Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Obligation to the Lares

In the recent days, I have done the required obligation to the Lares in front of the Lararium. I say it is an obligation rather than the usual devotion to the Gods that I was doing daily before. I have read in some articles written about the Cultus Deorum Romanorum, they call the prayers to the Lares, the Manes and the Penates an obligation which should be done whether we like it or not. 

My usual devotion to the Gods before requires honoring the Moon, the Elements, the Gods- Janus and Hekate, the dead, the surog and the abyans. Right now, the requirement of the obligation is to pray in front of the Lararium in the morning and at night before sleep. The Lucerna is lit and incense is burned at the Turibulum. The prayer invokes the Goddess Vesta as the hearth is Her sacred place. In the morning, Janus Matutinus is also invoked to ask guidance and good fortune for the family. After thanking the Gods, the Lar Familiaris are being prayed together with the Divine Penates. Offerings are then given to the Lares in the form of bread and some wine. 

One thing that this obligations taught me is to give utmost respect to the Lararium and the altar. Before, when I approach my altar, I would bow to show reverence to the Gods who are represented at the altar. Right now, whenever I enter my bedroom where the Lararium is located, I would do an adoratio- a salutation that should be done whenever you face or approach sacred places. I would also do the obligation in white garment (I'm using a clean white shirt, specifically for that purpose). I would like to have a tunica or a toga made soon so the rite would really follow what the rituals require. You need to also approach the altar during the rite in capite velato, which literally means a "covered head". I am using a white piece of cloth to do this for now. 

Prior to the rite, the person doing the obligation is required to purify himself with water- to purify his mind, body and heart to be worthy to face the Lares. Prayers are done with your right hand on your chest (your heart), or in the usual mano supina. During the rite, offerings of wine and incense are given to ask the Gods to make your day great in the morning and your rest good at night. 

I am following the rites of the Cultus Deorum Romanorum, though I insert two prayers to honor my God and Goddess- Janus and Hekate. I am planning now to create a shrine to the Lady Hekate Trivia, since the Lararium is Vesta and Janus' altar. I hope I will manage to gather all the stuff that I plan to put on the altar, starting with the plaster statue of the Goddess. 

That's all for now. Illecet!

-the pic for Capite Velato form the internet-