Wednesday, September 21, 2011

May Their Souls Soar and Touch the Heavens

Let me clear this up, I am not writing this as a tribute to the boy who killed his lover and then himself. Killing another human being is an offense that would earn the one who did it with retribution so intense that I would pray to Hekate that his next life would be better. Claiming the life of others is unfathomable, however, killing yourself without justification (i.e. as an exchange for another life or a sacred sacrifice) is an offense that is punishable in the 7th Circle of Hell according to Dante where they are transformed into gnarled, thorny bushes forever consumed by Harpies. No, this is not about it.

I am writing this to glorify the love in it's many form. Love of a person to another person regardless of gender- clearly, this shows that love encompasses all and knows no gender/sexual orientation. "Soulmates" are believed to be a soul split into two and would forver seek each other and return to the other half, no matter what gender or form the other half is into. Love is capable of looking beyond the meatsack and recognize the one within. This I believe is the reason why people of the same gender would love each other.

Love from friends. Who says single people are unhappy? We could still get love from our friends and this is as pure and powerful emotion as the one shared by lovers. In this incident, I think that his friends could have done something more. I am not to judge if the boy's friends thought that they are close to the 13-year old as they think they are. I know that there are things that we cannot really share with friends, but close friends could easily detect if their friends are hurt, sad, or happy just by being with them. He could have shared it with his friends and obtain support from them.

Love of the Parents. I'm not saying that the parents did not love these kids, especially the 13-yo. What I'm saying is, if they loved this kid more, they could have been open and aware about his sexuality and his relationship. I think if he only had a mom or dad to talk to about his feelings, he would not resort to killing himself. The parents are most of the time not open that they have Homosexual kids. If the parents would intimidate their kids by telling them that being gay would give them a one way ticket to HELL, then these kind of topics would never be discussed during dinner while eating Lucky Me noodles.

Gay kids would often feel alone and confused and since they have no adults to guide them, they would do stupid and foolish things. They would let their emotions reign and control them and would act out of impluse and in a fit of rage or other heightened feeling. There are a lot of Statistics to prove that teen gay suicides are rampant in the US. If there's a parent who listened to his boy's whining regarding how sexy or cute the senior hunk was, then I think this would not happen. I think all he needed was an ear to listen to him and a parents hand (and not a belt-buckle) to guide him, I think he will grow up to be a more balanced individual and a respectful partner who is able to respect his lover's life and his own.

This also showed love when jealousy and greed overpowers it. Again, everything in excess is really bad, too bad though there's no more time for them to improve their relationship. So "IN MEMORIAM" of J &J... may you guys rest in peace and may you transition to the next life smoothly and safely. As the song goes "TOO MUCH LOVE WILL KILL YOU..." and in the case of J&J it did.


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