Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Sick and Tired...

I don't like the feeling of being sick, the way your nose is clogged by stuff and your throat becomes painful that even swallowing would feel like hell. You might advice me to rest and relax a little, drink calamansi juice and sleep, but for me a breadwinner in the family, luxury like that seems to be elusive. A lot of people may say that we need to take care of our bodies and rest that's right but then resting is just a luxury (again) that I cannot afford.

Being sick like this makes me think about a lot of stuff, like what would happen if my health would fail me and I end up checking in a Hospital, the money that I would spend, the injections and dextrose that I would endure... thinking about it makes me shiver.

So I really must rest for the sake of myself and my family. Resting and working at the same time would be a drag, don't you think?

Ill trace a rune of healing to myself later and ask the Lady to expunge this bug that resides inside me. Eko, Eko, Hekate!

photo from the Internet

Monday, December 8, 2008

Seraphs Sing

Yuletide Season comeths, some people say that this is the time to be jolly and happy however right now the world is really suffering from the financial crisis. Though life is hard and our streets are bare with any Christmas decors, this is not a reason to be frustrated or sad. Yule still comes even with or without money. I was invited by my friend Todd to attend a free concert given by their group called the Seraphims. It is made up of singers of different ages and they displayed their angelic voices in SM City today December 8, the day of Immaculate Conception. They delivered their own rendition of English and Filipino Christmas Carols both modern and classics. Again to Todd and his members, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Crazy, Crazy Crepes...

I was very intrigued by this Crazy Crepes. Where they sell fruits, ice cream, tuna wrapped in crepe. Some say this is very delicious, however I felt that its really not worth spending 70-100 pesos on a little piece of food. I bought Tuna Wasabe Crepe this afternoon for 90 bucks and I felt that it didn't even reach my tummy.

I think that Crazy Crepe is just all about the name and buying or lining up on the Crepe's stall is more of a status symbol. It is not very wise or logical to buy this product. To others who have a lot of money, this is very okay to buy it, but for others who's not really that well-off tasting it once or twice is heaven...just let it stay in your mouth for a long time. Yummy....or just Crazy!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Of Pacquiao and Dela Hoya

I never really liked Manny Pacquiao... his consistent face on TV makes me wonder if this person is really a sports hero or a trying hard celebrity. I have seen trailers of his movies and his kissing with Ara Mina makes me squirm. However, as much as I do not want Pacman, I was amazed when I watched his fight earlier today with Oscar dela Hoya where he literally shattered his face into surrendering.

I hate Pacman, not because I dont like him however I feel that he is just so stupid to let these shady politicians get the best out of him. Use him in anyway they ca
n well I cannot do anything about it so I just pray that Pacman will be smart enough to know his boundaries and limits.

This is a again a very good day to Filipinos, where we have shown the world again that we can do this stuff, to take down stronger and bigger opponents. I'm sad though that our country's problem against corruption is a knockout in favor to the latter.

A lot of people say that Pacman is a hero, they (the politicians) would ride on to his popularity and would use him in their campaigns and other endorsements. These athletes receive words of appreciation from these "crocs". Again all they receive are words and no real assistance really trickle down to the members of our national team... and th
ey are wondering why the hell we do not win of the gold medals in the Olympic that our players coveted for so long.

I just pray that the inclusion of the Sports Department's
budget in the next year's budget would really reach the athletes.

CONGRATS AGAIN PACMAN.... We (well a lot of Filipinos) are really PROUD of you!!!