea, sea and stone. All that died shall be reborn!"

-Goddess Chant

When I was younger, I was really fascinated by the stories told by the old people from our hometown. The practices of the Craft is again very different in the perspective of the rural farm folks especially here in the Philippines. It is rather different compared to the practices of the witches of the west, even though the basic concept is the same it is quite different in the point of view of the Filipinos.

The magick in the Philippines is more shamanic in nature. Where Persian magi looked at the skies for portents in the movement of the stars and planets, our babaylanes listen to the chirps of the crickets in the fields as well as the whispers of the wind. I have experienced this "mystery" when my grandfather told me that the wind can tell you if rain is coming. We were walking one day on a dirt road going to our house and suddenly he told me that rain will come tomorrow. I asked him would he know that rain is coming and he told me that the wind told him.

As the ceremonial magickians of the West calls upon the powers of the angels and the demons, my grandmother who is a farmer and an oyster harvester would ask the assistance of faeries and the "tag-lugar" or the "Tamawo". These unseen folks are a part of the daily life of the people in Dumangas, Iloilo- my hometown. We normally offer food without salt, fruits and rice in small caves and mounds that can be found around our place.

As clergies wrote their observation and rituals in the books and grimoires, our old folks would transfer their knowledge through stories and lullabies. They would do this not in classroom or in any alchemical laboratory but tell their wisdom to the younglings under the mango tree by the ricefields as they drink "tuba" or coconut wine or "anisado" or rice wine they call vino.

The magick that they practice could be called thaumaturgy or low magick since they practice the Craft for everyday use- blessing the food, healing, fertility and abundance in the harvest, safety in fishing, growth of the fruit trees and protection from malevolent "tag-lugar" and "aswangs". Though the real "Babaylan" tradition has been infected with the Christian belief, some of the rituals are still in its pure form-without the Latin incantation to the Holy Trinity or the Holy Spirit. It's just a call to the wild- to the spirits of the forest and caves and the master of the place.

As a follower of the Wiccan faith, I could still connect to the old Ways since its a part of my being. I may worship a Goddess or a God from a different pantheon, very far from our country but the magick that I follow is still our own. I am a Wiccan since I think it is the nearest religion that coincides with my Goddess centered belief. I think my embrace of the Old Ways, our Old Ways could help me connect to the forces and beings that live in our sacred land. however, it is very difficult to do this since the Craft of the Filipinos are fragmented and almost forgotten. I hope i will have the strength and patience to endure, and i ask the Goddess to give me more of these.

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In The Coming of the Spring...

"On the either side the river lie,
long fields of barley and or rye.
That clothe the wold and meet the sky,
and thro' the field the road runs by
to many towered Camelot."

-Loreena Mckennit, The Lady of Shalott

Spring is coming, well in some countries where there are four seasonal changes. Here in the Philippines there are still debates whether a Filipino Wiccan needs to celebrate the coming of the Vernal Equinox. Some of the Wiccans here in the Philippines that I have talked to or associated myself with would tell me that they do not celebrate the coming of spring since we do not have spring in the Philippines. I understand their concerns about this and since Wicca is an evolving and a very dynamic religion it varies from place to place and time to time.

Spring can be felt everywhere, whether you are high in the mountains of Nepal or down south in the Antarctic. Life stirs in the bowels of the Amazon and in the sand dunes of the Sahara, as it is the same whether you are a Witch from the US or a Wiccan here in the Philippines. The energy that is brought about by the coming of the spring is constant and IS felt anywhere you are in the globe.

The Vernal Equinox is called Ostara or the Feast of Eostre. It is traditionally celebrated on March 20-22, depending on the actual coming of the equinox. For Wiccans, we celebrate the coming of the spring by thanking the Goddess for the coming bounty. Fertility abounds during this time as the Earth releases the energies of growth and creation which were frozen when the world hibernates last Winter. Normally the appropriate celebration during this Sabbat is welcoming the coming of the first light of the sun. In some parts of the world where ancient giant observatories like the Stonehenge and the Tor, pagans celebrate the coming of the spring by visiting these sacred ritual sites.

Here in the Philippines, since we do not have (or have not yet discovered) ancient observatories which mark the movement of the planets and the stars, we celebrate our rituals of spring by offering flowers and painted or colored eggs to the gods.. I would normally design boiled eggs and give it to friends for prosperity and fertility. I remember when I was in Iloilo that we had this celebration in the cafe of a friend, where we colored eggs and offered it in one of the magickally active part of his arts cafe.

A Philippine Wiccan would either be seen celebrating this lesser Sabbat under the crescent moon (well the moon is crescent last night) or inside his room (like in my case) infront of his altar and in the presence of the Gods.

In a country where Wicca and other alternative religion gives you a one-way ticket to Hell, it is difficult to be yourself and practice the faith that everyone should be entitled to. However, as I have always said- the Gods are everywhere, be it in the wide wold, in forest and glens or even in a cramped room where urban witches live.

