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Paranormal Society of Iloilo- In the Service of Knowledge

Studying the Unknown has always been a fascination since I was young, a reason why I am pursuing a career in Psychology specifically in the field of the paranormal. I have met and chatted with a lot of people who studies this field from the different parts of the country. I met people from PWS Manila, from the Magi Order of Bacolod who I was with for six months. I also stayed with Cebu Paranormal Society for a year and a half, where I got the idea of creating a society here in Iloilo as well.

It has been almost a year that the Paranormal Society of Iloilo or PSyI was created. It was midsummer, June of 2007 where the group officially conducted an election and the first Consilium was created to answer the needs of the group. The First Praetor of the group is Jagatmitra, a friend from the Zen Group and who specialized in the research needs of the group. He also organizes our workshops and weekly lectures.

The group has increased membership since it was founded a year ago, we have psychics, researchers, healers, and the likes in our ranks. Now as the 1st year anniversary of the group is coming I just hope that this society will continue to educate and enhance people towards growth.

The society conducts training sessions and weekly lectures to interested students for free. We conduct classes on Psychism, Meditation, Alternative Religion, Divination Skills for starters. During meetings, we also discuss anything and everything under the banner of Metaphysics and Parapsychology. We also invite some friends to speak on specialized topics like 3rd Eye Opening, Homeopathy, Pranic Healing etc.

This society was founded to pursuit the study of the metaphysical science and the esoterics. The main goal of the group is the advancement of knowledge, that is the reason why we really put a lot of weight in our lectures and studies. We entertain seekers and people called to tread on this path of wisdom. As the anniversary comes, the group is again accepting interested souls to study with us.

We usually hold Esoteric Nights every Friday @ Kafe Binalaybay in Lopez Jaena, Jaro in front of the old Florete Rice Mill where we have lectures and divination all night. We also celebrate Ugsad: The Fullmoon Festival on the night of full moon every month, as well as some celebrations through out the year. Classes are conducted Saturday afternoon usually from 3PM onwards still at Kafe Binalaybay.

Should you be interested to join us, please visit our Friendster group or text our Rector Exterius @ +639185266774 or +639225269603. Hope to see you soon!


Il mio amore' - My Love in Italian, this would best describe this person I have set my eyes on... Ive known this person for sometime now and our encounter is casual to the very least funny. We shared laughters over YM and text, though sometimes I couldn't reply because my provider would send me message saying check operator services.

Its been very confusing at times scary, investing in a relationship that may or may never last a few months but as the book and the movie "The Secret" says, its all about the Law of Attraction and the force of positive thinking. Ive been very worried and cautious most of the time about entering in a relationship. For me relationships are like holes in a boat that you haven't mended. You know that it is dangerous, yet you still ride on it and when the water starts to seep in, you grab a pail and start to throw the water out. Relationships are like that, you know that in the long run, you will only be drowned in the sea of sorrow, yet you chose to stay on it, look for little problems and sadness and grab a pail and toss it aside.

I am still hoping though, that this person would fill the space in my being. Well I know that this person is loving, very nice, very attractive and has an overall wonderful personality. I might be sure that this person is the one for me, but the question is does that person thinks the same as I do?

Another question popping in my mind is this, to a person who has got majority of the blessings and attributes given by God, will loyalty be compromised? For a person of this calibre to fall in love with me, a mere chicken in this derby-coliseum called earth, amidst all the grade-A cocks breded to attract attention, will I be enough to please?

When it comes to the question - "Do I like this person?" I couldn't think of any other answer except yes, yes I do and yes indeed. Who wouldn't like a fine specimen of a human being ready to be laminated should there be an exhibit of an earthling in other planets? Though I know I have a lot of competition, I believe deep in my guts that I do possess something that might entice this person in noticing me and loving me for that matter.

Well, as this person says- Let's take it slow, cherish the moments, savor the memories and indulge in the joys and happiness the encounter will bring...

You know who you are Il Mio Amore, whose name in Old English means a Manor's Friend or a friend of the Manor. A person whose lips, luscious enough to move statues just for a kiss, whose eyes is a mirror of joy, whose smile a beacon of strength, whose body spawns thoughts of ecstasy, whose mere presence sends a shock to my dark and putrid heart, reminding me that I am still a walking, talking and feeling piece of hollow flesh.

