Friday, December 30, 2011


I searched the Internet for characters that would fit my looks and easy to CosPlay for a "first-timer" like me... Here are the characters I planned to Cosplay...

#1 RUDE From FF7

Reason: We have the same skin tone, moustache and goatee and he is easy to CosPlay.

#2 Yazu from Nana- He is easy to Cosplay. Props are easy to find and the costume is easy to acquire.

#3: Tsukamo Nishino from Gintama- As a first timer, i would go for easy characters to portray with less props and not so complicated costumes.

#4 Giichi From Blade of the Immortal- Props are manageable, the costume is not that complicated.

#5 Madarame Ikkaku- I really want to CosPlay him, but since I do not have the time to really do it and I am ashamed to CosPlay, it was always delayed...

Runners Up are (simple to Complicated) the following which I plan to really CosPlay within the year or two...

Cid from FF10

Ermita from Claymore

Borma from Ghost in the Shell

Seth from King of Fighters

Choi from King of Fighters

Bart (Bald) from VanDread

Faust from GGX

Dian Wei from Dynasty Warriors

and the most complicated for me...

Zasalamel from Soul Calibre

I just hope that my new Cosplayer Friends would help me with this... Huhuhuhu!