Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lets Sit, Lets Talk...One Moment

One of the more pressing problem of our generation is miscommunication which exists just everywhere. One knows that this ailment as I call it happens almost everyday and everywhere. It causes alot of problems from the simple love hate status of a relationship, domestic squabblings, racism and war.

I too have my own share of this epidemic. I have experienced and encountered ohh so many form of miscommunication. It causes me my family, some friends (even bestfriends), a fair share of lovers and some co-workers, bosses and even simple people in the street. Certain quarrels caused by this plague may evolve into something worst like hate and bashing, even to binding and killing.

Now what to do with this sickness since there ailments have cures, right?? Miscommunication can be treated with a tablet of talking. Talking to people you have offended earlier may save the relationships you invested so much in building. Clear out issues and try to solve them would be the best way to counter this disease. Now, if everyone wishes to speak at the same time, you could use the "talking stick" approach in which the person who has the stick is the only one allowed to speak for the moment. This could really save the day...

So what are you waiting for, clear out the issues before they escalate into something you cannot reverse.... grab a cup of coffee and lets sit and talk a while.