Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gypsie Nyte: The Bacchanal- Gathering of the Gods!

The Bacchanal, feast to the god Bacchus where wine and honey overflow and the gods make merry and indulged in the Revelry of songs and laughter. This year the Paranormal Society of Iloilo (PSI), will host the annual Gypsie Nyte where the participants will wear the mantle of Gods and make merry. There will be songs and chants, spells and runes....

It will be this 31st of October, the Day of Freya-Friday and the feast of Samhain. The gods will meet in the Residence Hotel and will start at 8PM. Passes are available at Php 100.00 and dress as your favorite God or Goddess.

Let us Feast this Sacred Night!

Picture from the internet- Poussin's Bacchanal.


The Paranormal Society of Iloilo will be grazing the event of Club Pure this Satuday, October 25th. This will be a COSTUME Party and the members of PSI Via Augur or the Path of Seers will be also doing Divination inside the Club. This would include- Tarot Card Reading and Palm Reading. Best costumes will be given prizes as well and there will be games also during this celebration... Tickets at Php 100.00 with a free drink. Cyah!