Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Street Fashion Shots

I watched some of the episode of Gossip Girl and I got kinda hooked. The conflicts and the drama between people who are relatives, who are lovers, exes, cousins who are sisters, etc. The main thing that hooked me up is the high end fashion of Manhattan.

Though I will never be able to par Carrie Bradshaw's insight in fashion or Gossip girl's keen eye for intrigues, at least there is something that I could post about and talk about... fashion.

Since I am not and will never be a fashion Icon and my style is troll at best, my eye for beauty and patterns would help me identify good clothes and great buys. Since I am not a person who spends money to buy signature clothes (I wear what's affordable but nice looking), I want to write and talk about street fashion here in Davao. Probably some usual clothes you see people wear. Comfy and stylistic at the same time.

Starting now, I will look for people with really good taste and feature them in my blog. I would also look for places where people can buy great clothes at a low price. As long as it is affordable, comfy and nice looking, you might be the one I am looking for.

xoxo for now... (though I do not know what this means)

- CaeL-

Photo from the internet