Friday, September 18, 2009

First Davao Day

I arrived in Davao 9:15 AM via Cebu Pacific where I paid an extra 1000 for my baggage. I was fetched by Michael, Gyudon's hubby. I was brought to the office and then transfered to my dorm. Luckily my dorm has a Wifi connection so I can stay here and log in.

I was invited by Mike for lunch in their restaurant, Takaduma. I was offered gyudon, which is very delicious. The food was very affordable and delicious, since it is really authentic Japanese cooking.

I went next to the the malls near our place. Gaisano Mall, or the G. Mall. It is a big mall where there are four floors. I also visited my friend's dorm, which was a hotel-like house. Too bad it is far and without cable and wifi...hehehehehe...

This is my first day in Davao...

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