Friday, March 15, 2013

A Powder of Dust

I always want to travel around the region. Mindanao is always a mystery to me and it's something that I wish to explore in my stay here. My travels became something very reachable when I was moved to the HR-Sourcing Team. In our goal to look for Sr. Consultants for our Travel Account, we have scoured the entire Mindanao area to provide people for Sutherland. 

Just today I have traveled to Valencia City Bukidnon for a Job Fair. This is my first time to stop in Bukidnon and stay here for a day. I was not able to sleep a bit since I need to travel to Valencia City for the Mountain View College Job Fair. I left Davao City around 4 in the morning and I rode this read bus bound for Cagayan de Oro. Since it is a "4-Stop" bus, it took me almost 5 hours and a half to reach Valencia. I went directly to the City Hall and started the interviews. It was a tiring day and the wind is soo strong. There are documents flying around the venue. Luckily, the breeze is cool and it really minimized the heat in the covered court. 

I interviewed quite a lot today and after a very exhausting day, I looked for a place to stay in Valencia. It then occurred to me to experience traveling to Malaybalay, the capital city of Bukidnon. I tried to ask around on how to reach Malaybalay. I looked for a bus to ride, but the terminal is quite far from the place. I rode this Multicab to Malaybalay and the trip took me about 1 hour and a half instead of the usual 45 minutes. 

The sights on the road are gorgeous, you can see endless stretch of farm lands from the side of the road to the horizon. The mountains are also very magnificent as they are bathe in the yellow light of the setting sun. There were also a lot of plantations and processing plants, I just hope that they wont destroy nature as modernization does to nature. 

There was this long stretch of very dusty road where we waited for the signal light. The road is very dusty and I literally dust off sand from my pants. The driver drove his jeep too fast that it left my eyes with dust and powdered my cheek with sand. It was around 7PM when I reached Malaybalay and I rented a room in this Inn infront of the Plaza. I will post the pics soon. 

Resting here in my room in Malaybalay and healing my tired body and mind.