Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Poems for Patubas...

The Patubas anthologies is a collection of poems from Western Visayan poets and it is compiled into a book. This year, my Palanca awardee friend Marcel Milliam encouraged me to submit an entree for this book. I don't have copies of my poetry in my closet, and I have a few ones in my notebook. I posted the first three entries here and here's the last two...which I worte in about 30 minutes one dawn ( 3AM already) of July...


By mykeyohann

Kasisidmon kung magmata,

Para mag eskwela

May kwaderno nga dala

Pero blanko kag wala sang letra

Maligo kag mag-ilis,

Sang bestida nga manipis.

Dala kurit kag kiskis

Sang make-up sa iya kutis.

Madulum na ang kalye

Sang ikaw nagbyahe

Kay wala inugpamasahe

Ku-ot nalang ang plete.

Karon handa ka na,

Dulom na sa Plazoleta

Tindog na kag mag linya

ang Klase magasugod na.


By mykeyohann

Dali-a wala si nanay

Kadto na di sa balay

Dala coke kag tinapay

Ang text ni Inday

Ini naman si Toto

Daw nagapala-is nga ido

Dali-dali nag paligo

Ari, libre naman ang igo.

Linti kag bilatibay,

Ang yawyaw ni Nanay

Sang nakita naga sampawanay

Si toto kag si Inday

Kay man mga bata pa,

Di pa handa mangasawa

Ang solusyon sa problema

Si Clara nga paltera sa Tanza

Pero ining si Inday naga luha

Kay indi na makabata

Sa malip-ot kag kalit nga kasadya

Dalayon nga pag antos ang gaba ya

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The Coming of the Rain...water

Its the second month of the second half of the year. Normally, this part of the year is very wet... Rain kisses the ground almost everyday, and typhoon visits the country just like a neighbor visiting for the latest gossip every morning, I am kinda bored again, same routinary activity bothers me nowadays.

The lessons are starting again, however the students are getting lazy again. The topics have been laid out to them, but again yoou cannot force someone to learn if they dont want it right?

Another thing about July is the flood. The city is indeed sinking because of the fact that the water level in the city of Iloilo is drastically rising covering the entire city from just a drizzle. In the late 80's to the early 90's, the city is still impervious to the flood water's embrace. We survived a lot of typhoons and rain for the entire week but the interior of our house would stay as dry as the palm of my hand. However, in the early 2000 the flood water entered our place and even our house and sadly that is still continuing right now.

With the taxes ( a lot ) being paid to the government, I hope they will do something about it. Citizens also need to be aware not to throw their garbage anywhere since these things clog the waterways and the drainage. In the end it will still be us who'll suffer the effects of our actions.

Just a Rant!

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The Pet Timez

A Teacher's voice...

I am a teacher, since I was younger til probably forever I will be one. Being a teacher takes a lot of effort. Every class has a different personality and every students have different characteristics. A teacher needs to be patient all the time and in this profession, you must really love the job in order for you to stay.

I have plans to be a teacher since I was young. I remember the time when my Grade one teacher, Ma'am Veloso would let me handle the class when she's out for a meeting. I would then go in front and start to teach my older classmates how to read and write. I was five years old that time and the youngest in the class.

When I was in the university, my adviser Mami Jeng encouraged me to get my educational units. She told me that I can teach by adding 18 Educational units to my basic Psych Units. I followed her suggestion and my life started as a teacher...

I handled classes in Bacolod, though it was not really a formal class I taught Nurses the English Language. I handled an IELTS class in Bacolod where I taught my students how to speak, read, write and listen properly. When I was in Cebu for my call center job, my passion for teaching didn't fade. Eventhough I didnt have any formal class before, I meet up friends every Saturday and I started to teach them Psychism and the Paranormal. I still am a teacher.

I went back to Iloilo City and the first job I got was an Assistant Instructor 1 in a computer learning center. There i decided to pursue my career in teaching. After a spur of the moment decision, I enrolled myself in the Graduate school as an MA Psych student. After I quit the computer school, I never stopped teaching. I taught Koreans and I still continued on teaching Psychism to my students (well Im doing this one since year 2000).

Now, I am still teaching in two centers. Not Koreans anymore, but Filipinos. I want to share to them my knowledge and skills. Eventhough a lot of people ask me why do I want to be a teacher, eventhough I know that its an overworked, underpaid job? I would just answer them calmly, I have dedicated myself in the expansion and evolution of knowledge--- I am a teacher, outside and within... with all the passion I could exhibit I would say.... I am a dakilang guro!

The latest PM batch ( my beautiful and handsome students!!!)... during breaktime with the Manong Fishball they are making rich....

The Beauty of Cabatuan...

I travel... a lot especially when my budget allows me to. I used to go to places that are normally visited by people, untouched paradise if you may say. The latest one that I have was a trip to Maasin, a municipality that is well known for their Bamboo products. I spent a night there in a place called Villa Benedicta, an inland resort with a big pool. I was with some friends and I really enjoyed the place.... Mag ingat sa Villa Benedicta???

Sunday morning. On my way back to the city, some of my friends and I side tripped to Cabatuan, Iloilo's gateway. Since the domestic airport has been relocated to this municipality, Cabatuan became a very attractive town. The streets are clean, they have wider roads and they have a rather unusual symbol in their plaza. A very big banana leaf.

Here are some pics...