Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Beauty of Helping People

The typhoon Frank left many of us hurt, angry and displaced. I was lucky enough that I haven't experienced nature's rage firsthand. However a lot of my friends lost a precious thing or another. Aside from the fact that many of them brushed with death that fateful day.

Nature may have got the best of us, but as a part of our nature as humans we will aim to survive, make use of what we have and continue to live.

We went to Alimojan, a town just after Leon Iloilo for an outreach program. It is in our class in our Masters program and this is to alleviate the trauma that children felt. We went there to do a Trauma intervention under the community outreach program of the University. Under our instructor, Professor Shiela Villanueva; along the MA Guidance and the BS Psychology students, we left USA early sunday morning of August 11.

Upon reaching Alimojan, the students were divided into groups and they handled groups from different zones of the community. The children's experience differ depending on their location in the community. Kids from the highlands are less affected compared to those who are residing in the banks. They were instructed to draw a picture and relate it to what they feel about the tragedy. Some of them draw what they experienced and others drew their outlook of the future. That was a really moving experience, one where I really enjoyed and would like to do again in the future.