Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Boring... again!

Life is really boring, sometimes that it makes you think about spending your life elsewhere, away from this reality and world. Boring could be defined as the absence of something good to do. Something exciting and challenging to do, luckily I have friends that support me in times of these boring visitations.

The school is quite boring now, since a lot of students are gone. A lot of batches are done and the other classroom is empty, echoes now are present in the hallway. The classes that I handle right now are okay, aside from the few normal "pain in the ass" students, overall it is fun.

Sometimes, I think about running elsewhere again, dreaming of working and staying in Manila with friends or maybe fly to Thailand or Malaysia with former classmates. Iloilo is becoming boring and boring- no new exciting activities and relationships. Meeting friends too often also makes the relationship sour.

I'm planning to stay in Bacolod, or Cebu or Manila and Baguio with some of my friends, more and more friends moved to either Cebu or Manila, and here I am staying in the backwater town of batchoy.

I will just watch things unfold, Fate is planning something for me, something exciting and new.... and this I gotta see... Ciao!