Friday, September 18, 2009

First Davao Day

I arrived in Davao 9:15 AM via Cebu Pacific where I paid an extra 1000 for my baggage. I was fetched by Michael, Gyudon's hubby. I was brought to the office and then transfered to my dorm. Luckily my dorm has a Wifi connection so I can stay here and log in.

I was invited by Mike for lunch in their restaurant, Takaduma. I was offered gyudon, which is very delicious. The food was very affordable and delicious, since it is really authentic Japanese cooking.

I went next to the the malls near our place. Gaisano Mall, or the G. Mall. It is a big mall where there are four floors. I also visited my friend's dorm, which was a hotel-like house. Too bad it is far and without cable and wifi...hehehehehe...

This is my first day in Davao...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hello Davao...

This is it.... September 18th. Finally the day to fly to Davao is here. I am very excited to go to Davao. It is my first time to travel south.

I heard a lot of good things about Davao: a very big city, with a lot of good sites to explore, great and inexpensive food, very good peace and order, and beautiful people. I was just so lucky to get a job there and I am planning to stay. I am just hoping that everything would go fine... Hello Davao...Iloilo you will be missed!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Last Few Days...

Iloilo has been a wonderful city and I am enjoying my last few days here in the city of love. Things have been memorable in Iloilo. Meeting people and enjoying their company leaves a very nice experience in my mind. Some people worthy of remembering and others not worth mentioning.

My last weekend here in Iloilo was worth mentioning. I spent time with my class, my bestfriends, my students and other people who could actually make me stay in Iloilo however they do not. They know about my wanderlust soul and my insatiable hunger for travelling.

Friday is coming and the Davao trip is fast approaching. I feel scared as well as excited. Scared since this is a new place to explore and I'm excited for the very same reason... I hope that this will be a great experience and a great adventure as well.... Cyah!