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Hekatesia: Feast of our Lady of the Crossroads

Hekatesia: Feast of our Lady of the Crossroads

9 August 2011 at 16:36

Written by:
Felyx Wolfsbane Serpentmoon, AP
Arcessitor, Ordo Intra Circularis; Arcana Davao
Priest, Luntiang Aghama
Heirophant, Senatorius Sacerdos Harpyiea
Mystae, Cabal Signum Mysteria/Circle of the Black Moon

Here's my Ritual for the HEKATESIA this Saturday, August 13, 2011- should be done during the ‘tween time- Dawn, Midnight, Dusk 


The altar should be black with only symbol/image of Hekate present at the center. The following should be present to represent the Goddess in Her many aspect. 

Hekate's Circle:

N: Graveyard Dirt/Crossroad Dirt
E: Bell
W: Mint/Mugwort Water
S: Incense - mixture of Cinnamon/Anise seed/Cloves

- Black stone
- bowl of salt water
- towel


-Hard cooked eggs, halved on a plate and salt water in a bowl
-pomegranate wine or blended berries
-crescent cookies/bread
-garlic bread
-almonds and sesame seeds


Ritual Proper: 

Have everyone pass through the smoke of the incense to purify them and asperge them (using stalks of mint/rosemary) and lead them to the ritual space. Once everyone is seated, have everyone meditate on the symbol of Hekate inscribed on an altar piece (drawn on Virgin Parchment, or drawn on the floor using a blessed chalk).


In this time of in-between 
We move to this world unseen
Where darkness is light and light is darkness 
This sacred hour's power we harness
Into the Otherworld we will cross
Between spaces where time's at pause
To honor the Lady of Power and Might 
when night is day and day is night

Circle Casting:

Purify the circle using the 4 elemental symbols (dirt, water, bell and incense). Each participants should hold the symbol and move around the circle deosil three times. Each participants could hum the name of Hekate while doing this . 


Hail Hekate Propylaia, the One before the Gate
She who comes with the wings of the owl
Open our minds to the wisdom of the Old 
Grant us knowledge and Lead us to the Path of the Wise

Hail Hekate Phosporus, Bringer of Light
She who ran with the hounds of night
Enlighten us with the brilliance of your truth
Grant us clarity and Lead us to the Path of the Wise

Hail Hekate Khthonia, Lady of the Underworld
She who can be heard with the croak of the Toads
Transform and shape us to transcend limitations
Grant us adaptability and Lead us to the Path of the Wise

Hail Hekate Krataiis, the Strong One
She with the Serpent Hair
Strengthen us to endure hardships
Grant us resilience and Lead us to the Path of the Wise


Hail Mighty Hekate!!!
She whom Zeus, son of Cronus honored above all
She who has the power over the heavens and the starry skies
She who controls the wind and the ever-changing seas
Goddess of Midnight
Mistress of Storms
Dea Triformis
Goddess of the Dark of the Moon
Lady of the Scene of the Crime
Goddess of Witchcraft and Sorcery 
Great Mother 
Holy One
Invincible Queen
Lady of the Underworld
Mistress of Magick 
Goddess of the Lower Way
Opener of the Way to Death
Queen of the Crossroads
Queen of Death
Queen of Ghosts
Queen of the Night
Queen of Witches
She Who has Power Far Off
She Who works from Afar
The Distant One
Sovereign Goddess of Many Names

