Friday, April 9, 2010

Thinking about Things...

Thinking of what is happening here in Davao... in our company and our account, makes me think really hard... The city is becoming more and more interesting because I have some people that I can go with everywhere. My plan is to go to towns outside Davao City. Just to travel and take pictures.

I hope I get to meet other people here in Davao that are really interesting. Especially those people who has the same interest with me.


Monday, April 5, 2010

From Samal with Love

After 6 months of staying here in Davao, I finally got to go to Samal Island. It is a tourist destination here in the area with white sand beaches and fancy resorts. It is an hour ride from the city via ferry.

Last Easter Sunday, I finally decided to head there. Without any plan or anything, I just went to R. Magsaysay wharf and purchased a ticket. The ticket to Kaputian is 50 pesos one way, and the "lantsa" that we rode left after an hour or more. There are specific time that the boat will leave for the island.

At around 1PM, we arrived at Kaputian wharf. The place sad to say did not really met my expectations since I have been to a lot of really beautiful beaches- Boracay, Guimaras, Bantayan island and some others I cannot remember. The sand in Kaputian is not really "maputi" and the place is also dirty with plastic bags scattered around the beach.

The resort that we went was cute though. It has a lot of cottages (huts) and the place is really affordable. The water is also great, however the problem was the depth. It is really very deep even if it is just a few meters from the shore.

There were also some people selling souvenirs inside the resort and at a very affordable price. it's cute and really inexpensive.

Around 3PM, the vendor told us that if we wanna go home we need to register and buy tickets because the ferry boats are quite limited and would leave for Davao at a scheduled time. We failed to get aboard the boat that leaves at 3:30 but we managed to get on the 4PM special trip.

The 4PM special trip went to Sta. Ana wharf in Talikod Island and we dropped by Isla Reta. This is nice since we have the chance to see other resorts, the thing is, the trip took a lot of time though,

The trip was fulfilling since I took a lot of pictures and I was also with some friends. A very memorable trip indeed.