Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blogs from Friendster Series- Phonethics 1&2

GOODBYE my N70 You will be Missed!!!.. Phonethics 1

I am a gadget person, though not the high end type of gadgets but gadgets still. Last 2006, I purchased my N70 (5th cellphone I bought that year- N3230,N3315,N3210, Alcatel C651) last december 2006 for 18k. I was actually thinking of buying a laptop that time but decided on getting a 3G phone instead. I really liked the gadget. Aside from its 2.0 meg back camera with flash, I like the front VGA cam which I used as a mirror most of the time. That phone and I shared a lot of moments. Its was there when the love of life stayed with me in cebu. When I had laughters and tears in our outings and team excusions. It was always taken cared of...

But just this December 2007, exactly a year after I got the N70, I decided on getting an Ericsson P990i. I think this phone with all its disadvantages (software problem etc.) would be very useful for me. The primary thing that would be useful is the WiFi. Since our office has its own WiFi connection, I could be on the internet anytime. Though using the connection drains its batteries like hell.

Oh well, new year new phone... so to my N70- Goodbye, good luck, see yah hurt feelings! You will definitely be missed.

The Dynamic Duo... Phonethics 2

Ive been so fascinated with gadgets, though sometimes I am not able to purchase the really expensive ones I try to get those who are very effective as well as useful. The history of this fascination may actually have been caused by deprivation (Psychologist self, kicking in...) when I was young. When I was in college and I was earning from all of those part-time event organizing and marketing/production jobs, I was able to purchase some of the stuffs that I really want, namely toys...

My first fone was a Nokia 5110i, not really the high end one, but we are talking year 1999, so it was the time that this model came out...and it cost me about 7000 pesos just to buy this primitive contraption.

The next was a Nokia 6610, which boasted its infrared connectivity...

The third was a 3315, followed by the first ever colored phone by nokia, 3350 if I am not mistaken...

After that I upgraded to N3220, my first camera phone which I purchased as a graduation gift for myself. When I worked in Cebu 2006, I gave myself a 3230 as a gift and bought also an Alcatel C651 for my sun sim 3 months later. December of 06, I bought my N70 as a christmas gift.

Recently, two oh-oh eight, december- I got a Sony Ericsson P990i as a gift for myself, this is a cool phone since it actually boasts WiFi connectivity, very efficient and useful especially in school where we have a WiFi connection.

And here are the finalists.... N3230, SEP990i

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