Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Funny and Relatively Exciting Valentine...

Valentines day is supposed to be romantic and fun with sugar coated oatmeal cookies and high calories chocolates with thorny long-stemmed roses...right?

My valentines day has none of these things, well you could say that it has chicharon and dried mangoes from Cebu (thanks Tina!!!). I was informed that my People Support friends will be going to Bacolod Valentines day, so I set my schedule also to be free during that time.

So fearing that I will be alone during that day, I commissioned a blind date by posting to all of these friend networking services on the net (Friendster, Facebook and the likes...including those not so wholesome sites). I managed to booked somebody for a meeting on that date.

Fast Forward to pre-Valentine Friday, February the 13th. I knew that some of my Korean Students also wishes to travel to Bacolod during that day and as an ever loving tutor to these tourists, I obliged myself to accompany them, sacrificing the idea of having a date on Valentines.

February 14 AM. I finished my class in the other school that I'm teaching and I rushed to the dormitory of my students. We left for Bacolod 12:15 via Supercat and we arrived in Bacolod almost an hour n 15 minutes after. The weather is very grim.

We went to SM City and we had some Lunch. After lunch we checked in Check Inn near the old City hall, the price of the hotel was not expensive. The rooms also looked OK as we were given rooftop rooms. After resting a little, I advised my students to roam around SM City while I go buy my candles from a supply shop near the Market. It is also one of my priorities in my to do list. After I bought the candles, I ruhed to SM City and meet my Bacolod Based friends, though we haven't stayed together longer since I have to rush and meet my Cebu friends.

My Bestfriend Tina told me that we will go to VIllamonte for a dinner in her Granmas house. I hade them picked me up from my hotel and we rode for about an hour to their place...the food was very good and her family very warm.

After dinner we went back to the city and I dropped by the Casino since my students had their dinner their. We went to Korean Grille Bar in Lacson and I met also the owner Christine, who was an old friend. After a few hours, Jenny, Tina, Jumps, Victor, Arnel and the rest of the Cebu peeps also joined us for a drink. My Students also mingled with them and we planned for the Mambukal Trip the next day.

Sunday, we left around 9 AM to go to Mambukal Resort- an inland resort with falls, pools and hot springs. We toured the resort, took pictures, had lunch and dipped oursleves in the relaxing hot spring. After a couple of hours dipping we went back to Bacolod City since we will have to ride the last trip to Iloilo at 5:15.

I waited for some of my Bacolod Friends to meet me, however only Gloomy came to the port. He gave a stuffed head... hehehehehe...

Upon arriving in Iloilo City, my students treated me for dinner in a Korean Resto saying that it is part of the Korean Tradition to celebrate after a succesful trip. We ate Sam Gyup Sal and Drank Soju s well as indulged myself in a variety of side dishes like Kimchi, spicy pork, and spicy Bean Curd Soup...

Check all the other pics in my Facebook Album: Bacolod Gathering... Search for my Facebook name: Bane Serpentmoon...k?

With events like this happening... who needs a date?

The Week That Was...

I haven't written on my blog for quite sometime, since my PC's network card was once again broken. There are many things that transpired this week. Some are happy news, some are sad, mostly...boring.

First to the sad news first, I would like to give my condolences to one of my friend... Polter, Novus of the Ordo Intra Circularis whose granddad passed away. I was in Leon to attend the funeral, and I find their hometown a very charming place. I also know their priest and Polter's family was marvelous...I really enjoyed my stay. The town also has a very archaic church which I took alot of pictures featured in my facebook.

Happy News? My bestfriend Roushan Tolouie is now officially a Nurse... she was one of the 39 thousand plus hopefuls who passed the dreaded NLE or Nursing Licensure Examination. only a meager 39% passed the exam.... I would ask for a burger treat...but Lala already treated me...hahahah COngrats Lalagirl!!!

My Facebook Addiction:

Facebook is now my official favorite Networking Service, which when I searched for people with exact same name s I have, I got 20 pages... (ow..Sh!t!!!) My real name was really very common... at least I know I am everywhere...from Portugal, to Spain, South America and the US and London, etc... Plus, I got to see my long lost and still missing cousins in the UK and US. Cousins, were still alive here in the Philippines!!!

More to Come Soon!!!