Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Fires of Imbolc

The wheel has turned again. In the first stirring of life, the seeds and plants are preparing for spring. Imbolc is the feast of the Goddess Brighid, who is also known by many names and titles. She is also the Goddess of Healing, Inspiration and Poetry, Crafts and a Warrior Goddess at the same time. 

This is Arcana's first Sabbat for 2013. We traveled to Sta. Cruz to celebrate this Sabbat in a resort, almost an hour from Davao City. Aside from the celebration of the Sabbat, we considered this moment a bonding time for the members of the Group. 

As Imbolc is a celebration of planning, we also laid out some of the upcoming plans of our Order for the year. We also made corn dollies to symbolize the Maiden Goddess. During the feast we lit candles inside the room and discussed the history of the Sabbat. We also discussed some of the lore of the celebration and the story of Brighid. 

After the Sabbat, we had our DADA practicum and discussion. 

Present in the celebration:

Erebus, Discipulus Tertius
Windstorm, Adeptus Secundus
Laire, Novus Sodalis
Jasher, Discipulus Tertius
Karl, Novus Sodalis