Know that even Fallen Angels Fall.... in Love with a bottle of Coke.

Doting DOTA...

For the Frozen Throne...

The land of Azeroth has been ravaged by war. The forces of the Alliance struggled with the powerful army of the Burning Legion. May the gods watch us all...

The Defense of the Ancients popularly known as DotA was a game I was introduced to early. I believed I played this game while I was still in college probably 2003. We stayed in Project XXA1, a cafe owned by Donnie Ledesma from 8 to 9 PM until the wee hours of the morning when the cafe closes (around 2 AM). This game really hooked me up as it has characters which are very interesting to pilot and develop.

DotA has been and probably the source of a lot of failing grades...(well not me). It attracted a lot of people from all educational and financial backgrounds, status and age. Players can range from a student to an account executive to a bum and aging from 12 years old to forties. Clearly one of the best versus game there is when it comes to the game's playability as well as its strategy.

Of course I got my top five all time favorites in this game which I will enumerate...

5th Place: Leshrac, the Tormented Soul

Leshrac, a shadow of his former self serves the Frozen Throne and torments the living. The same specie as the gods of the Night Elves of Kalimdor, Leshrac turned his back on the forces of good. Weak physically yet magically adept, Leshrac is equipped with strong magic spells that could easily destroy stuctures, incapacitate opponents and destroy creeps. Diabolic Edict, creates explosive chrages that seeks out enemies, coupled with Lightning Storm that kills en masse. Split Earth delayes and damages enemies in the range and Pulse Nova destroys all creatures in its path. Leshrac the Tormented Soul is a force to be reckoned with.

4th Place: Malfurion Stormrage, the Prophet

Furion, the leader of the Night Elves of Kalimdor was the fourth character that I like to use. Honorable and Wise, he led the forces of the Sentinel to crush the Undead Scourge. Brother to Ilidan, the Fallen Furion and his lover Tyrande Whisperwind, a Priestess of the Moon rally against the power of the Frozen Throne. Furion is a range combatant that can be used as a hero killer or a support character depending on the weapons you purchased for him. He can be a pusher that can literally obliterate all who stands in his way. The Forces of Nature answers his call, as treants can be called from the wilds, he can be anywhere in the map with his Teleportation. He can summon trees to Sprout from an enemies feet and can call the Wrath of Nature to strike down his enemies and safeguard the land.

3rd Place: Krobelus, the Death Prophet

The wails of the undead echoes in the dark. Krobelus, the Death Prophet is a testimony of the undead's hold to the souls of the living. A Banshee which fortells the death of countless victims, Krobelus is also a force to be reckoned with in the rank of the Scourge's army. Given the power to control specters, Krobelus can send an eerie scream along with a Swarm of Carrion, clearing a path before her. Her mastery of Witchcraft allows her to boost her magics as well as her speed. She can also Silence her enemies, denying them with the use of their magic. She also has the power to summon the Specters and command them to drain the lifeforce of the enemies or destroy structures giving her all the drained life energies. Her cries indeed chill the living.

2nd Place: Dazzle the Shadow Priest

Dazzle, a once proud member of a Troll race created a part with Kel-Thuzad to save his own life giving in to the corruption of the Scourge. A corrupted priest who can poison as well as heal, who can strengthen as well as weaken. He is a master of Death as he can pull dead comrades out of the Shallow Graves that they are in. Dazzle uses his Priestly magic to heal allies and harm opponents along the way with his Shadow Wave. He can also Weave protection to constantly increase allies armor or constantly decrease enemies defense. He can slow down enemies using Poison Touch and can resurrect faster with little penalties. A great support character with a lot of abilities to make sure his comrades are alive in battle, Dazzle is one of my favorite characters in the game.

1st Place: Luna Moonfang, Moon Rider

The number one is Luna Moonfang. A Night Elf from Kalimdor, a sentinel with the power to draw the powers of Elune to her. Riding a black panther as her steed, Luna Moonfang punishes her enemies with Lucent Beams and the dreaded Eclipse. She rampages across the battlefield punishing the guilty. Using the powers of the Moon, Luna directs the Lucent Beam, the wrath of Elune to unsuspecting enemies with speed and accuracy. She can also hit multiple targets at the same time by the Moon Glaive and increase its damage by the Moon's Blessing. She can also rain down the force of Elune to her enemies by the power of the dreaded Eclipse. A very good character, Luna makes a lot of mony as well as deliver damage fast and accurate, one of the deadliest character in the game and the Blade of the Goddess.

