Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Devotion to Her who is All

The Goddess they said is ALL. Nothing yet everything. Faceless yet with many Faces.

The Goddess religion, Wicca is one of the fastest growing religion in the world. Even here in the Philippines, a "Christian" country, Wicca is slowly showing the Filipinos the Path of the Old Ones- the Path of the Wise. This could be attributed to the animistic nature of the Filipinos whose pre-Hispanic beliefs are shamanic in nature. Here plays the Babaylan practices of the Filipinos whose beliefs in the existence of spirits residing in everything can also be found in the basic beliefs of the Craft.

My devotion to the Goddess Hekate is a lifetime commitment. It is probably even a devotion that spans multiple lifetimes, a lot of them I don't even know. Devotion to a deity, a Divine persona is very evident in all civilization since time immemorial. Even early humans has a divinity that they believe in. The sun was at one time viewed as God in some culture, even until today it is still viewed as a personification of the God in paganism. Believing in the Divine is the way early humans tried to explain those unexplainable things in Nature. Those things that they cannot explain is done by a God or even is God.

In my 15 years of practice, I have met friends, witches, pagans who walked with me in the Path of the Goddess, but sadly left the Path for a different one. Not that I would question how the Divine would sway them or how they would view the face of their Gods, I would still wonder why they would not stay in the Path.

Religion is truly a choice and worship is indeed between you and your God or Goddess. It is a personal connection between you and your God/dess which no one could really understand or fathom. It is also an expression of your beliefs and connection to the Divine aspect you wish to follow and revere. The expression of religion may be different but it is still operating on the basic practice of expressing your appreciation and belief in the God/dess that answer your prayers. May it be in the trappings of a Catholic Mass, a Wiccan Ritual or a Egyptian worship- everything is the same- it is reverence to Yahweh, to the Goddess and to Isis or Ra.

Devotion is really a choice. It stems from the work "devote" meaning to give your time and probably life to someone. Devotion to the Goddess and the God should be the center of the life of a Wiccan. Wicca should not only be a practice of magick, nor it is a "quick fix" like a lot of Wiccan authors imply. It is not even a "stepping stone" to other practices and religion. It is a unique and a legitimate religion and practice where the "Divine Duo" is the center of the Craft. It is not Magick who is the center of Wicca, it is the Gods who are the center of it- and as a Christian Song stated- "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and everything shall be added unto you..."

I understand the reasons why Wiccans transition to other Paths or beliefs. It might be possible that they are not comfortable with the practice of Wicca, they are not contended with the things they see or they feel that they do not belong. However, I still believe that your connection to the Gods is just a matter of devotion. It is as grand as a Ritual with perfect Ritual regalia and a fully marked Circle with perfect correspondences, to as simple as whispering a blessing over a plate of food. It can be seen too in the lifestyle of the Witch. We just need to remember that the Gods must be revered and worshiped. They are beings that we need to connect on a daily basis. Remember that they are not shrinks that we visit whenever we just have a need.

Devotion is a process, a very slow one and it really takes a very long time to connect to one Goddess or God. It takes years, a lifetime or a several lifetimes to get a favor of a God. Some of us feels that when a God or a Goddess will not answer our petitions, we change them- which is erroneous. How would someone open a door for you, if in the first he or she does not know you?