Monday, July 21, 2008

The Desire to Invoke the Hunter

The situation that I am currently in right now is very confusing, distracting and down right bullshit. However in this position, where hurt and pain are just around the corner I really am tempted to call aspects of my personality that are often forgotten. This time, I want to summon the Hunter.

The Hunter is an aspect of the God. A part of the deity which personifies the primal forces, the instinct, the desire and the drive to hunt. During this time, with all this complications I want to be the Hunter.

When I am not yet that connected to the masculine side of my personality. During the time that I never connected and invoked the God in my life, I often call up the Goddesses of the Hunt- Diana and Artemis. When worst comes to worst where one wants to blast necrotic energies to the people who really annoys you, becoming the aspect of the War Goddesses gives me a boost of strength and power. Carthubodva rides the wind.

Right now, I am tempted again to wear the horns of the Hunter, to wield the spear and to don the hide. To be the god that rides with the wolves and hunt for its prey. I want to hunt those who spoke ill of me, who hurt me and made me suffer. Though sometimes I consider thinking if this really is worth my time, effort and energy. However, everyone has their own threshold, and when this suffering reaches that level, then the Hunter will ride again and draw blood to the guilty.

The God of the Forest rides, to slew the prized prey... I am the Hunter and you are the prey!

Life's Complications.... Intuition vs Feelings

The greatest thing about being a human, is the ability to make choices. These choices come in and out of a man's life and we can only enjoy and observe the realities that flash before our eyes. Just a few days ago there are some difficulties that invaded and disrupted my oh-so perfect world. These complications are in the form of work, environment and my intimate personal life.

As a financial executive, I am plagued with choices everyday. These choices are whether to sell products at the expense of my own conscience or be real and transparent then dissuade them because the product is not guaranteed. This situation really bothers me.

People around me causes distress as well. There are a lot of people that I really don't like, however I really need to be with them or to be along with them. Some people around me are so prissy and annoying, to as far as bossy and totally a pain in the ass.

Aside from these things, my personal life has been assaulted, insulted and battered. There are people who are messing things up for me. Though these people are more or less immaterial, I haven't had the chance to blast these people to oblivion. I had friends who look at this situation and they gave me a rather disturbing insights. These observations from them resulted into a large gap in my psyche, it left me confused what really to believe. Will I trust my intuition or stick to my feelings. My intuition tells me that what I am thinking and rationalizing is correct, however my feelings says otherwise. Thankfully, the Goddess and the God is always with me, guarding me and shielding me from harm... I will incinerate those who hurt me, Goddess forbid.