Friday, November 2, 2012

The Hallow's Eve

The Wheel has turned to Samhain 
where nights are dark and the veil is thin. 
where spirits cross the in-between,
under the pale moon they are seen. 

Where witches dance under the moon, 
To honor the dead, to ask for boon.
To know the things that will come soon.
by cards, by fire, by bone and rune. 

We grab the lantern, and carve the pumpkins
candles burned and offerings given.
Remembering all that has been,
Is the essence of Halloween. 

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Who are the Witches?

Not all witches are old or ugly, 
some of us are young and pretty.
We don't mix potions for a living, 
some of us are in offices, working.

Not all witches cast hex or curse, 
some of us just bless our purse.
We do not turn people to frogs,
or fly, or inhale noxious drugs.

Not all witches can read the future,
believe me guys it's often a torture.
Though sometimes we see the things to come,
It's not for all but just for some.

People believe that we worship the Devil,
Though I think they just say that to make us look evil.
Some Witches believe in one Divine,
Though two, or more is still just fine.

If people would tell you the witches should be feared,
Think again my friend, I just want this cleared.
We are not Evil nor Heartless as the media would show,
Ask me a question and believe me, I know!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mindanao Cosplay Summit (MCS)-CDO Leg- Powered by AMBOX

A couple of weeks ago, I was on my way to the beautiful city of Cagayan de Oro for the CDO leg of the Mindanao Cosplay Summit with AMBOX Events. This is the 2nd time that I traveled with AMBOX for the MCS. I got out of the office early, earlier than my usual shift (12AM-9AM) and head to the Bus Terminal in Ecoland. Around 6:30 AM we rode this aircon bus (4 Stops) and started the tiring journey to CDO. 

I was on the bus with partner Abs, Madamme April and Boss Ate Joy, together with Ronna and the other yaoi girl whose name I kept on forgetting (Mag Sustagen Premium na ako for Good Memory). The trip took us almost 8 hours as we reached the port city at around 3PM. 

On our way I saw a lot of beautiful scenery that are truly breathtaking. Ravines, rivers, cliffs and mountains that are kissed by the fog at night. I also appreciated the countryside, simple living, the sights and sounds;  most of all, the colors. We arrived in CDO and quickly visited the venue.

Early next day, we started mobilizing for the event. I was assigned in the backstage, making sure that the order of performers (Cosplayers) are correct. We have a lot of very nice Cosplayers in CDO, too bad some of them didn't really joined the competition and were just there to Costrip. It was during this event that Pastel Mix had their cameo as presenters for the event. 

One of my favorite Davao based Cosplayers was also with us. Ping Ping Ong dressed up as Ada Wong from Resident Evil and boy she is a very good Ada. She dressed up and acted the part. We left CDO around 9PM and arrived in Davao around 3AM. It was a tiring trip but it was worth it. I am AMBOX... hehehehe! 

Photo Credits to my partner Abs Rivera and to AMBOX Events (

Please check and like my photopage for the pictures of my adventures-

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Uchusentai Noiz will Rock Davao

Uchusentai Noiz, the visual kei rock band known for their unique rendition of the song "Narda" will hit Davao in a series of concerts on September 7, 8 and 9, 2012. 

The group, made up of Yamato, Kyo, Angel-Taka, Kotaro and Masato will entertain us with their own unique kind of music. 

They will perform in City Live Bar, the former Station 91 on the 7th and tickets are sold at 250 and 150 pesos for both the standard and the premiere. Discounts will also be given to students who wish to see this Japanese band in action. 

The Saturday and Sunday event will be in SM City and these series of concerts are free for all. My group MINATO (Mindanao Anime and Toys Organization) will also offer our assistance in the Cosplay related activities prepared during these dates. There will be a Cosplay Cafe, Costrips, Dress up like Uchusentai contest and many more. I hope to attend this event and document it. Everyone, Cosplayers or non-Cosplayers are invited to experience the music of Uchusentai Noiz. 

Again this event is done with the assistance of AMBOX Events. The group responsible of giving us grandiose Cosplay events like the Mindanao Cosplay Summit (upcoming Cagayan de Oro leg on the 16th of September and in Davao in October) and the Davao Cyber Expo. 

