Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cosplay Baptism of Fire

I started CosPlaying again. After more than a decade of going out in costume, I started again during the opening of Gamezone in SM City last March 11. I dressed up as a butler and I really participated on the parade and the activities. I also took a lot of pictures of the event.
However, during the Araw ng Davao Outdoor Cosplay event in Victoria Plaza last 18th of March. This time I dressed up as Shizuo Heiwajima, a character from the anime Durarara. During this time, I really had fun and I felt that I was having my second childhood. Eventhough I am 30, I really felt that my heart is still that of a child. This was also my Cosplay Baptism of Fire since I joined the competition, Number 44. Although I didnt really bag any price home, I am satisfied that people could still identify my character and they want to have their picture taken with me.
I am now planning for the CHAIN Cosplay event in General Santos City. I already volunteered to AMBOX for the event. I will go to Gen San on April 13th and will be back in Davao on the 16th. I will still dress up as Shizuo coz i didn't have the time to get a new costume.
This May, there is another Cosplay Event that I want to join. This is the ToyCon in GMALL and during this event, I will dress up as Mystogan from Fairy Tail. I am starting to pool all the items that I need for the character- from the costume and props. It is quite expensive, however as a hobby, you wouldn't really dwell on the expenses. The important thing is, you are doing what you like and you are enjoying it.
I really want to thank my MinATO family for the support! Love you guys!