In the Carnival

Friday, it is my restday today and all I do is just stay at home. I needed to go to the office to get something and after I did all the things that I need to do I went directly to the mall. NCCC Mall is one of the biggest if not the biggest mall in the city. I ate my favorite meal which is noodles and mongo sprouts with shrimp siomai and watermelon-pineapple-apple shake from Thirsty. I looked around the mall and went into HBC and bought some vanity products- a bath soap, Grid Zero Lightening Starter Set for men, OHM Heat Cologne Spray and Body Recipe Calamansi Roll On and Sunflower Facial Cream Stick... with these I get a free facial treatment tomorrow at 1:30...yey!

I went into the grocery and bought some things for my daily consumption- tuna, Coke Zero, Skyflakes Fit, some peanuts and cheese. I was going out of the mall when I was attracted to the lights of the nearby carnival. I see the rides almost everyday on my way to work and I haven't really checked the place. I paid the 20 pesos entrance and with my camera, I took some pictures of the rides which I posted in my Facebook. There were stalls with games like the Color Game, a Shooting Range, a couple of videoke machine and some of our all time favorite rides- Ferris Wheel, Rollercoaster, Bumpcars and some others. I did not have the guts to ride probably because I have a bag full of groceries with me or just because the rides are expensive at 50 pesos per ride.

After staying there for 15 minutes, I went home eating the Nestle Yogurt that I got from the grocery.

Time Moves Fast...

The first few days that I arrived here in Davao, the place seem to be great. I was really excited to roam around in the largest city of the country, however after a few months of being here and moving here and there everything became so boring and all the same.

It's been six months that I have stayed here in Davao. So far so good and I am regularized here in the company that i am working. Though I am not really satisfied with the scores that I got because i feel that I deserve something higher, it is okay just to have the perks and the privileges of a regular employee.

Will I stay here in Davao or will I leave? I will probably stay here in the meantime...

Thirsty for Thirsty

I'm not into buying shakes and all especially if it costs more than 20 or 30 pesos. However, there is something that I really like to drink and that thing is Thirsty. You see a lot of Thirsty stalls in almost every mall around the country and it is really easy to spot them because aside from their signature green theme, you will see a lot of fruits in their stalls.

There are a lot of flavors to choose from too... the first one that I really liked was Watermelon-Carrot. It was a very hot day and I dropped by NCCC Mall in Matina, Davao.I want to try putting in watermelon in my shake because i really loved the taste of Fit and Right Watermelon. Carrots are really nice in a shake because of vitamin C and its beta carotine which is anti cancer.

The next thing that I tried was Apple and watermelon which is as refreshing as it is yummy. I also tried their Pineapple-apple and watermelon which is a very good combination which cleanses your kidney and your bladder. This is the one that I really want and I am having every time I am in the malls.

They sell diet shakes too for an extra 5 pesos. Really nice.... hehehehehe!

Araw ng Dabaw 2010

Wow!!! At last a "major" festival here in Davao. I heard that it is not as grand as the Kadayawan Festival but in this city which is very "silent" this is a huge event. I will go out tomorrow and take some pictures if i can find anything good to photograph. i know there are some actors and concerts here, however I'm not really into it. I would rather see some cultural events instead of watching these overly sensationalized actors and actresses being soo cheezy with each other.

What is really the celebration all about... I got this from the official Araw ng Dabaw website- This is an article from Macario D. Tiu, Author of Davao: Reconstructing History from Text and Memory and a Winner of National Book Award 2005.

This may sound a silly question today, but this was the hottest issue that raged in Davao in the 1930's that eventually led to the creation of Davao City.

During this period, the then undivided province of Davao, which had a capital town with the same name, was the biggest producer of abaca in the world. Abaca as well as coconut plantations sprawled all over Davao Gulf, with the Japanese practically controlling the entire industry.

Despite laws restricting foreign ownership of land, the Japanese managed to become the largest plantation owners in Davao. They were able to achieve this by using dummies to buy land for them, by marrying local women, particularly with datu lineage, and by renting land from local landowners.

By the 1930's, Davao was completely under the control of the Japanese. Their economic clout made them politically influential. They had their own schools, hospitals and road networks. The biggest concentration of the Japanese was in Guianga Municipal District, centered around Mintal. Their population continued to grow, reaching 17, 900 by 1939.

As Japan was a growing world power, having defeated Russia in 1904 and annexed Korea in 1910 and Manchuria in 1931, fears were raised as to the real intentions of the Japanese in the country. During the 1934 Constitutional Convention, Davao delegate Pantaleon Pelayo Sr. denounced the control of Davao by the Japanese and their unlimited acquisition of land. The presence of the Japanese in Davao had now become a national problem.

On March 16, 1936 Davao Assemblyman Romualdo C. Quimpo filed Bill No. 609 or Commonwealth Act No. 51, An Act Creating the City of Davao. The City of Davao was to be formed by combining the capital town of Davao and the municipal district of Guianga. This made Davao City the largest city in the world with a territory of 2,244 square kilometers or 244,400 hectares.

