Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Uchusentai Noiz will Rock Davao

Uchusentai Noiz, the visual kei rock band known for their unique rendition of the song "Narda" will hit Davao in a series of concerts on September 7, 8 and 9, 2012. 

The group, made up of Yamato, Kyo, Angel-Taka, Kotaro and Masato will entertain us with their own unique kind of music. 

They will perform in City Live Bar, the former Station 91 on the 7th and tickets are sold at 250 and 150 pesos for both the standard and the premiere. Discounts will also be given to students who wish to see this Japanese band in action. 

The Saturday and Sunday event will be in SM City and these series of concerts are free for all. My group MINATO (Mindanao Anime and Toys Organization) will also offer our assistance in the Cosplay related activities prepared during these dates. There will be a Cosplay Cafe, Costrips, Dress up like Uchusentai contest and many more. I hope to attend this event and document it. Everyone, Cosplayers or non-Cosplayers are invited to experience the music of Uchusentai Noiz. 

Again this event is done with the assistance of AMBOX Events. The group responsible of giving us grandiose Cosplay events like the Mindanao Cosplay Summit (upcoming Cagayan de Oro leg on the 16th of September and in Davao in October) and the Davao Cyber Expo. 

I'm glad to have worked with AMBOX with these kind of projects. Hope there's still more to come!  

photos from the internet- AMBOX Facebook Page