Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Sick and Tired...

I don't like the feeling of being sick, the way your nose is clogged by stuff and your throat becomes painful that even swallowing would feel like hell. You might advice me to rest and relax a little, drink calamansi juice and sleep, but for me a breadwinner in the family, luxury like that seems to be elusive. A lot of people may say that we need to take care of our bodies and rest that's right but then resting is just a luxury (again) that I cannot afford.

Being sick like this makes me think about a lot of stuff, like what would happen if my health would fail me and I end up checking in a Hospital, the money that I would spend, the injections and dextrose that I would endure... thinking about it makes me shiver.

So I really must rest for the sake of myself and my family. Resting and working at the same time would be a drag, don't you think?

Ill trace a rune of healing to myself later and ask the Lady to expunge this bug that resides inside me. Eko, Eko, Hekate!

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