Monday, March 9, 2009

Honoring Ostara

Ostara or the Spring Equinox (March 20-22) is considered to be a sacred day by a lot of Traditions and Religions in the world. It is the Feast of Spring, a time where Pagans from almost every Tradition greets the rising sun.

The Wiccan Sabbat of Spring is sacred to the fertility Goddess mainly Eostre and Ostara where the name of the Sabbat came from. The Saxon Goddess Ostara, is also identified to the Goddesses Ishtar of Babylon, Astarte of Phoenicia, Hathor of Egypt, Demeter of Mycenae, and Aphrodite of Cyprus. Spring is Sacred to the Warrior Goddesses who rides during this night robed in flames with weapons in hand.

This is also the origin of the holy day of Easter which is normally the first Sunday after the first fullmoon following the Vernal Equinox. To the Pagans around the world, it marks the return of Spring- the fertility of animals, crops and humans.

It is also a time of balance- of light and dark and male and female energies of nature. It is also the time of the return of Kore to her mother Demeter, which stands also for the bond between the mother and daughter. The Easter Bunny came from the hare which is sacred to the moon goddess while eggs on the other hand, colored red in ancient times are both symbols of fertility.

To the Pagans and Christians alike, it is the time to make Easter Eggs which can be used for divination. You may draw sacred symbols in the egg and people could get the eggs and relate the colors and symbols to their current situation in their life.

It is also the right time to celebrate the Elusinian mysteries which recounts the story of the Kidnapping of Persephone and the lament of Demeter for her missing daughter.