Well these are the top five (5) Heroes I like the most, cunning and powerful and can kick ass. Who are your favorite character...check the Polls... and enjoy the game...See you in GG.

Images taken from the Internet

Friday, May 16, 2008

Goddess of the Month: Diana

Diana, Goddess of the Wild and the animals whose feast is celebrated 26th-31st of May is the featured Goddess for this month, her high Feast is celebrated on August 13. Diana is known as one of the most elusive and feminist Goddess in the myths. She is known to transform men who see her bathing into a deer and then hunt them or set her hunting dogs at them.

Diana is said to be originally a hunting goddess associated with the wild animals and the woodlands. She later was known as a moon goddess taking over the mantle of Luna. She is known to be a symbol of chastity and the oak grooves are sacred to her worship. She was praised in poetry for her strength, athletic grace, distinct beauty and hunting skill. In practice she made up a trinity with two other Roman deities: Egeria the water nymph, her servant and assistant midwife; and Virbius, the woodland god. In her etymology, "Diana" is simply :"the Goddess", with a Greek parallel in the name — though not the cult practice — of Dione at Dodona. She was goddess of fertility and quick to anger. In the Lake Nemi also called Diana's Mirror, there is a sanctuary sacred to Diana in her aspect Diana Nemorensis or Diana of the Woods.

Diana is also mentioned in the book of Charles Leland entitled Aradia, the Gospel of Witches supposedly given to him by a witch named Maddalena in Italy. Diana is said to be the mother of the Goddess Aradia, the "la prima Strega" or the first Witch. Diana is said to be the protectress of her children, the Stregas.

Diana Artemis as she was called then has a great temple in Ephesus, Turkey. When the temple was in use, it was brightly painted and inlaid with stone. Most ancient Temples and statues we see as pristine white, were brightly colored and vibrant. The colors would have been similar as those found in Egyptian Art. They were usually painted to resemble giant lifelike beings.

It was in Ephesus that the Christian Church declared Mary to be the "God-bearer" in 431 C.E. This move was intended to legitimize Christianity in the eyes of the people of Asia Minor. Prior to 431 C.E. Mary was not recognized by the Christian Church.

Many of the Great Goddess' titles were taken and declared to be the titles of Mary, including; "Queen of Heaven", "Divine Virgin", "Mother of All". Ephesus was chosen for Mary's installation to add legitimacy to the church's claim that Mary, and not Diana was "the Mother of God", and the " Mother of All."

There are covens who follow the Dianic Tradition. Started by Z. Budapest who founded the Tradition,and used by her coven, Susan B. Anthony Coven. This coven is the first Feminist Coven who practices the worship of the Goddess as a whole unto itself.

Diana can be invoked into one's self to draw into yourself the power of the Great Goddess.

Evoko Diana Lucifera, Eko, Eko, EKo...

Moon Goddess Diana, available @ by
Howard David Johnson

For the Goddess...

Raise your hats and your glasses too
We will dance the whole night through
We're going back to a time we knew
Under a violet moon

-Under a Violet Moon, Blackmore's Night

The night of the Dyad Moon comeths. The full moon of the month of May is the time for the Sacred Marriage of the Goddess and the God. It is the time when two becomes one, and all things meet their opposites in perfect balance and harmony.

In the night of the Full Moon, you could cast a circle and adorn it with May's Blossoms and light a white candle. When the Sacred Circle has been casted, sit and reflect on your life. Seek for harmony on all things.

When the Wheel of the Year's dark half now starts to balance with the light, as the balance is now present in everything-heat and cold, night and day recall the words of the Great Goddess, "Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honour and humility, mirth and reverence within you.

As the Rite in this Sacred night is ending, it is appropriate to become one with your working partner spiritually as well as physically if possible.

