Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hekate's Supper

Hekate, one of the most ancient and powerful Goddess in Classical Mythology. She is the three-headed Goddess of the Crossroads and Transitions. Hekate have been my Matron Goddess since before, as the Lady of my life She revealed Herself to me in a lot of ways.

Hekate has many aspects- the Terrible One, The Three-Form, The Lady of the Pathways, the Lady of the Night, Mistress of Magick, Queen of Witches, etc.

Hekate's sacred day is the Dark of the Moon, the end of the Month and August 13. As a Childe of Hekate, I prepared the Supper for the Lady. I prepared round cakes, honey, garlic, egg, cheese, and the apple added to symbolize the Goddess. I left this Supper at the crossroad where three roads meet, gave thanks and say my supplication to my Goddess.

This is a personal Supplication I want to share to all who walks the same Path as I am...

Gradiano Hekate, Nocticula. La signora della notte, Ill Camminatore dei percosi, mistress del saggio. Li imploriamo in supplication humble, camminata con noi nella strada trasversale. Conducali nella strada di magia. Autorizzili nella nerezza e diaci la resistenza...