Saturday, October 1, 2016

Concepts of Unity and Autonomy

For the past 20 years that I am with the community of Pagans here in the Philippines, there were a few instances that there were attempts to create an organization to unite the Pagans in the country. In the few times that we have tried to unite the groups, we are always faced with difficulty in making these groups agree to a common goal. There was also the question of who should "lead" the organization and in a group where everyone is supposed to be a "high priest or priestess and an expert", this one is always a challenge.

The question that I want to ask to all Pagans and all the groups that they belong to, would you guys want to unite and share everything with each other or stand on your own and be autonomous.

There are pros and cons to being a part of a group.


1. Sharing of best practices especially with groups with similar traditions
2. Sharing of information among groups and covens
3. Network of Practitioners
4. Training between the groups
5. Standardize the practice


1. Difference in practice might cause a challenge among org members
2. The leadership post
3. Agreeing on the standards- what is accepted and unaccepted
4. Location of gatherings
5. Competition between covens/groups between the organization

The list of pros and cons can go on and on, however, the only thing that we need to remember when we join organizations are the following:

1. Do the goals of the organization align with the goals of your group?
2. Will there be any conflict of interest between your coven/group and the organization?
3. Is it going to be expensive?
4. Do you have some challenge in following the leader of the organization?
5. Are you willing to give up some of your group/coven's autonomy?

Like the one above, the list could also go on and on. Just remember that your Coven/Group comes first and the your members' are always gonna be your first priority.

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