The Moon Shines upon the guilty and the innocent alike... Coming this May 20, 2008 0211H

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Eostre and the Eggs

Well this entry should have been submitted last March, but since I haven't got any account in Blogspot yet I wrote it just now. This is actually about a Wiccan Sabbat called Ostara, in honor of the Goddesses of Fertility and well...jumping Rabbits.

Ostara is a Festival held close or on the Spring Equinox, therefore celebrated around March 20-23rd. It is a celebration of the abundance of Life and Fertility and is symbolized by eggs and rabbits. Generally it is the "source" of the Catholic celebration of the Easter Sunday, where children would look for the colored eggs that the Easter Bunny hid.

Eostre is an Anglo-Saxon Goddess whose name probably sprang from the German Goddess Ostara. She is also identified with Astarte of Phoenicia, Ishtar of Babylon, Hathor of Egypt, Demeter of Mycenae and Aphrodite of Cyprus. She along with other Goddesses of Fertility from different Pantheons in the world are honored in a celebration of the joys of life.

There are also gods who are revered in the celebration of the Spring Equinox, Cernunnos, who is the god of the Forests and the Lord of the Hunt along with other Vegetation gods are also honored.

This is the proper time to thank the Goddess for the coming of spring and for the coming harvests. In the Philippine setting, Ostara is often celebrated also with rural planting rituals to ensure the fertility of the land and the abundance of the crops.

Last Ostara, our group did a celebration to honor the gods and asking them to bless our land with fertility. Eggs are colored and offered as well as grains and nuts. Libation of milk and wine was also offered for the gods, during this time, the Hare Moon also shines bright...

Blessed Be!

The Eggs and the Altar

Of Poetry and Cinnamon...

These poems are from my collection, or what's left of it. Anyways, these are posted in Kafe Binalaybay's freedom board along with some of my anime sketches and rantings... Enjoy reading as I have enjoyed writing these poems...


by mykeyohann

Sa kawayanan ang aton hukmungan
sa diin kita nag pautwas
tinaga sang aton dughan

Sa diin ang ragit-it
nagdungan sa aton ugayong
samtang aton ginasaluhan kalipay nga himpit

Sa tunga sang mga pusog
ako imo ginahakus
sa mga butkon mo nga mabaskug

Apang isa ka magal-um nga kagab-ihon
ako nagdalagan sa aton talabu-an
Kalinong ang nagsugata sa akon.


Written in Chowking, Atrium by mykeyohann

Mainit, maanghang na wanton
humugas sa aking kalooban

Nagbigay alab
sa nanlalamig kong kalamnan

Na binigay ng dalawang
baboy na hayok sa'king laman

Matapos pagsawaan
ang aking katawan

Sa kalsada nakatayo
ng ako'y naalimpungatan

Sa sabaw ng wanton
na mainit at maanghang

Naalis saglit ang muhi
sa aking isipan

This last poem is a funny on!!!


by mykeyohann

Ayti sigeha ang rampa,
lalaki ka man bala
Nga-a kung magporma,
da-ug pa ang dalaga?

Ayti sigeha ang ladlad,
lalaki ka man bala
Nga-a kung maghambal,
ang bibig gadululusngal?

Ayti sigeha ang tumbling,
lalaki ka man bala
Nga-a kung may gwaping
sagay ka paduding?

Ayti sigeha nga kaway,
lalaki ka man bala
Ngaa kung naga babay
Daug pa ang kimpay?

Ayti sigeha panago,
lalaki ka man bala
Ibuking kag ipa gwa na
nga ikaw maluming nga dalaga.

Here comes the Bride's Planners

June is fast approaching and what would make a woman more happy than to walk the aisle this Wedding Month. Attributed to the Queen of the Roman Gods, Juno is the matron of weddings and of women and after her the wedding month of June was named .

are the happiest time in the life of a couple, and here in the Philippines weddings are very familial. That means the family is the one who assists the bride and the groom with all the preparation and the expenses for the wedding. But with this set-up, it also means that whoever helped you will have something to say in the wedding. From the guest list to the color motiff, the food, etc and sometimes this is more of a burden than of a help.

Right now, there are people who would actually be the one that's gonna organize things for you, worry for you and do things for you. These people are what we call wedding coordinators.

