Sunday, May 24, 2009

Po-Po-Po-Poker Face: A Memoire!

It was a tiring day, I prepared to go home and rest for a while since Saturday was the last day of work. I have packed my bag, locked the office and began to walk with Karen, a staff in our office.

I texted my friends, even called some of them just to have someone to meet up, talk to and relax with. However that day, nobody seems to be in my reach. I contacted Mary Ann, and she told me that she was at her house doing the event that Portal Events and Productions has in schedule today- it was a Poker Tournament.

I went to their house in Villa, that's in Villa Darroca and I went to the pavilion where the event is taking place. There are participants already gathering in a Vegas inspired tournament complete with dealing tables, dim lights and poker chips. I met up some of my long "lost" friends that I have not seen for quite sometime and we bonded together.... I have also partaked some of their sponsors... heheheheh. Siopao and Fab for dinner not bad for a guy on diet isn't it? Anyway here's some pics!

The Poker Tournament sponsored by PEP happens every 2nd Saturday of the Month... leave a message for inquiries!