Saturday, May 17, 2008

Paranormal Society of Iloilo- In the Service of Knowledge

Studying the Unknown has always been a fascination since I was young, a reason why I am pursuing a career in Psychology specifically in the field of the paranormal. I have met and chatted with a lot of people who studies this field from the different parts of the country. I met people from PWS Manila, from the Magi Order of Bacolod who I was with for six months. I also stayed with Cebu Paranormal Society for a year and a half, where I got the idea of creating a society here in Iloilo as well.

It has been almost a year that the Paranormal Society of Iloilo or PSyI was created. It was midsummer, June of 2007 where the group officially conducted an election and the first Consilium was created to answer the needs of the group. The First Praetor of the group is Jagatmitra, a friend from the Zen Group and who specialized in the research needs of the group. He also organizes our workshops and weekly lectures.

The group has increased membership since it was founded a year ago, we have psychics, researchers, healers, and the likes in our ranks. Now as the 1st year anniversary of the group is coming I just hope that this society will continue to educate and enhance people towards growth.

The society conducts training sessions and weekly lectures to interested students for free. We conduct classes on Psychism, Meditation, Alternative Religion, Divination Skills for starters. During meetings, we also discuss anything and everything under the banner of Metaphysics and Parapsychology. We also invite some friends to speak on specialized topics like 3rd Eye Opening, Homeopathy, Pranic Healing etc.

This society was founded to pursuit the study of the metaphysical science and the esoterics. The main goal of the group is the advancement of knowledge, that is the reason why we really put a lot of weight in our lectures and studies. We entertain seekers and people called to tread on this path of wisdom. As the anniversary comes, the group is again accepting interested souls to study with us.

We usually hold Esoteric Nights every Friday @ Kafe Binalaybay in Lopez Jaena, Jaro in front of the old Florete Rice Mill where we have lectures and divination all night. We also celebrate Ugsad: The Fullmoon Festival on the night of full moon every month, as well as some celebrations through out the year. Classes are conducted Saturday afternoon usually from 3PM onwards still at Kafe Binalaybay.

Should you be interested to join us, please visit our Friendster group or text our Rector Exterius @ +639185266774 or +639225269603. Hope to see you soon!
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