Here in Iloilo there is a company which will do all of your wedding preparations and more- Weddings by Portal Events and Productions would cater to your wedding needs from the venue, themes, food and other supplies.

This company is managed by Ms. Karen Grecia together with Ms. Maryann Darroca and feel free to contact them should you need assistance in your wedding.

This is Portal's Friendster profile: Click on any of the Pictures to visit their account!

We will create for you…The perfect wedding you desire. Giving you the luxury of choosing the venue, the theme, music and colours of your dream wedding.

We will assist you… In creating a dream wedding that is within your budget by keeping you updated with your financial flow. You will be in the know where your money is going.

We will plan for you... Giving you the updates on your schedules so we can keep track on our accomplishments and our things to do.

We can give you extra savings by providing you the most affordable wedding essentials and more.

We will take your worries away and give you the peace and relaxation you deserve on your wedding day.

And lastly…

Need a bride or groom, we might be able to help…

Call us…

Portal Events & Productions
Event Coordinators

Address: Quezon St. Arevalo, Iloilo City 5000

Telefax: (033) 3383584



Karen Grecia

Ann Darroca


Whenever I go around the province or anywhere at all, I would always take pictures coz I believe that when you take a picture of someone or something you bring with you a part of that individual. Photography is a hobby for me, though I do not have all of those fancy and high tech SLR cameras I make sure that the pictures I took are beautiful.

Taking pictures is one of the things I believe Filipinos are really fond of doing. In almost all homes in our country, the viewing of photo albums is one of the entertainment the host family could offer to their visitors. Pictures taken from the time when we were babies, to yearly birthday parties, to graduation from elementary to highschool, college. Inuman, trekking, hiking and everything there is always a picture attached to these events.
Pictures indeed stimulate memories and emotions since there are stories attached to every piece of photograph in our albums.

I started in photography when I was in college. As a writer for the school paper, I am also the one who are taking pictures for the publication. In every seminar in Baguio, Cebu, trips to Bacolod, Antique, Capiz, Aklan, Manila etc., I always make sure that I have a camera. It may be point and shoot camera or currently a 2.0 megapixel camera of my camera phone.

I am really fond of taking pictures, pictures of friends, families, beautiful places and things and almost everything that can catch my attention. This makes me relax at the same time fulfilled, of course praises from people and awards (like the one I got from Department of Tourism-Most Outstanding Editor and Photojournalist) is a big plus...

Enjoy the pictures:

Here is my Picture Gallery... CLICK HERE

Alubihud, Guimaras @ Dawn

Alubihud, Guimaras

Paraw Regatta, Iloilo City

a Church in Cebu

a Beach in Antique


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blogs from Friendster- My 26th Birthday

Happy Hatchday to me!

Happy Hatchday to me... Its actually kinda hard to imagine that I have lived 25 years here in this cruel piece of floating space rock called Earth. And here I am, leaving my day to day activities and routines. Friday, January 5 I was with a friend from Manila named Andrew and we went to Coco Grille Bar to watch their comedy Fridays. I was asked to sing on stage and I chose the song of Gil entitled "Its your Love". I really appreciate the owner of the Bar Tito Mandy Salcedo, one of the best designers of the city for his greeting.

Around two o'clock in the morning, I simply decided to spend my birthday in Bacolod City with some friends. I slept the whole Saturday morning since there was no class in my Masters in San Ag. We left the house around 4 PM and we went to the port in Muelle Loney. We waited for another friend Angel, who was in a job orientation and made it to the last trip.

We arrived in Bacolod around 7Pm and we went directly to SM. After that I went to my old office in San Sebastian, NG Review and Training Center. We tried to look for a pension house that we can spend the night, but we got tired of looking. We went to Korean Bar Grille which was a place that I used to hang out when I worked in Bacolod 2 Years ago. I met up with Kristine, the owner and Mike the manager. After a little chat, we ate my favorite Tuna Sisig and drank their KGB Iced Tea. I was even given a complimentary 8-shot drink called Swampwater and a 10% discount coz its my birthday... :)

We stayed in the bar until 3Am, chatting and catching up with each other at the same time Tin is knowing Andrew and Angel as well. We left KGB, walk all up to Lasalle Ave, rode a taxi and asked the driver for a less expensive lodge to stay. He recommended Adams Lodge and the place was not that grand but still comfy. We slept around 4:30 and woke up 8AM. The good thing is, we only paid 300 pesos for the 5 hour stay.

