Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Of Fitness and Laziness

It has been more than a month that I never even bothered going back to the gym. That's why I feel I am growing huge again in my midsection. Being in the gym is really wonderful, aside from having a place where i could get rid of stress, it would give a very nice side-effect- becoming fit. I am planning to go back to Star Slimmers, though I think not within this month though since I still have some things that I am so busy with. I don't worry that much though, Ill give myself just a month and I will be back to my old self....


The Night of Samhain was very mystical as the first glimpse of the Cresent appeared in the sky....Diana's Brow. However, this night of magick became also a night of frustration since the planned event was a disaster. I tried to invite people and expected members of the Paranormal Society of Iloilo will show themselves in the party. Some have logical excuses, others unexcusable at all.

Though the party is literally dead, and I also spent and covered 1200 pesos for the food, the only consolation that I got was the presence of the gods. The party is not swell, and the ritual that took place was not really that grand, however I could feel the tingle of the Divine's presence in the simple circle that we created. I even presided as the Mystae of the Rite.

I hope this thing will not happen and with this I was thinking about dissolving PSI for the reason that no one is even giving their time for the group (though some do). Drastic measures will be done to those people who promised but didn't deliver. Let the punishment equal the retribution!

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