Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Drawing the Blessings

It is really difficult to live our lives here in this world. I mean, this reality is one of the most static there is. Magick is limited to the acceptance of the people in a locality, its potency is dependent on those who believe it works. 

In our modern society where the belief in esotericism is slowly reviving, the age old beliefs and universal laws are slowly creeping back into the mainstream. I think the first one which became "accepted" is the "Law of Attraction". 

There are a lot of books, videos, manuals, online posts released and published regarding this law. There were best sellers, home videos which made money for the authors and creators of these merchandise. They were the first who benefited from the Law of Attraction. 

I will try to do this too- draw blessing to my life. I will gather pictures of things I want and post it on my "I WANT" wall inside my room. But what do I really want for this year... let me see.

1. A NEW NIKKOR LENS- 50mm/35mm f1.8G

I need this for my Cosplay Photoshoots... I will get one of these within the year. 

I know that the universe loves me and the God and the Goddess is always helping me out so I want all of these by next year so I could start my Photography business. 


I know this really depends on me but a little push from the Gods would really go a very long way... I want a Happy and Healthy life! 


Call me power hungry but as a student of the occult and a hunter of knowledge, it is my aim to be very powerful in the Craft. I pray for power but I also ask for MORE Wisdom to use my skills wisely. 


More Travel for me please... I have a pending vacation by next year, which is a very big risk for me. I want more travels either locally or abroad! 

More money for my Family. I need a promotion/salary increase to provide more money for my family.I also NEED More money so i can have our house fixed... :)

I know that have the ability to manifest these. I will manifest these things and this would happen within the year. I know with the help of the Gods, I will have these things in my life. 

So MOTE it Be!

Photos from the Internet. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

An august August

I haven't been able to post anything lately. You could say that I was in hiatus for the past month and a half. July had been a hard month where I was kinda busy with myself, my work, Cosplay, Arcana, my Path and everything in between. 


Nothing new really. I was just sick a couple of times- cough and colds caused by my allergic rhinitis. I had some rashes too caused by eating 7 sticks of fried Isaw. I really need to make my body stronger, even reinforced by magick. I am not yet ready to meet an old friend. I also attended Kadayawan Festival and though it is called the King of Festivals, it does not compare to our very own Dinagyang. I just hope my DavaoeƱo friends could experience it. I am also glad that Nikon Philippines finally started having some events here in Davao. I joined the contest for the first time and I screwed up. I submitted the wrong picture as my entry.


Work is still the same. The tasks though are getting boring and boring. I am so fed-up with the stagnation and the chance of promotion is slim at best. The only thing that is diverting this burnout is my task with the Newsletter. Though this is not really helping. I have aired my concerns to my manager and to the HR Supe, I hope I get to hear good feedback soon. My motivation is really waning, like the moon. I am trying to be very optimistic about things, but still this is eating up my patience. The promised annualization increase is still in limbo, I wont believe it unless I see the documents. 



Just to give everyone an update. There were a couple of Cosplay events here in Davao last July. These was of course still organized by Ambox- Brother's Cosplay and Davao Cyber Expo. This is why I love working with Ambox because they let me relive my Events Organizing Days in Iloilo. 

Cosplay is the only thing that I look forward too. I know that I am not competing. Damn, I am not even a good Cosplayer, but this gives me the opportunity to practice my photography and join events too. 

I am looking forward for the MCS- Mindanao Cosplay Summit, since DCE and Torch are done. I am also excited to go to Gen San and Cagayan de Oro for their MCS leg. This will happen within this month for GenSan and Sept for CDO. 

I also have a new set of costume, I am cosplaying a professor from Ragnarok. Reminiscing the days of Order of the Holy Cross with my professor- Charlotte Luna Aelius, Scribe of the OHC. 


What's new with Arcana? For the past month and a half, we already discussed some things that are very essential in the development of our Novices. The group is growing slowly, but steady. We already discussed some theories of magick and philosophy and later (August 21) Theology. We also devised advanced training programs to those interested- Discipulus and Adeptus (Secundus and Tertius). The Novices are not allowed to join this yet. We have received requests for questing, however, since the group is not yet ready for field work due to lack of training, we will delay this.


I am still as steady as a tightrope cyclist when it comes to my Path. I relocated my altar to a more private spot in my room. We also celebrated the Feast of Hekate (August 13) and I honored the feast of Lughnasadh (Aug 1) alone. I also acquired some books for my collection. As I have said, I am a "Hunter of Knowledge" and I will do all I can to expand mine. 

In the coming weeks, I promise to write as much stuff I can here. Starting off probably with the MCS in GenSan with Ambox. Ill be a photographer for the event. I'll also try to join the Project X pictorial, or just start the pictorial with my Cosplay group Minato. I really do not know what will happen. The only thing I need to do is make sure that I can sustain the enthusiasm, the energy and the will to continue this. 

Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Sutherland Picture, Kadayawan and AMBOX Logo are from the internet