We got a taxi who wud not use his meter and would just charge us 200 until the terminal to Mambukal. We threatened him that we will disembark and he was forced to use his taxi's meter. The fare was around 85 but he asked for a hundred. We went off in Libertad, just near the Bus terminal to Mambukal. We ate at Chinggay first and the breakfast was was only 26 pesos each, a great saving in our end. We rode the bus to Mambukal, a mountain resort with hot springs and the trip took us an hour. Fare is @35 pesos and the entrance to the resort is 30. We paid the entrance, entered the resort and went to the butterfly garden (paid 20 for the entrance). After that we just roamed around the resort, took pictures here and there, entered their Butterfly Garden and after an hour, we are on the bus again going to Bacolod. The time is 11:45 AM.

We arrived in Bacolod around 1 PM and we went to SM City to have Lunch. Since our finances are drained very fast, we looked for the best place to eat. We ended up in -guess what...the ever reliable Junies for a sizzling plate of burger steak.

After that I met up with Mami Emz, one of my Bestfriends in Bacolod. After we had coffee, we hurried to the wharf for the 3:45 trip back to Iloilo via Ocean Jet, however the trip was fully booked. We had to stay until 5:45 for the last trip as chance passengers number 18-Angel, 19- Me and 20- Drew. Luckily, we arrived in Iloilo safe and sound although I was soo disappointed with Andrew since its 8PM and he had to go to Miagao to be with his Girl Friend (what a lucky girl). I went home and had dinner with my family, checked my Magewar account, chatted, uploaded the pics and typing my blog.

The time is quarter to one , January 07, 2008.

Happy birthday to me!

Myke and Andrew


Andrew in Mambukal... standing in the hot spring

Angel in Mambukal... in the Lagoon

Blogs from Friendster Series- Phonethics 1&2

GOODBYE my N70 You will be Missed!!!.. Phonethics 1

I am a gadget person, though not the high end type of gadgets but gadgets still. Last 2006, I purchased my N70 (5th cellphone I bought that year- N3230,N3315,N3210, Alcatel C651) last december 2006 for 18k. I was actually thinking of buying a laptop that time but decided on getting a 3G phone instead. I really liked the gadget. Aside from its 2.0 meg back camera with flash, I like the front VGA cam which I used as a mirror most of the time. That phone and I shared a lot of moments. Its was there when the love of life stayed with me in cebu. When I had laughters and tears in our outings and team excusions. It was always taken cared of...

But just this December 2007, exactly a year after I got the N70, I decided on getting an Ericsson P990i. I think this phone with all its disadvantages (software problem etc.) would be very useful for me. The primary thing that would be useful is the WiFi. Since our office has its own WiFi connection, I could be on the internet anytime. Though using the connection drains its batteries like hell.

Oh well, new year new phone... so to my N70- Goodbye, good luck, see yah hurt feelings! You will definitely be missed.

The Dynamic Duo... Phonethics 2

Ive been so fascinated with gadgets, though sometimes I am not able to purchase the really expensive ones I try to get those who are very effective as well as useful. The history of this fascination may actually have been caused by deprivation (Psychologist self, kicking in...) when I was young. When I was in college and I was earning from all of those part-time event organizing and marketing/production jobs, I was able to purchase some of the stuffs that I really want, namely toys...

My first fone was a Nokia 5110i, not really the high end one, but we are talking year 1999, so it was the time that this model came out...and it cost me about 7000 pesos just to buy this primitive contraption.

The next was a Nokia 6610, which boasted its infrared connectivity...

The third was a 3315, followed by the first ever colored phone by nokia, 3350 if I am not mistaken...

After that I upgraded to N3220, my first camera phone which I purchased as a graduation gift for myself. When I worked in Cebu 2006, I gave myself a 3230 as a gift and bought also an Alcatel C651 for my sun sim 3 months later. December of 06, I bought my N70 as a christmas gift.

Recently, two oh-oh eight, december- I got a Sony Ericsson P990i as a gift for myself, this is a cool phone since it actually boasts WiFi connectivity, very efficient and useful especially in school where we have a WiFi connection.

