Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cebu and Back Again...

I never expected to be back in Cebu... well not this early. I am expecting to get this new job, but I never expected to get the perks with it. Last April 20th, I went to Cebu... three days earlier than our supposed Training trip. So the night of Walpurga, I was in a ship bound for Cebu.

I arrived early morning of Beltane. After I said goodbye to the people I knew on the ship, I went directly to Lahug with my pasalubongs. I ate breakfast at the carinderia of Ate Luz, the place where I ate for the longest time that I am in Cebu. It was nostalgic eating the same food that I ate since I was there 2 years ago especially dishes with the "Pink" Bagoong. I also visited the house where I stayed in last 2006-2007. Well some of the boarders are still there and I chatted with my old land lady.

I called up my bestest friend Tina and I asked for her address. I was just lucky that she allowed me to stay in their house for the entire three days that I do not have a place to stay. Her house is in White Hills in Banawa, well it took me some time to reach her house, but I successfully located her house and I climed a hill just to reach it.

May 01

It was late afternoon of Friday when we went out to mover around the city. I visited People Support and the IT Park and I was surprised to see a lot of new buildings there. I also visited the SPA of Tina's sister Amor- Subtle Zen Spa in One Mango Mall in Mango Ave. We had Jollibee TLC Burger, Fries and Large Coke for Dinner. I also have a massage in the Spa, which was a very relaxing experience. We drank beer and then we're off to bed.

May 02

Saturday was again wonderful. We went to Ayala and SM City afternoon of Saturday and I got to visit a lot of bookstores. It was bad that I didn't get to buy a lot of books. Saturday night was also party time. I went to a bar named Doce, and I got to meet some old friends who are now staying in Cebu. Borj and Archel were there along with their special someones. I got to meet new friends as well, new aggressive friends.... I had a very memorable time.

May 03

Sunday is Pacquiao Day, and since his fight was finished very early we got to be invited in one of my newfoundfriend's house. Videoke and Redhorse was the name of the game. Around 6 PM, I went to Parkmall and met Sparrowhawk and other forum people from After some chat, we went to the SPA and I went home to Tina's house.

May 04

I woke up early and I picked up Karen from the port. We went to Call Center Academy to report for the job. We checked in at the Guesthouse, changed into our business attire and went back to the office. We observed the office operations and after that we went to IT Park after office.

May 05

We woke up early and went to the office early Tuesday morning. I was asked to do a demo in one of the classes and man, that was very hard. Especially since my accent is quite far from the expected American Accent. Our boss treated us to dinner at Golden Cowrie resto and after that I was asked by Sparrowhawk to read his mother and sister-in-law. I used the money to get a very lovely massage from my favorite therapist at the Spa. I also get to drink Gilbeys Green ICe Tea flavor. Karen and I are drunk, that's the reason I only slept for an hour.

May 06

Last day in Cebu, we still went to office and we got ready to go home. We brought a box of chocolate cringles and some papers. After we bought pasalubongs, we headed to the port and we sailed back to Iloilo.

The Cebu experience was very wonderful. I am even thinking of going back to that wonderful City since there are a lot of companies there that I could work. All in due time, all in due time...