*** The Leader will say the Epitaph and the participants will say the name's meaning

Hekate Adonaea (Lady of the Underworld)
Hekate Agrotera (Huntress)
Hekate Antania (enemy of mankind)
Hekate Atalos (Tender)
Hekate Brimo (angry one)
Hekate Despoina (Mistress)
Hekate Enodia (of the Paths)
Hekate Epipurgidia (on the tower)
Hekate Khthonia ( of the Underworld)
Hekate Kleidophoros (key bearer)
Hekate Kleidoukhos (keeper of the keys)
Hekate Krataiis (strong one)
Hekate Krokopeplos (saffron cloaked)
Hekate Kurotrophos (Nurse of the children and protectress of the mankind)
Hekate Liparokredmnos (with bright headband)
Hekate Monogenes (only child) 
Hekate Nyktipolos (night wandering)
Hekate Nocticula (Lady of the Night)
Hekate Pandeina (the All Terrible) 
Hekate Perseis (Daughter of Perses)
Hekate Phosporus (the light bringer) 
Hekate Propolos ( the attendant who leads)
Hekate Propylaia (the One before the Gate)
Hekate Prytania ( invincible Queen of the Dead)
Hekate Selene (the far shooting moon)
Hekate Skylakagetis (leader of the dogs)
Hekate Soteira (savior)
Hekate Trikephalos (three-headed)
Hekate Trimorphis (three-formed)
Hekate Trioditis (of three roads)
Hekate Trivia (of the three ways)

Ave Hekate, era quadrivium, Regina ventus via, Dea Veneficus. Is quisnam ingredior in Transitus semita gero lampas. Omnipotens, totus Atrox era Transitus audite mihi! Hekate Anteina, Abnukta, Triformis, Nocticula, Brimo Hekate Pandeina! Salve Pandeina, Antania, Trivia Hekate! (3x)


You could use any exercise on visualization that depicts Hekate. I will use that I found on the net. 

The Trip to Tartarus:


Now we will journey to the underworld to ask a boon of the chthonic Hekate. Sit comfortably, breathing in and out slowly and at ease. Close your eyes and feel your center.

"Three faced one, patroness of the 9 wild Muses, Torch bearer, Star-crown wearer. Mother of Ghosts who prophesize in the form of bee, serpent, mouse or bat. She of the 3-heads: mare, dog, serpent; or lioness, mare, dog; or lioness, dog, serpent; or yet; heifer lioness, serpent. Dog-star of summer, Brazen sandaled one, whose Magic mists are raised by Willow spells. 

Thessalian witches, followers of Hekate, Cerdo the weasel, shapeshifters and spellspinners.

Turn West: There lies the opening to Tartarus, the Underworld, in a grove of black poplars, sacred to Her whom we honor. The purpose of the visit is to learn something, perhaps of the future. Often this was done through mantike, inspired prophesy through possession by the deity. enthusiasmos, the deity within us. Don't forget to give a coin to Charon, the ferryman over the river Styx (Pause)

We've reached the other show. Beware Cerebrus, the three headed dog; his job is to prevent hapless ghosts from fleeing and the living from entering. But tonight we are under the protection of Hekate Chthonia, Hekate Ourania, and he, Her servant, let us pass. Do not tarry in the cheerless Asphodel Meadows where weary shades wander, purposelessly, twittering like bats.

Look ahead: There lies Erebus, the palace of Hades and Persephone, she who was tutored by Hekate; now She is in the world above for it is summer.

Perhaps we will catch a glimpse of the three Erinyes, the Furies, who live in Erebus. There is no mistaking them, who punish those who break those of deservedly guilty conscience. They are aged, with snakes for hair, dog's head coal-black bodies bats' wings, and bloodshot eyes. In their hands they carry brass-studded scourges. 

To the Left is Lethe, shaded by Hekate's white cypress- do not drink of it's waters, for it is the spring of Forgetfulness, for common souls of the dead awaiting rebirth, and yet we live.

Instead, approach Mnemosyne, the Pool of Memory, shaded by white poplars of Persephone. This pool is for initiates. Kneel down and sip its cool waters and see a vision there. 

*** Ask the participants what they experienced and take note of those. It might be a vision from the pool. 

Passing the Black Stone: We performed this ritual 6 or 7 years ago in Dumangas, Iloilo where the members of OIC (Ordo Intra Circularis-ILO) stored their negative energies inside a stone, sealed it and buried it afterwards.


Using the blackstone have everyone focus on what they think hinders them to achieve their goals- anger, negativity, frustrations, etc. After one participant stored his/her negative energy in the stone, immerse it in the bowl of salt water (1 minute) and wipe it dry with the towel. Pass this around widdershins until everyone is done with the same process. When the last participant is done, soak the stone in the bowl and pour the water to the ground (if inside the house, pour it in the sink/toilet bowl) 


As the water seep in the earth, let all negativity be taken away. May the Earth absorb it and keep it until the energies become pure again.