And here are the finalists.... N3230, SEP990i

Blogs from Friendster...Poem

I created a Blog in but since I have a Blogspot account now, I will be transferring all my rantings in this page. Like this poem I wrote when I was bored and hurt in a very happy yet unsuccessful relationship, this poem is entitled...

When the Heart Sings Pain

In the Loneliness of the Night

as the Heavens cry

Tears fell to the ground like rain

When the Heart sings Pain

And thunder rolled atop the hills

in the eerie silence

Deaf ears hear hurt in vain

When the Heart sings Pain

And Lightning lit up the sky

in the Darkness tore

Thoughts kept the mind sane

When the Heart sings Pain

In the morning the sun still shine

after the dreaded storm

And the heartaches in time will wane

even after the Heart sang Pain

Iloilo Sinking...Literally!

The weather is gloomy when I left my house in Lapuz. I went to Jaro to Kafe Binalaybay just to visit friends and also to play DOTA. I kept a candle and an incense burning in my altar to halt the fall of rain which is quite effective (well, coupled with some evocation). I reached Jaro plaza and I was informed by the Manong Driver that jeepneys are not able to go to CPU area because of the flood. I checked the jeepney and it was high enough to withstand below the knee waters, but still the driver stopped in the plaza.

I walked towards CPU in a street called Lopez Jaena and I was shocked that the murke brown waters were actually above the knee. I continued on walking to the location of the Kafe and I was amazed how the water actually reached this deep. There were rapids and a lot of cascading little waterfalls in that long strip of what was formerly known as a street, now its just plain and simple puddle.

Iloilo City is indeed low since it is just on the sea level or even lower, however seeing your payslip every month with all those deductions on taxes makes you wonder where the hell are these taxes going? The city officials should focus on these matters at hand and not have their faces posted on other mundane and useless billboards around the city, 2010 is still two years away.

Let me tell you a story that happened in our humble place in Brgy. Don Esteban in Lapuz. Since Lapuz is a low area and we are literally surrounded with fish ponds, it is expected that the place will flood during rainy days. Five years ago, our place do not experience floods as it does now. There might be a little water outside our lot, going to the ponds but now, the water enters our home. We cemented our Kitchen and elevated our house but still water now enters the house especially during continuous rain fall.

The government should act on this right now and not spend their time on useless squabbling and debates. Act now for today and not on the advancement of your personal interests. You are public servants and not celebrities endorsing products. Please sort out your priorities and understand that Ilonggos are now intelliegent (or so it seems, if they are not acting stupid coz of your money) voters and we will make sure that you will be left swimming in the watering hole you allowed us to sink into.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Project Juan and Counting

A lot of us are into music. Well personally I am into it since I was with the church choir for almost ten years now. I started with the Our Lady of Fatima Parish Youth Ministry (OLOFPYM) last 1998 singing in the church of Fatima in Lapuz, Iloilo City. I was trained by should I say competent singers and choir masters, after a few months I am singing Tenor in the choir. I really used this skill when I entered the university since this was my source of tuition as a member of the University Choir. Well enough with my musical background, let me tell you about a band that I stumbled on Kafe Binalaybay during one of my bumming times in my friend's Kafe.

Im talking about a band called Project Juan, initially I thought their name was Project 1 but the lead singer corrected me as he sent me a friendster message that it was actually Juan as in the Filipino's beloved tagname to our people. This upcoming band had their share of the limelight as they are singing in the Kafe and just recently when they sang in the Atrium during the Mother's Day celebration.

The band is made up of college students from various universities and colleges around the city, though some of them are currently graduates. This band's music ranges from slowrock, to pop, to some revivals.

Some of the members are skilled with the instruments they are wielding especially Frankster who is manning the beatbox, yet very adept in playing the Base and Lead Guitars, and Ogie who plays Base.

Well enough said, here is Project Juan in one of their performances at Kafe Binalaybay. Anybody interested to get these guys, just send me a message or text. +639185266774, +639225269603.

Here are the members of the band...

Ben on Vocals

Ogie on Base

Mike on Lead Guitar

Bentong on Acoustics

Frankster on the Beatbox

surprise Guest Von...

Other Band Pics: