Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ordo Intra Circularis - 8th Anniversary

The Ordo Intra Circularis, an Order which I founded and organized September 21st of the year 2000 will be celebrating its eighth anniversary. This Order is dedicated in the study of the Occult, Paranormal and Metaphysics. We have studied Occult and Magickal Traditions and is currently continuing to uphold the study of the Traditions.

The Order started as a small group of people which dedicated their time and efforts to learn the mysteries of the universe, the esoteric arts, the magick of the stars. We are comprise of students from different social, economic and spiritual background and we were united by the common desire to learn. Living up to the ideals of the Order- "Vivere, Scitor, Discere" Live, Seek and Learn we focused on studying.

We have attempted to study and document preternatural beings, elementals, hauntings, magickal cases etc. In our 8 years of existing we have met and acquianted with some of the famous Orders, Groups and Covens here in the Philippines.

To the Members of the Order- congratulations and more Power to us!!!

For Knowledge!

In Beneficium pro Scientia,

Lord Felyx Wolfsbane Serpentmoon, AP
Arcessitor, Ordo Intra Circularis
Iloilo City, Philippines

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The Absence of a Muse

I need a Muse Badly.

Before, a lot of stuff enters my head and it gives me a lot of inspiration to write something about anything. Right now, I think I have lost the Muse that inspires me. Or probably, I'm just lonely without love.

Love is a driving force that inspires me to create and write things, I hope I could find my Muse... as soon as possible!