As the creation of Davao City was intended to break the control of the Japanese, the Act stipulated that its officials would be appointed by the President of the Philippines, instead of being elected. It was believed that in elections, Japanese-supported candidates would win, thus entrenching Japanese power in Davao.

On October 16, 1936, the bill was signed into law by President Manuel L. Quezon. The following year, on March, 1937, Executive Proclamation No. 132 was issued that formally organized the City of Davao.

It was during the term of Mayor Elias B. Lopez that the celebration of the foundation of City of Davao was made a week-long celebration that culminated on March 16.

Today, Davao City is the most progressive city in Mindanao and is considered the most livable city in the country. Foreign investors and visitors are all welcome, but the city is under the firm control of Filipinos as its founding fathers had intended.

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Gadget Freak...

Who says people with less money cannot collect and buy gadgets.... gadgets are not just for people with a lot of money. If you save and be wise enough to look for things that you need, I think you could get the gadgets-affordable enough with very good specs and would fit your needs.

I collected some gadgets ever since I started working. I bought stuffs not very expensive but are very useful. I remember the first phone I actually bought was a Nokia 5110i at a whooping price of 7k. After that I have bought a lot of mobile phones, gave it to my siblings and them losing it.

The latest things that I have are the following... and I am really proud of myself getting them, out of the blood and sweat of working all night.

One of my students stole the P990i that I purchased last 2008 and since I do not have enough cash to buy a very nice phone last year I settled for something inexpensive and classy looking. I bought a Motorola A3200 which is a china phone. It is a touch screen phone with dual sim and 2 megapixel camera. The sound is really nice too and it is equipped with a 2-gig memory card for music. The worst thing about it is the moment it has a problem, it's difficult to have it repaired. Right now, its broken because the touch screen is not functioning. I only use it to listen to some music and take some pictures. This one has to go...

The next one I got of the stuffs I have with me now is my notebook. Its an Acer Aspire One which I got from a family friend. She swiped it for me and I am still paying it. I like it coz it is small and compact as well as having everything that a laptop can offer. It has USB Ports, large Hard Disk, a 1.3 built in webcam, Intel Atom Processor, built in microphone and it is fast enough to process everything. The thing I don't like about it though is its battery life because it just battery life is just about 4-5 hours and it's dead.

Since the Motorola phone is out of commission, I need a smart phone to use and it should have all the things that I need of a smart phone. It should have a very nice camera, can connect to WiFi, touch screen and the music should be good. I got this Ericsson P1i, which is one of the best Smart Phones ever. Maybe that is the reason why it was phased out of the market because of it's reasonable price and functionality. It has a 3.2 Mega Pixels camera with a flash, touch screen with a fully functional QWERTY key, WiFi capacity, easy data exchange, PDF Reader, Excel and Word, Infrared and Bluetooth and a lot more. This is a great phone and I am not willing to give this one up. I am really satisfied with it's performance.

Next on the list was my SUN-Phone since I gave my N3230 to my sister Mimi for her Birthday. It was an old phone since I bought it in Cebu when I worked with People Support last Sept 2006. Since I don't have a phone to house my Sun Cellular Sim Card, I need to have a phone that is affordable and easy to use. I bought my Nokia 2650, a colored Flip Phone which is handy and efficient. It is easy to use and I used it for texting and calling. I bought it from one of the booths in one of the malls here in Davao and I believe that it's one of those re-conditioned one. Anyways, the only thing I do not like about it is the batteries, which are drained very fast. it only lasts for 2 days.

I got another phone from Globe which was included in their Plan 800. It was from a booth in the office by Globe Telecoms because I think they have a partnership with the company that I work with. Another reason why I got this plan is to have a billing statement here in Davao for future use. It is a Samsung M3510 Music Ed Phone. It has a very nice 2 Megapixel camera, easy access to you're music files and volume control. It comes with a 1gig memory card, however, I purchased a 4 gig memory card to accommodate my music which ranges from World Music like Loreena Mckennit, Enya, Blackmore's Night to musicals like Evita and Glee. I believe that I really got a good deal for this phone and I am really satisfied of it's features and functions. The texting part is not that good though...

I have been longing to have a fully functional camera especially a DSLR since one of my dreams is to be a Magazine Writer and Photographer. DSLR has a lot of features and is used by amateur and professional photographers. You can easily manipulate the pictures, focus and zoom in and out. The price is a whooping 20k and up and i do not have enough cash to buy that now. I went to SM City Davao and i found out that there are some pretty good camera's on sale. I was thinking between Samsung and GE Digicams. The Samsung cam has 10.2 MP, 3x Zoom and well a "Beauty Shot". The reason I got this GE A1050 is because it has a panoramic shot which is very useful especially because I really love to travel. It also has a decent 10.1 MP and a whooping 5x Zoom. It is also easy to share the pictures and it has a 2 gig memory card. The only thing that I do not like about this is it's battery which is a Double A. Luckily it has a battery charger included for free.

I am constantly upgrading the gadgets that I have and probably I will have more of them in the future. For now, I am really contented with what I have... For now!