Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Great Samhain

The Hallowmas, a time of the year most sacred to Witches. This is the last and the final harvest of the crops and the storing of the food for the coming winter. It is said that during this night the Veil that divides the world is at its thinnest allowing spirits of our departed to walk amongst us again. In the old world it is also believed that there are Pathways open during this night as the Shining Ones or the Sidhe roams the land this night. The way to the spirit realms would also be open allowing some mortals to wander blindly into the world of the Spirit.

Samhain is also celebrated by the lighting of the candles to commemorate the passing of our loveones to the next life. To fulfill the cycle of death and rebirth as well as the journey to the realm of the dead. It is said that during this sacred night the departed loveones would come visit us in our homes that's why we need to prepare a feast for them to eat. In the Philippines,, the remembrance of the dead happens November 1 where the kakanins are very popular and prepared by the old ladies in the family. The visit to the cemetary is also practiced as this is the time that we could visit our departed family members.

The High Sabbat of Samhain is the New Year for Witches and this time is when we prepare and bless all the candles that will be used for the next year. Candles prepared this night are said to be more potent when used in rituals and spells. A Night of Magick, it is also the best time to connect with the power of the earth and give in to the wisdom of the spirits.

Blessed Samhain, everyone!

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