Sunday, April 29, 2012

The New Movement

This week is really crazy. I started the week (Sunday) with looking for a new boarding house and luckily I found one. It has been a few weeks that I was really stressed and I was not able to get a lot of sleep.

I started the week with checking the new place and paying for the room. The room is a beautiful spacious living space with a small living room with sink and a separate bedroom. It has a lot of windows and it allows a lot of air to come in. I even think that I wont really use my AC all the time, unlike the old house.

I also liked the caretakers who are very accommodating and the neighbors. The place is also accessible and just a few meters to the highway. It is also very near the laundry shop that does my clothes. It is also near the carinderia that I have a credit line with.

The place is very affordable. It is only 2000 and I paid one month advance and one month deposit. I was actually thinking that I saved some money, however, I still used up all the money I have to buy the air con socket, the electric breaker, locks, etc. So I ended up paying for everything again.

Finally, after a few days of checking the place and telling the caretaker with specifications to my liking, I finally left the old house. I asked the help of friends to transfer all the things I have from the old room. I have 4 boxes of books, my Cosplay Props, my clothes, my bamboo sofa, my magick box and the appliances.

Last Friday, I finally slept in the old house and it is very comfortable. The place is really very windy and the bed is quite big so it is very comfortable. Now I just want to decorate the house, buy some curtains and other stuff...

Goddess and God Bless our Home!