Monday, October 24, 2011

Spell Language

I created this spell and integrate folk magick with my personal paradigm which is anchoring and using seals and sigils as my focus. I created the spell last Sunday and worked on it using folk magick, it is a spell using a dark colored jar, honey, a brown paper bag, some urine, cinnamon and some colored pens. This spell is for advancing in the corporate ladder, to get your managers see your worth.

I throw in my own paradigm creating the spell. I drew a seal with three arrows putting the sigil in the center. I encircled some aspect of the Goddess Hekate, especially those related to focusing on the opening the Path and to Guide the Roads. I used a blue candle to focus my will.

Here is the seal that I used:

Tales of Atreia- Book 2- Rifts and Shifts

Beluslan- One of the cities of Asmodae is a Fortress protected from the Elyos by the Asmodians. This city is surrounded by weakening Aetheric field which causes time/space rift to appear randomly across the entire terrain. Most of the time, this place is full of the white winged enemies. From the portal in Marchutan's Convent, I appeared in Besfer Refugee camp. This is where most of the people end up, especially those who are not really needed or those who does not any family. I need to go to Beluslan and train as a Magus of Lumiel.

I waited for morning and started checking out the village. It's very small territory and there are no large inns that accommodate travellers. There are also a few guards that protect them from Elyos raids. I looked around and talked to some guards, I was informed that I need to go to Pandemonium and talk to the High Priest of Lumiel. I need to learn to use these gifts and to learn from the Daevas who came before me.

Early that night, I gathered my meager pack and started walking to Beluslan. It is safer to travel at night since our Asmodian eyes could easily see in the darkness of Asmodae. I was taking the lonely dusty road, passing by the Besfer Ghost town. This was once a very busy town according to the old records when they were plagued by carrion monsters carrying disease that wiped out the entire town. I was very careful not to disturb the ghosts lamenting silently on the road side. I was very careful, walking silently when...

From the back of the ruined house came a very shrill voice. A rotted looking lady dressed in white was screaming as she was darting to my direction. I quickly raised my hand in the air and traced a sigil, calling the Aether to gather in front of me and around me. The shield absorbed the first impact and sent me flying to the side of the house. I quickly scampered and run behind the ruined house with the banshee running after me. I need more time to do this and try to lose the ghost, if not, I will be forced to face it.

I quickly remembered the spell I learned by studying an old spellbook. I traced the necessary runes of power to gather the aether around me and I started chanting... "Glacies vesica...", the water in the air compressed and formed into ice. Three Sharp ice blades that hovered on top of my right hand. I turned back and focus the energy on the Banshee and repeated the spell once more... "Glacies vesica... no" and sent the blades flying towards the spirit. The iceblade passed through the Banshee's form and while it hit the air between her chest, I traced another rune and shouted... 'Gelu flatus!!!" The blade blossomed into a flower shaped ice blast that held the banshee in place. Treading carefully that my attacks won't attract any more spirits, I plan on finishing this spirit quickly.

Quickly tracing the runes of power in the air, I completed the spell by tracing a vertical line on the set of runes that will call fire... "Incendia telum". At once the aether gathering around my fingers quickly turned into a spark and the fire writhed on my arms. I focused the tongue of fire into the frozen form of the banshee and willed it to surround her. As the chain of fire surrounded the spirit, I then traced another rune on top of the spell and focused my will- "Praemium!" the chain of fire exploded and scattered the essence of the spirit, then it was gone.

I headed north and passed the Black Plains. As the cold light appeared on the sky of Asmodae, I reached the fortress of Beluslan. I went to the person guarding the portal to the capital and he told me that I would need 14,000 Kinah to use the portal. By then my money was not enough to pay for it. I was sitting in the corner when I heard someone talk...

"Need a Lift to the Capital? My name is Urrd, and Im on my way to Pandemonium. Wanna tag along?"

Samhain et aL

Here's one of the incences that we can use for Samhain.

Hecate Incense **
by Gerina Dunwich

1/2 teaspoon Dried Bay Leaves
1/2 teaspoon Dried Mint Leaves
1/2 teaspoon dried Thyme
pinch of Myrrh Resin
pinch of Frankincense Resin
13 drops Cypress Oil
3 drops Camphor Oil

Using a mortar and pestle, crush the Bay, Mint, and Thyme until almost powdered. Stir in the Frankincense and Myrrh resins. Add the Cypress and camphor Oils, and mix well. Store in a tightly capped jar and let the mixture age for at least two weeks before using. Burn on a hot charcoal block during your ritual.

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