Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Drawing the Blessings

It is really difficult to live our lives here in this world. I mean, this reality is one of the most static there is. Magick is limited to the acceptance of the people in a locality, its potency is dependent on those who believe it works. 

In our modern society where the belief in esotericism is slowly reviving, the age old beliefs and universal laws are slowly creeping back into the mainstream. I think the first one which became "accepted" is the "Law of Attraction". 

There are a lot of books, videos, manuals, online posts released and published regarding this law. There were best sellers, home videos which made money for the authors and creators of these merchandise. They were the first who benefited from the Law of Attraction. 

I will try to do this too- draw blessing to my life. I will gather pictures of things I want and post it on my "I WANT" wall inside my room. But what do I really want for this year... let me see.

1. A NEW NIKKOR LENS- 50mm/35mm f1.8G

I need this for my Cosplay Photoshoots... I will get one of these within the year. 

I know that the universe loves me and the God and the Goddess is always helping me out so I want all of these by next year so I could start my Photography business. 


I know this really depends on me but a little push from the Gods would really go a very long way... I want a Happy and Healthy life! 


Call me power hungry but as a student of the occult and a hunter of knowledge, it is my aim to be very powerful in the Craft. I pray for power but I also ask for MORE Wisdom to use my skills wisely. 


More Travel for me please... I have a pending vacation by next year, which is a very big risk for me. I want more travels either locally or abroad! 

More money for my Family. I need a promotion/salary increase to provide more money for my family.I also NEED More money so i can have our house fixed... :)

I know that have the ability to manifest these. I will manifest these things and this would happen within the year. I know with the help of the Gods, I will have these things in my life. 

So MOTE it Be!

Photos from the Internet. 

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