Monday, August 10, 2009

Lughnasadh: The First Harvest

The clouds cover the ripening moon like a curtain on a clear glass window. Habagat, stirred the clouds like a mixture of dough ready to be shaped into anything. The rain fell like heavy teardrops, readily embraced by the eager land...and in the cover of the howling winds, we called the name of the ancient ones, long forgotten...

Celebrating the Sabbat of the first harvest, we give thanks for the fruits of the earth and the bounty that the Goddess has given us. In this celebration we give thanks to the gods, especially those who governs harvest and agriculture. During the eve of Lughnasa, the Feast of Lammas is celebrated. One of the so-called greater Sabbats, it is the feast of the first harvest in which the start of the three harvest celebration is observed. The first bounty is collected.

The light of the candle swayed and fought the wind as it was push and pulled by the dancing wind. The cauldron was set in the center of the makeshift altar, and the dollies and the offerings are blessed. The dollies are made of corn, one of the primary symbols of fertility and prosperity. Under the smoke of the burning sage, we annointed the dolls with sandalwood. The candles were also dressed and prepared.

We also wrote our wishes in the virgin parchment paper and burned it in the Sabbat candle. This will aid us in making the wishes come true.... the Dollies are hanged in the kitchen or the dining room to ensure prosperity in the house, it will burned Lammas the next year...

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