I'm glad to have worked with AMBOX with these kind of projects. Hope there's still more to come!  

photos from the internet- AMBOX Facebook Page

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Drawing the Blessings

It is really difficult to live our lives here in this world. I mean, this reality is one of the most static there is. Magick is limited to the acceptance of the people in a locality, its potency is dependent on those who believe it works. 

In our modern society where the belief in esotericism is slowly reviving, the age old beliefs and universal laws are slowly creeping back into the mainstream. I think the first one which became "accepted" is the "Law of Attraction". 

There are a lot of books, videos, manuals, online posts released and published regarding this law. There were best sellers, home videos which made money for the authors and creators of these merchandise. They were the first who benefited from the Law of Attraction. 

I will try to do this too- draw blessing to my life. I will gather pictures of things I want and post it on my "I WANT" wall inside my room. But what do I really want for this year... let me see.

1. A NEW NIKKOR LENS- 50mm/35mm f1.8G

I need this for my Cosplay Photoshoots... I will get one of these within the year. 

I know that the universe loves me and the God and the Goddess is always helping me out so I want all of these by next year so I could start my Photography business. 


I know this really depends on me but a little push from the Gods would really go a very long way... I want a Happy and Healthy life! 


Call me power hungry but as a student of the occult and a hunter of knowledge, it is my aim to be very powerful in the Craft. I pray for power but I also ask for MORE Wisdom to use my skills wisely. 


More Travel for me please... I have a pending vacation by next year, which is a very big risk for me. I want more travels either locally or abroad! 

More money for my Family. I need a promotion/salary increase to provide more money for my family.I also NEED More money so i can have our house fixed... :)

I know that have the ability to manifest these. I will manifest these things and this would happen within the year. I know with the help of the Gods, I will have these things in my life. 

So MOTE it Be!

Photos from the Internet. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

An august August

I haven't been able to post anything lately. You could say that I was in hiatus for the past month and a half. July had been a hard month where I was kinda busy with myself, my work, Cosplay, Arcana, my Path and everything in between. 


Nothing new really. I was just sick a couple of times- cough and colds caused by my allergic rhinitis. I had some rashes too caused by eating 7 sticks of fried Isaw. I really need to make my body stronger, even reinforced by magick. I am not yet ready to meet an old friend. I also attended Kadayawan Festival and though it is called the King of Festivals, it does not compare to our very own Dinagyang. I just hope my DavaoeƱo friends could experience it. I am also glad that Nikon Philippines finally started having some events here in Davao. I joined the contest for the first time and I screwed up. I submitted the wrong picture as my entry.


Work is still the same. The tasks though are getting boring and boring. I am so fed-up with the stagnation and the chance of promotion is slim at best. The only thing that is diverting this burnout is my task with the Newsletter. Though this is not really helping. I have aired my concerns to my manager and to the HR Supe, I hope I get to hear good feedback soon. My motivation is really waning, like the moon. I am trying to be very optimistic about things, but still this is eating up my patience. The promised annualization increase is still in limbo, I wont believe it unless I see the documents. 



Just to give everyone an update. There were a couple of Cosplay events here in Davao last July. These was of course still organized by Ambox- Brother's Cosplay and Davao Cyber Expo. This is why I love working with Ambox because they let me relive my Events Organizing Days in Iloilo. 

Cosplay is the only thing that I look forward too. I know that I am not competing. Damn, I am not even a good Cosplayer, but this gives me the opportunity to practice my photography and join events too. 

I am looking forward for the MCS- Mindanao Cosplay Summit, since DCE and Torch are done. I am also excited to go to Gen San and Cagayan de Oro for their MCS leg. This will happen within this month for GenSan and Sept for CDO. 

I also have a new set of costume, I am cosplaying a professor from Ragnarok. Reminiscing the days of Order of the Holy Cross with my professor- Charlotte Luna Aelius, Scribe of the OHC. 


