Monday, May 21, 2012

Dazed and Confused

And here I am wondering about the upcoming Cosplay event in GMall Davao this June 29 and 30. This event is organized by AMBOX and is sponsored by Brother. I already saw the poster and the contests include Anime Singing contest, costume making, Photography and the Cosplay event... I think everyone is ready, and I am not...

I am so stressed because I still do not have any costume to wear. I am thinking of using my new costume for this event, but thinking about the upcoming "major" cosplay competition, I have second thoughts. I am looking at just checking my available wardrobe and just Costrip during the event. So who are the available characters that I could cosplay?

First is my "first" planned Cosplay character- Mattalast Ballory from Library of Bantorra. He is this cool First Class Librarian and one of the 5 strongest agents of Bantorra. He has this ability to see a few seconds in the future, which makes him a very effective and dangerous warrior. He wears a coat and a bowler hat and has brown hair. 

The second character that I wanna do for the Brothers' event is Rude from Final Fantasy. This character is relatively easy since all I need to do is shave my head, wear my black slacks and coat and tie and I am done. All I need to do is look for black gloves and Im all set. 

I guess I better look for other characters to play during the smaller Cosplay events. Im thinking of playing Kaito from Vocaloids in the future too... 

Still confused with the characters to play... 

The Gaga Fever

The recent reaction from the Catholic church regarding Lady Gaga is kinda hilarious. Calling an artist's music as anti Christian an urging everyone to ban her in the country is kinda absurd.

Lady Gaga (I am not a fan) is, how will i say this, very interesting. The way she carries herself, her outrageous and out of this world outfits and her seemingly anti Christian songs and videos got the attention of the ever paranoid Catholic church. 

I believe that Gaga's songs are an expression of the artist and no one has any right to ban it. They are not forced to listen to her music, or to buy her albums, its just that her songs can reach down to peoples hearts.

This is just a very prejudicial comment from the church. They should focus on their issues. They cant do anything about it because Lady Gaga is just born that way...

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