Great Goddess, bearer of the Torch and Keeper of the Keys 
Lady of Magick and Great Sorceries
Queen of Witches and Guardian of the Threshold 
Goddess of Transition and Defender of the Path
Hekate, fulfill the promise you gave to your priests and priestesses 
Grant us a boon that you bestow your believers
Grant the wishes that your worshipers ask 
Grant it to us tonight as we offer this honey
Grant it to us as we whisper Your Name

Hekate, Lady of In-Betweens 
Guide us as we go through life's changes and transitions
You who are between life and death
Tenderness and terrifying Anger
The Outside and In
of the Heavens and the Underworld
the Ocean and the Earth
The Light and the Dark 
The Open and the Close

In the darkness, in the Shadows
we look for your Light to guide us
In the coldness of the night
We yearn for the warmth of your embrace
In the face of adversity 
We long for your protection 
In our Weakness 
We speak with the Power of Your Name

Ave Pandeina, Ave Anteina, Ave Nocticula 
Ave Atalos, Ave Krataiis, Ave Soteira
Ave Trivia Hekate!

*** Participants whisper their wishes into the honey and this needs to be dropped into a whole in the earth without looking back at the hole. This could be a man-made hole at the crossroads. You could do this after the ritual. 


Invitation to the Ancestors (Face the West)

We invite the Dead (name your dead relatives), our love ones who passed beyond the gates of Tartarus. Our dearly beloved who are in the Summerlands, we invite you to join us in this feast and honor the great Queen of the Underworld.


Oh Great Goddess Hekate, bless and accept our humble offerings. May these food nourish not only our bodies but also our spirits. We partake these in your honor and in your grace. 

*** Have each participants mention the significance of the food served at the feast before partaking it. Assign a food to each participant and have them say something about it. Make sure to get a small portion for the Goddess and put it on a black piece of cloth. Tie the ends of the cloth so it would form a pouch and leave it at the crossroad. 


*** Face the West and bow

Oh spirit of our dearly departed, may you continue to guide us and share your experiences and learning in life. Beyond the veil lead and protect us. May you rest in peace in the Summerlands with the Goddess of the Underworld. 

*** Raise your hand in supplication:

Oh Mighty Queen of the Crossroads, we thank you for honoring us with your presence. This night where we are standing in the in-between of space and time, light and dark, night and day, we honor your name in this sacred circle. You our Goddess Divine, our Protector, our Guide and our Holy Queen, may you continue to shower us with your blessings as we continue to honor your name and your works. Grant us our boon as we dedicate our life to you. Remember the pact that exists between you and your priests and priestesses. 

To the North we bid farewell- Hekate Krataiis, the Strong One
May you continue to strengthen us

To the West we bid farewell- Hekate Khthonia, Lady of the Underworld
May you continue to transform us

To the South we bid farewell- Hekate Phosporus, Bringer of Light
May you continue to enlighten us

To the East we bid farewell- Hekate Propylaia, the One before the Gate
May you continue to Open our minds to the Wisdom of the Old

Mighty Goddess Hekate of the Triple Path, the Keeper of the Key of the Mysteries, we bid you Hail and farewell. Thank you for attending our Feast. Go in Peace. 


*** Sprinkle salt water around the circle Widdershins:

"Circle open but unbroken, power down to the ground (3x)"

*** Everyone must put their hands on the ground

"Down, down into the ground
Unneeded energies now unbound!"

***Trace the circle with the wand, widdershins

"From the air to above to the ground below, I open the circle that binds it!

***Trace the circle with the Athame, Widdershins

"From the world within to the world without, I seal the Veil that divides it!"

By Land and Sea, Moon and Sun
Return everything to where it began
In this world both seen and unseen
Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet again!


-Ritual "Trip to Tartarus" from the Internet
-Picture from the Internet