Friday, January 16, 2009

Of Blackouts and Jurassic PC

My Blog is sleeping for a few weeks (or maybe a month) now. I have a lot of things to write, however there are circumstances that prevented me from writing. Let me enumerate them...

1. My PC which is an archaic excuse of a personal computer dies a lot. It had been many times that my baby disappointed me especially when it is time for me to write tests and encode grades. In my almost one year of using her, she died a lot of times already, right now she has Alzheimers and she tends to forget that she has a system she can use to run. Though she forgets all the time and she hangs or reboot. Time to put her into retirement.

2. PECO- Panay Electric Company, the notorious and ruthless company that supplies power to the whole of Iloilo City. Not only that they charge one of the highest in the country (probably the highest), they have bad customer service and they made it a habit to turn off the power most of the time.

3. Career- My career has always been erratic, being a teacher is a dream thought the pay stinks. A lot of work is being shove down our throats but the pay is very little... it can't even pay the money I use to enrol myself in the Graduate School.

4. Family- My family doesn't really literally take my time, however worrying about them takes a chunk of my time as well. Thinking how to give them assistance financially took a lot from me, especially in the thinking side.

Right now, the electricity in the house was cut-ff probably returned this week...I promise that I will write something in my blog soon. I also prepared a band-aid for my precious PC and I hope she will be in working condition when the juice comes up....


picture from the net...