Friday, May 10, 2013

The Beauty of Beltane

"Lustful Month of May - Camelot" 

Beltane is a Pagan celebration on the eve of April 30th until the morning of May 1st. It is one of the four great Sabbats and also a fire festival. During the Old times, this festival is celebrated outside with bonfires and revelry. This festival also blesses the land with fertility. 

 The celebration of Arcana was done in one of the resorts here in Davao. We gathered in Banehaven and left for the resort around 6pm. The celebration was attended by four members of the Order and since the energies of the circle is quite imbalanced, we made some compromise to make the ritual balanced. We also tried to to have all the elements of the ritual present in the ritual. We prepared the altar and cover it with petals to honor the blooming of the flowers. We also used Tarot number 6 - "The Lovers" to celebrate the union of the masculine and the feminine. We also created the bonfire inside the cauldron and made a makeshift Maypole. 
The celebration happened the entire night and we have raised the energies of the circle to send fertility across the land. The simple but solemn celebration was crafted by Stu, one of the Adeptus Secundus of the Arcana.

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