What's new with Arcana? For the past month and a half, we already discussed some things that are very essential in the development of our Novices. The group is growing slowly, but steady. We already discussed some theories of magick and philosophy and later (August 21) Theology. We also devised advanced training programs to those interested- Discipulus and Adeptus (Secundus and Tertius). The Novices are not allowed to join this yet. We have received requests for questing, however, since the group is not yet ready for field work due to lack of training, we will delay this.


I am still as steady as a tightrope cyclist when it comes to my Path. I relocated my altar to a more private spot in my room. We also celebrated the Feast of Hekate (August 13) and I honored the feast of Lughnasadh (Aug 1) alone. I also acquired some books for my collection. As I have said, I am a "Hunter of Knowledge" and I will do all I can to expand mine. 

In the coming weeks, I promise to write as much stuff I can here. Starting off probably with the MCS in GenSan with Ambox. Ill be a photographer for the event. I'll also try to join the Project X pictorial, or just start the pictorial with my Cosplay group Minato. I really do not know what will happen. The only thing I need to do is make sure that I can sustain the enthusiasm, the energy and the will to continue this. 

Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Sutherland Picture, Kadayawan and AMBOX Logo are from the internet

Monday, June 25, 2012

Midsummer Revel

Litha or the Summer Solstice is one of the "Seasonal Sabbats" celebrated by Pagans around the globe. It is the time of the longest day (12H 59M here in the Philippines) and the God is at the peak of it's power. To those who believe that the Gods are individual entities (like me) and not just facets of a Duality, I celebrated this Sabbat honoring the Sun Gods from different Pantheons and belief systems. We gave offerings to Ra, Belanus, Baldur, Lugh, Apollo, etc. and celebrated Their feast.

Since Litha is also the time to ask for healing, we also asked the Gods to send healing energies and strength to some of our friends who are not feeling well. We feel that by channeling the power of the sun, we could alleviate what they feel, give them strength, virility and vigor. 

We went to one of the private parks in Catalunan, Davao City to celebrate the Sabbat. Members of the Arcana gathered and prepared for the feast. When the ritual finally started, we opened it with the traditional Wiccan circle opening and some friends who are practicing Native American Shamanism did their greetings to the ancestors and the spirits of the place as well. The ritual was magickal and the place is very enchanting- some of the blades of the cogon grasses are moving without wind, a "spot light" shone directly to the ritual circle and the animals celebrated with us. 

We feasted on the herbed flat bread that was prepared and we ate it with some wine. We also left some milk for the fairy folks as an offering for letting us use their place. 

Blessed Litha to all!

Photos from my photography page:

Boys of Cosplay-June: Nico Bonita

Guys, meet Nico!
One of the more "mysterious" members of TACOSEN (Tagum Cosplay Enthusiasts), Dominique or Nico (popularly known as Pikot) is always seen in the sidelines and never on the limelight. This 22 year old is a graduate of BM major in HR from St. Mary's and a regular in Cosplay events here in Davao. Though he admitted that he is not really into Cosplay and is with Tacosen because of his love of Anime, we coerced Nico to dress up (dress down) as Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail and featured him in our Boys of Cosplay for June. 

This charming chinito was also modelling for Tagum's Tourism Office. He is a man of few words (literally) and when asked why he Cosplays, he just said that he does not. I also asked him about the dream character he wishes to portray and he just replied "I don't know". 

Well, let's just hope that Nico will be interested enough to include Cosplay as an extension of his love for anime. You get to see Nico in his T-Shirt and Maong during Cosplay events, helping out members of TACOSEN. Let's just cross our fingers that he will dress up (or down) as an anime character soon... He makes one good Gray Fullbuster here, would you agree?

Photos from my Photography Page:

Eyes of a Child

I was asked to take pictures of a birthday party last Saturday. It was held in Forest Hills, a resort here in Davao. The place is moderately priced and for the entrance fee of 100 pesos, one can take advantage of their pool. So there I was, snapping pictures of my friend's family and friends and all those people who attended the party. The one who took my interest that day, however, were the kids.

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and when you take pictures of kids, you'll easily see the innocence showing in their eyes. They are really cute and some of them are really natural in front of the lens.

Here are my shots of kids in their natural environment...

Photos from my Photography Page: