Sunday, October 30, 2016

Lantern in the Dark

Samhain is one of the biggest Sabbat that our group, Arcana is celebrating annually. It is the time where the group is gathering and don costumes and masks and celebrate the Pagan new year. This year, we celebrated Samhain in a location within the city and for the record, this is the first Samhain in six years that we celebrated indoors.

The rite was fairly simple and it only lasted for a couple of hours. We invited the ancestors and the recent dead, prayed for those who moved on before us and crossed the threshold to the Other Realm.

We also prepared traditional food for the Sabbat...

Some people say that when candles are lit during the night of Samhain, the light would pierce the Veil and appear in the Spirit Realm. The spirits will then be drawn to it and since the wall between the worlds is thin, they can easily cross and visit the land of the living. The lights would act as a beacon and draw them.

Anyways, here are some snaps from Arcana's 2016 Samhain Rite.