Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Teacher's voice...

I am a teacher, since I was younger til probably forever I will be one. Being a teacher takes a lot of effort. Every class has a different personality and every students have different characteristics. A teacher needs to be patient all the time and in this profession, you must really love the job in order for you to stay.

I have plans to be a teacher since I was young. I remember the time when my Grade one teacher, Ma'am Veloso would let me handle the class when she's out for a meeting. I would then go in front and start to teach my older classmates how to read and write. I was five years old that time and the youngest in the class.

When I was in the university, my adviser Mami Jeng encouraged me to get my educational units. She told me that I can teach by adding 18 Educational units to my basic Psych Units. I followed her suggestion and my life started as a teacher...

I handled classes in Bacolod, though it was not really a formal class I taught Nurses the English Language. I handled an IELTS class in Bacolod where I taught my students how to speak, read, write and listen properly. When I was in Cebu for my call center job, my passion for teaching didn't fade. Eventhough I didnt have any formal class before, I meet up friends every Saturday and I started to teach them Psychism and the Paranormal. I still am a teacher.

I went back to Iloilo City and the first job I got was an Assistant Instructor 1 in a computer learning center. There i decided to pursue my career in teaching. After a spur of the moment decision, I enrolled myself in the Graduate school as an MA Psych student. After I quit the computer school, I never stopped teaching. I taught Koreans and I still continued on teaching Psychism to my students (well Im doing this one since year 2000).

Now, I am still teaching in two centers. Not Koreans anymore, but Filipinos. I want to share to them my knowledge and skills. Eventhough a lot of people ask me why do I want to be a teacher, eventhough I know that its an overworked, underpaid job? I would just answer them calmly, I have dedicated myself in the expansion and evolution of knowledge--- I am a teacher, outside and within... with all the passion I could exhibit I would say.... I am a dakilang guro!

The latest PM batch ( my beautiful and handsome students!!!)... during breaktime with the Manong Fishball they are making rich....
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