Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mindanao Cosplay Summit (MCS)-CDO Leg- Powered by AMBOX

A couple of weeks ago, I was on my way to the beautiful city of Cagayan de Oro for the CDO leg of the Mindanao Cosplay Summit with AMBOX Events. This is the 2nd time that I traveled with AMBOX for the MCS. I got out of the office early, earlier than my usual shift (12AM-9AM) and head to the Bus Terminal in Ecoland. Around 6:30 AM we rode this aircon bus (4 Stops) and started the tiring journey to CDO. 

I was on the bus with partner Abs, Madamme April and Boss Ate Joy, together with Ronna and the other yaoi girl whose name I kept on forgetting (Mag Sustagen Premium na ako for Good Memory). The trip took us almost 8 hours as we reached the port city at around 3PM. 

On our way I saw a lot of beautiful scenery that are truly breathtaking. Ravines, rivers, cliffs and mountains that are kissed by the fog at night. I also appreciated the countryside, simple living, the sights and sounds;  most of all, the colors. We arrived in CDO and quickly visited the venue.

Early next day, we started mobilizing for the event. I was assigned in the backstage, making sure that the order of performers (Cosplayers) are correct. We have a lot of very nice Cosplayers in CDO, too bad some of them didn't really joined the competition and were just there to Costrip. It was during this event that Pastel Mix had their cameo as presenters for the event. 

One of my favorite Davao based Cosplayers was also with us. Ping Ping Ong dressed up as Ada Wong from Resident Evil and boy she is a very good Ada. She dressed up and acted the part. We left CDO around 9PM and arrived in Davao around 3AM. It was a tiring trip but it was worth it. I am AMBOX... hehehehe! 

Photo Credits to my partner Abs Rivera and to AMBOX Events (

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