Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cosplay Idols

My friend Jei was into Cosplays. He attended some events in Manila where he get to dress up characters he like in an occation. But those things were stories from the past, and when I say past let's say that it was years ago.

I love to dress up characters too- I dressed up as a punk-modern, urban sorcerer in a Gothic Party in 2001. I also dressed up as a Magus from House Tremere, Order of Hermes-Mage the Ascension game (Halloween 2005), a Horwarts Griffindor student in a Halloween Party (2006) and a Bad Ass pirate in our Christmas ball (2010). After all these years, I never thought that my fascination in dressing up as your favorite character would be very famous. We even planned out to have a Bleach cosplay in my former company where I planned to dress up as Jubantai-taicho Hitsugaya Toushiro. With the advent of a lot of Cosplay stiff- contact lenses, wigs, costumes; cosplaying is easier now compared to doing it years ago.

When I was browsing through the manga sites looking for the newest episode of Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Witch Hunter, Ao No Exorcist and Novus Karma when I looked for pictures of my favorite Fairy Tail character- Gray Fullbuster... then I saw this guy...

JayEm Sison id from LA who's doing Cosplays for fun. To think that a Filipino would look great when acting out a Manga/Anime character is fascinating. Then, it came to my mind that I would probably list all the Cosplayers I like... and I WILL meet them all in the future... when I become a Famous, Professional Fashion Photographer...

The First one is again JayEm Sison- buffiest, sexiest Gray Fullbuster ever. Filipino but based on LA and he visited Iloilo during one of the Cosplay events there (I'm now based in Davao)- here are some of his costumes- Gilgamesh from Fate: Stay Night, his own Bangis and other characters I do not know...

The Next one is the Cutest pair of Naruto and Sasuke I saw on the internet- Jin Joson and Miguel Mercado. These boys look cute when they are in their "yaoish" mode and are talented Cosplayers individually. They are also well known in the Cosplay circles and has even travelled to the US to showcase their love for this art.

Here are some of Jin and Miguel's Cosplay pics

Espada Numero Seis Grimjow Jaegerjaquez- Kishire Pantera!

Miguel as L from Deathnote

and his emotional depiction of Uchiha Sasuke!

Jin as Espada Numero Quatro- Ulquiorra Cifer: Tosaze Mushushierago

Jin as Kurusaki Ichigo

And finally Jin as the lovable Uzumaki Naruto-kun:

I also love the Davaoeno cosplayer Ace Tolentino...and I NEED to meet him soon too...

For the Ladies, of course there's always my all time fave Alodia Gosengfiao in her myriad costumes... Misa from Deathnote and the Baroness from GI JOE

Another Cosplayer I also like is the team member of Jin and Miguel in their Cosplay Shoots. i believe her name is Kat and I guess i need to research more on her... :)

Kat as Orihime with Jin and Miguel---

I am now 29 years old and as Jin replied on my Tweet... you are not TOO OLD to Cosplay, I am willing to invest just to do this childhood fantasy... I guess I need Ace's help to get me started... I hope other's like Jayem, Jin or Miguel can also help me to start... Alodia is too famous to spend time for her fan... hehehehe...

I want to dress up as Toushiro Hitsugaya in 2006-

and since I'm a skin head now, I'll probably be Madarame Ikakku

I guess I have to start somewhere, right?

Thank you for inspiring me guys, I really appreciate it!

Special thanks to the Deviant Pages of Jayem, Jin, Miguel and Kat for their pix and Google for Alodia, Toushiro and Ikkaku's pics...