Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lustful Month of May

April 30- Walpurgisnach, the May's Eve, the Night of Beltane.

"We call upon thee, Goddess in Her countless faces- Flora, Maia, Ceres, Ideale, Demeter, Kore..."

One of the Greater Sabbat in the Pagan Traditions, Beltane or the Feast of Belanus is celebrated since time immemorial to commemorate the coming of the feast of the flowers and the blosomming sexuality. Said to be the oldest Sabbat, it was celebrated since the pastoral communities of Europe. It is the time where the great Bale fires or Bel Fires are lit. This feast honours the Virgin Goddesses and the God of Fire and Light like Baldur, Belanus and Baal.

Last May 1, 2008 our group celebrated the Feast of Beltane. We did it in a Kafe owned by Uriel, one of our members in the Paranormal Society of Iloilo. Since it was raining, outside celebration with Fire Dances and Maypoles was quite impossible.

I weaved wreaths made of some local Ivy variety and "Cadena de Amor" to be used in the celebration as headresses. The common wishes made during this Blessed time was fertility, prosperity, beauty and bounty. Cinnamon used as an incense to fuel passion in dying relationships as well as to draw the right person for you.

There were also dancing around the circle as well as the giving of libation and offering for the earth's bounty.

Around 5:30 AM, I woke up early to gather dew. It is said that in the first day of May, you must wash your face with dew drops for a whole year gift of beauty.

Magick was present that night!