Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Cosplay or Costume Play is one of the new hobbies i got interested in. I mean, it's not really new since my friends and I are doing this way back in early 2000 when we used to attend parties in costumes. We used to dress up as wizards and Goth people, magicians and some anime characters and then roam the city in these costumes.
Here in Davao, I made some really good friends from the CosPlay community- the first one I was introduced was Ace, which I actually included in my previous posts. I also happened to meet Jack, Gee, Peter and Tomi- all cosplayer friends and are one of my inspirations to Cosplay.
I also happen to meet Tacosen- Tagum Cosplay Enthusiasts, a group of young people who invested time and money to Cosplay. I met some of the officers of this group including Peewee, their "leader".
Last Saturday, I attended the screening and team building of MinATO- Mindanao Anime and Toys Organization, which is a Cosplay/Anime/Toys group here from Davao. We met in People's Park and we had games and activities.
I met Prince, one of the group leaders online in TaCosEn's chatroom. He invited me to join their group and I acted as their photographer. I really like this group coz the people are friendly. They are also very warm and welcoming, which I really like. I have a lot of projects in mind for this group and I hope that everything will just be okay with them.
This March 18, during Araw ng Dabaw, I will have my first CosPlay after 12 years. I already bought some stuffs that I need- wigs, vest, and other parts of the costume. I will play- Shizuo Heiwajima, a character from Durarara, a very interesting anime. I think I am ready though I have some worries because one I am old (older), I have a dark complexion and I'm kinda shy. Anyway, I will update this blog with what happened on the event.
See you!